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This tiny break before Cepher’s last post (for a while) is just to say how great it was to share with all of you this tiny piece of my life’s journey, and I cannot thank you enough for your company.

One last bit before we go:

I have often wondered why the Bible placed such grave interest in the act of lying, and eventually I believe the Blessed Holy Spirit revealed to me the reason. It is because there is a difference between lying and physical acts of emotion. The difference is intent, specific intent to deceive. Our Creator has always placed far more credence in our intentions than in our actions. Look at David, the Lord’s ‘Beloved’, he (much like me) committed just about every crime/sin on the books, and yet, he was considered (unlike me) by the Lord–“A man after the Lord’s own heart”.

In my five and one half decades on this planet it has become obvious to me that why we do what we do is far more important than what we do.

Thirteen-hundred years after the introduction of the Blessed Holy Spirit onto humankind the bulk of those professing to know King Y’shua Messiah had nothing in common with our Lord but His name. The Reformation did nothing to change that fact except to bring it to light, and after the passing of seven more centuries there is still but a remnant that holds to the original teachings of our Creator as provided to us from the Blessed Holy Spirit.

Today few truly know what the Creator did when He became human two-thousand years ago. Some think He eliminated all physical, worldly suffering for those who believe in Him. Others believe they are under oath to make as many followers of the Lord as they can while making it an all out us or them commitment. Still others are certain that the wealth of the wicked is to be handed over to them as they prove themselves to their Lord by delivering souls to their God any way they can. And yet, it is very clear that King Y’shua Messiah did not heal everyone when He walked this earth, He did not save everyone, He did not provide great wealth to any of His followers while He walked on this earth–or after He left. No, the only thing our Lord did when He became a human being is simply show us exactly what the Creator desires from us; and what the Creator wants, is the exact thing He is and gives–Love.

If love is the biggest motivator in your life, if love is why you do what you do, if love is the basis of everything you are, then and only then have you truly found the reason to be alive–The Way. King Y’shua Messiah specifically warns us not to stumble over Him. He did not come down to earth to start a social club, but He did intend that if one loves Him one will follow after Him living as He did while on this earth. Not as an itinerant preacher, but by loving all of humanity. They are not necessarily mutually inclusive.


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The middle of my fifth decade on this planet is becoming the most challenging that I have faced thus far, and there does not seem to be any sign of it letting up any time soon. So with that in mind I feel that the timing is right to begin work on my “pi`ece de re’sistance”, which basically amounts to me babbling on and on and on about whatever I think needs be said. And yet, who knows, there may be a small jewel here or there with a resemblance of possible wisdom and wit. God only knows, but it will certainly be a journey–for me and you.

Had I only known then what I don’t know now. –My epitaph.

Have you been to Rome?  If you have or you have seen in-depth videos of Rome you would quickly see the remnants of a nation that once ruled the world. However, if you look deep enough you will see what is left of a society that was ruled from the top down, with all the bells and whistles any society at that time could possibly have. A society that was the military leader, an Empire feared by all, that led by force as it drained the minion dry. The USA has been compared to the Roman Empire numerous times for numerous reasons, but the most illuminating similarity between the USA and the Roman Empire is how the rich ruled the masses and the spirit of Rome as with the USA just died of starvation.

In most, if not all civilizations they began with hope, that special little feeling that can bring down giants, make friends from enemies, and alas at times fuel the desire for empire. That latter trait is not always present within a society, there are societies–tribes–in South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and throughout the South Pacific that are living as they have for centuries. There are fine countries throughout the world that have no desire or ability to take over the world any time soon. Unfortunately, for those societies that do fall victim to that spirit eating monster masquerading in the spirit of hope as “Heaven on earth” while disguising its real agenda of world domination–EMPIRE, it ultimately leads all those who follow into the pits of hell. Welcome to the United States of America!

