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The middle of my fifth decade on this planet is becoming the most challenging that I have faced thus far, and there does not seem to be any sign of it letting up any time soon. So with that in mind I feel that the timing is right to begin work on my “pi`ece de re’sistance”, which basically amounts to me babbling on and on and on about whatever I think needs be said. And yet, who knows, there may be a small jewel here or there with a resemblance of possible wisdom and wit. God only knows, but it will certainly be a journey–for me and you.

Had I only known then what I don’t know now. –My epitaph.

Have you been to Rome?  If you have or you have seen in-depth videos of Rome you would quickly see the remnants of a nation that once ruled the world. However, if you look deep enough you will see what is left of a society that was ruled from the top down, with all the bells and whistles any society at that time could possibly have. A society that was the military leader, an Empire feared by all, that led by force as it drained the minion dry. The USA has been compared to the Roman Empire numerous times for numerous reasons, but the most illuminating similarity between the USA and the Roman Empire is how the rich ruled the masses and the spirit of Rome as with the USA just died of starvation.

In most, if not all civilizations they began with hope, that special little feeling that can bring down giants, make friends from enemies, and alas at times fuel the desire for empire. That latter trait is not always present within a society, there are societies–tribes–in South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and throughout the South Pacific that are living as they have for centuries. There are fine countries throughout the world that have no desire or ability to take over the world any time soon. Unfortunately, for those societies that do fall victim to that spirit eating monster masquerading in the spirit of hope as “Heaven on earth” while disguising its real agenda of world domination–EMPIRE, it ultimately leads all those who follow into the pits of hell. Welcome to the United States of America!

Please do not mistake this bluntness with dejection or negativism, I cannot change what I see on earth, I can only control how it affects me. If I let this plethora of destruction we call the USA bring me down, that would be my choice of which I would have no place to complain. On the other hand, if I continue believing that the only real concern is to lose my Faith then no matter what happens, it will all work for the good of life. Today in American society any condemnation is looked at as either: politically incorrect, anti-semitic, or conspiratorial minded, whether the condemnation be right or wrong, true or false has no bearing once the comment has been labeled. It becomes the same response as an ostrich burying its head in the sand. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak… .

All this is fair and good until it affects your children, when one of your children hurt, you as the parent hurt. Yet, the Word of God has all the answers for you if you would just believe. To love God more than everyone else, to absolutely believe that God will take care of all those you love, to completely know that God loves you more than anyone else could ever love you and God will take the best care of you, this is Faith. Unfortunately, the only way you can live with that degree of Faith in God is to know God. The more one knows God, the stronger, deeper, and richer one’s faith in God becomes. Today most of us know of God without really knowing God.

How does one get to know God? Knock, ask, and search. How ever much one desires to know God, one will. There is a direct correlation between one’s desire to know God and one’s knowledge of God. The Truth does set one free.

These next three post will be the last for now…


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