Please do not mistake this bluntness with dejection or negativism, I cannot change what I see on earth, I can only control how it affects me. If I let this plethora of destruction we call the USA bring me down, that would be my choice of which I would have no place to complain. On the other hand, if I continue believing that the only real concern is to lose my Faith then no matter what happens, it will all work for the good of life. Today in American society any condemnation is looked at as either: politically incorrect, anti-semitic, or conspiratorial minded, whether the condemnation be right or wrong, true or false has no bearing once the comment has been labeled. It becomes the same response as an ostrich burying its head in the sand. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak… .

All this is fair and good until it affects your children, when one of your children hurt, you as the parent hurt. Yet, the Word of God has all the answers for you if you would just believe. To love God more than everyone else, to absolutely believe that God will take care of all those you love, to completely know that God loves you more than anyone else could ever love you and God will take the best care of you, this is Faith. Unfortunately, the only way you can live with that degree of Faith in God is to know God. The more one knows God, the stronger, deeper, and richer one’s faith in God becomes. Today most of us know of God without really knowing God.

How does one get to know God? Knock, ask, and search. How ever much one desires to know God, one will. There is a direct correlation between one’s desire to know God and one’s knowledge of God. The Truth does set one free.

These next three post will be the last for now…

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Can You See!

Hopefully, you have noticed that you are of a very small group here at Cepher, and as I sit here tonight listening to one of my favorite song of all time I am reminded of how important being a member of a small group has always been in my life as well as throughout history. I will assure you that the most important group in the history of this earth began with the Words of one Man as He spoke them to two brothers. These words He spoke had nothing to do with their acceptance of Him, it was something far deeper inside of them that they were listening too. Just as we listen to that same almost silent voice that NEVER lets us go or down.

There will not be a great movement in my life time, it will come in most of yours though. All of you under Thirty-ish will, if you stay the course, see the movement of a life time; one that will bring down the walls of class separation, bigotry, hatred, and most of all division. It will be a movement that will shake the pillars of Heaven and Earth with the quiet power of Agape Love. That is all we are missing at this time, and it cannot come just because you want it to, it can only manifest when all who have been seen breathing have arrived, so be patient. It will come, and you will see it!

Patience is the key, but patience is impossible without Faith. The Tower of Babel shows us that motivation, commitment, and unity fall short of the mark without the manifestation of Agape Love. King Y’shua Messiah certainly had it while on earth, Peter, John and others had it, but not when King Y’shua Messiah walked with them. It comes via the Blessed Holy Spirit at times of great need. Have Faith to know, have Faith to know that our Creator has a Plan. We are in it. It will be played out to the fullest, and all we have to do is wait in Faith.

1 Thessalonians 5:17

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Today, something very different, today is America 101; Believe me we need it! The title is Spanish for “The Disappeared“, used in Argentina in the ’70’s for those whom the government silenced. Not terrorist, like our government told us, but labor organizers; regular people just like us!

Today you will be given the chance to finally understand what your government has been doing for the past 60 years plus! I say your government if you do not live in a Scandinavian country, not that all Scandinavian countries have been innocent in the past government atrocities of the last sixty years, but many have not been as bad as the rest–who knows why! At any rate, the USA has led the team of filth for the last six decades plus when we left our humble beginnings and let pride take over.

I implore all of you to please take this writing to heart and while on your knees to our Lord ask Him what need be done by you. I have much information because I took part in some of these atrocities as a young and very stupidly naive patriot, however, unfortunately I only have information, but no answers. I will not be able to tell you how to fix what is happening today, but I am certain our Lord does have the answers we seek.

People like Mr. Chris Hedges have been right in the middle of all this mess for many decades as a journalist and is now trying desperately to ring the alarm bells that unfortunately few are hearing. If you believe in the mainstream Christian view; which is loyal to the country of Israel, believes all Muslims are evil and Christians should fight them to the death, and that the USA is still a blessed country doing God’s work hopefully to become a theocracy, then you should not read any further, it will only upset you to the point of wanting to harm me!

This is not a Bible lesson!

Make no mistake, we need our Creator today more than ever! The powers that control this country today have endless resources and have been working this plan for centuries–a white male Protestant dominated, Christian based society that rules the world. I know this may offend some, and the rest will laugh it off as the typical conspiracy theory, but I had to at least try. After you watch the short video of the San Luis Obispo county girl if you do a little research you might just be amazed what you find out about Van Buren.

People, this is not rocket science, I am talking about human nature! Do any of you realize that our country, the USA, established a law that limited personal annual  income to two million (today) dollars by simply taxing everything above that at 91% in 1950? Can you imagine that at a time when our government and it’s citizenry agreed that two million per year (today’s $) was enough to live on comfortably our economy grew and was stronger than it had ever been or will be?Do you really think that people cannot live well on two million clams per year? Think of what our country would be like today if we would have kept that law in place! The law did not state that you could not make more mullah, it simply said that this country has financial obligations and anyone who makes more than that should help the country that allowed that person the ability to do such a thing. Is that really so wrong?

Apparently it is, because most people on Wall Street that make $BILLIONS$ per year believe that they should not pay any more than anyone else no matter what their incomes are! They owe this country zero! All for one and forget the rest!

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Who R We!

Did I ask a question or just exclaim a statement? What does it matter today when scientists make factual statements out of thin air? Check this out.

Why do I believe in the Bible as the Word of God?

Simply because it describes human nature to its very essence. In that it can tell us our very next move and why we will be making it. The Bible tells us that in time intelligence will increase and yet humans will run around from fact to fact as lost as they have ever been! One must only read the theory of String Universe and one will see immediately it is simply the King with no clothes! No one will dare say anything derogatory about the theory for fear that the “geniuses” that came up we it like Leonard Susskind will accuse anyone who says anything against this theory as being to dim-witted to understand it!

What String Universe–A name I created to compile all the sub-theories into one–tries to do is answer the question of singularity by simply creating an ambiguous theory of everything that once again side-steps the biggest question in all of physics; How does something come from nothing?

Albert Einstein understood that until one can completely answer that single most important question science cannot discard God from the equation!

“As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.”  –Albert Einstein

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” —Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a brilliant man who grew up in a time when humility was not considered a weakness as it is today. It was that humility in combination with his brilliance that allowed him to see things we are too proud to see. The answers are there right in front of our faces, and yet, until we can see them through the eyes of humility we will continue to  intelligently stumble around this universe.

I am certain that Mr. Susskind has the intelligence to understand the information that Albert Einstein discovered, but only time will tell if Mr. Susskind can develop the humility it will take to see the secrets that Einstein saw. Of course, none of this is outside the power of our Creator to solve if we will just see it ourselves and pray for the rest.

It doe not take the masses, it has always been done with just the remnant.

Just think how nice it would be if science could be taught with the inclusion of a Creator being a possible answer to the many gaps we see in evolution without a Creator. Just maybe that “natural process” could be influenced, applied and adjusted by the Hand of our Creator. No religion, no finite conclusions, just the “natural” possibility of  a Creator’s touch.

As true believers we should realize that the Name of our King Y’shua Messiah is not where or what it should be today. For several thousand years mankind has been defiling that Name to the point that today most believe that our God is a god of death, destruction, punishment and mayhem; not the God of Love that King Y’shua Messiah displayed while He walked this earth. The Word of God says that He is the exact nature of God! Yet, we do not ever see Him killing, hurting, or even threatening, even some of the most vile people in our eyes, while He walked this earth.

Who we are can be easily determined by who we follow. The true Creator of life is Love. Even Hell is simply just being apart from God, not something that God does to someone, but something that someone does to their self.

This may be of some interest.

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Lies For Truth

By the second century men were attempting to convince the entire world that King Y’shua Messiah was real. The problem was they attempted this by selling lies for the Truth. Numbers were more important than allowing the Blessed Holy Spirit to work magic in the hearts of those whom God already knew would accept Him. Every knee will bow but not until they see God at the end of the world. Until then we must understand that living for our Lord has nothing to do with filling the pews!

THIS is the Lord that I have come to know: He does not condone unrighteousness, but He does not condemn you for it either.  He lets the act condemn itself–and it will, if you have a conscience. Christians have spent the past two-thousand years competing with other Christians attempting to fill church buildings, save souls, and take care of widows and orphans, all in the name of God. Today we know that people were tortured, killed and sold into slavery all in the name of saving souls.

Can you imagine what kind of world we would be living in today if everyone who claimed to be a Christian over the last two millennia simply lived exactly as King Y’shua Messiah lived? If you, like me, understand that this world would have been so much better for everyone today if that would have happened, then just start living the Word of God just like King Y’shua Messiah did two millennium ago.

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Have you ever spent time by yourself, whether at home in your room, or deep in the wilderness, or at night under a moonless sky in the desert far from any obscuring city lights? If you have I am certain that you have had an opportunity to talk with God. However, whether or not you took the opportunity to talk with your Creator will depend on one thing and one thing only–if you have been chosen or not.

We all seem to think that babies are the result of sex between a man and a woman, we think that death is completely biological, that we are in control of our own destiny, and that we decide if we will believe in God or not. All wrong! Life and death as with everything else is indirectly controlled by the Creator of all things; indirectly, because of the way God Created everything.

The second most important element of God for us to be aware of is that He has foreseen all things. Ergo, if God has set up the earth to react to the actions of humankind, and God has already seen these actions and reactions he has an indirect control on it all. Are we locked into actions that God has already seen us take? Of course! However, since we cannot see the future we cannot be locked into anything in our minds.

Without going deeply philosophical the point is that God knows who will and who will not come to Him before any of us have even been born. Which means that those whom He knows will come to Him have already been written in the Book of Life; and only those written in the Book of Life can come to God.

So the next time you find yourself alone try talking with God, because whether or not He speaks to you, the simple fact that you attempted to talk with God can prove to you that you believe. It is that belief that shows who is written in the Book of Life, for no one can come to God without that belief. Therefore, if you attempt to talk with God you are written forever in the Book of Life.

Try it!

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From the Heart

You have obviously noticed my absence in these last two weeks, I had been with my parents for a week and the rest of the time I have been deep in thought. As I have tried to explain on numerous occasions I truly try to publish posts that are edited by the Blessed Holy Spirit. Therefore, at times I struggle with writing enough to provide fresh posts on a regular basis, and still write only when I am certain it is what the Blessed Holy Spirit ordains. There have been times when I feel strongly lead to write a post, however, at the same time feel very anxious about the topic and substance because it is such that may be misleading if I am wrong about the Blessed Holy Spirit’s direction. In such times I spend a great deal of effort praying, fasting and searching the Word of the Lord for guidance which takes time and keeps me from posting regularly.

Other times, such as now, I am not led to write anything or post what I have already written. I know that this attitude is not the typical computer age way of thinking, but nothing about Cepher conforms to today’s thought accept that it uses the modern media technology to communicate. The entire purpose of Cepher is to share with today’s society a different “Way”. Here at Cepher we are not trying to spread the typical jargon of mainstream Christianity because we believe that the mainstream Christianity has been contaminated with human nature to the degree that it has lost touch with the True Blessed Holy Spirit of the Way–the Way of Elohim, King Y’shua Messiah.

Throughout the history of mankind there has always been just a remnant of True followers of our Lord. However, a shaking is occurring now that is drawing more and more people into the Kingdom of our Lord, and soon there will be a great awakening that will bring the Blessed Holy Spirit into more and more hearts, families, and communities! Amen

I am not talking about the End of Days, but of a great new beginning that will encapsulate the young people of this planet together in peace and contentment. They will repair the breach that their forefathers have created in the name of greed and pride. A coming together of humanity as like no time before bringing in the Kingdom of our Lord.

These are just the ramblings of an old man, but you might just be surprised…

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What Next?


I am still here, and as far as I can figure the only people missing are the doomsday prophet and his wife.

Burning Korans, killing doctors at abortion clinics, doomsday predictions promising God’s wrath, refusal to even consider the possibility that science and spirituality can unite for the good of all humanity; is it any wonder so many people today are unsure that a benevolent Creator exists? Where are those who live in complete surrender to the Lord so others can witness the true Agape Love of the Creator? I believe in the Creator with all my heart and soul, but all I see around me is judgement, strife and division.

When King Y’shua Messiah slipped His sandals on and walked on this earth He had one mission: open the pathway to an eternal relationship with our Creator. He did this in several ways: First and foremost, He lived on this planet as a human being while demonstrating exactly how His followers must live. It had nothing to do with location, employment, or social status, and everything to do with lifestyle. Not where you live or what you do for employment, but how you live where you work and live and play! It has always been the “how”, the intentions of the individual, not the worldly gains and efforts.

If you cannot see it in the way King Y’shua Messiah lived, see it in His words; Matthew 5-7.

Secondly, our Creator died on a cross for our sins and went into darkness to free every willing soul who ever lived. The reason this is looked upon as the greatest of the activities King Y’shua Messiah completed for our opportunity  to come to the Lord is because of the massive sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice for our souls, showing us exactly how much our Creator loves us, and what is expected of us to receive that Love–NOTHING!

His was an unselfish act in hopes that we will realize exactly who we are and where we came from. Will we ever get there?

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4th Dimension

Most are aware of the factors that make up our three-dimensional world, and many understand that science is contemplating the existence of more dimensions than height, depth and width. Apparently, science has found that adding dimensions to our existing three corroborate their calculations better. The best example of this is “String Theory” which involves numerous dimensions. Of course, those of us in the Faith have known for ages that more than three dimensions have existed. However, the dimension that Faith understands is not necessarily the dimension that science is trying to find, but one can never know how the Blessed Holy Spirit might work in these computations. It has been said that science and Faith could work in tandem and accomplish far more than either will divided.

The other day–Mother’s Day– I found myself in an odd discussion with my family about the freedom of speech, and became so animated that my actions contradicted my position, as my youngest 14-year-old daughter pointed out so elegantly. I was astonished at how easily our human nature will take sides without our conscious knowledge. It would be so nice if we could take that nature and stuff it where it will do the least harm. Although that exact action may not be possible, there is an answer to our human nature problem, and that is the Fourth Dimension. The closer we get to our Spiritual side the farther we get from our human nature.

Human nature is what we are seeing throughout the world headlines today and what we will surely see tomorrow. We need not take part in any of the madness that engulfs the world today, and yet we also need not completely disengage ourselves is a way that keeps us from helping. I believe there is a place where true followers can live and help others without becoming sucked down into the mire we are pulling others out of. This place, this dimension is not just inside of each true follower, but it exist around the true follower to an extent that matches her/his own Faith.

There are those who believe that Faith is simply a matter of shutting one’s self from reality; this is not what I am talking about. I am describing a place of reality that exist within our own minds that can be interjected outside of our own bodies and felt by others. For instance, when a mother needs to have the strength of fifty men to lift a car off her child. Science likes to think that it has the answers for everything, but it just does not. This one incident raises the questions of: If the incident is a simple matter of adrenalin, why can’t we all do this in similar events? Where does all this adrenalin come from and go without damage to the recipient? I could spend all day asking these types of unanswerable questions.

How wonderful life could be if with just some humility Science and Faith could come together and answer these and millions of other such questions. Maybe not with absolute certainty, but with a general acceptance of a greater majority–a reasonable theory.

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