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My brother and I are setting off on a little field trip up the California Gold Rush highway 49 named after the 49’ers. We hope to find a little gold with some metal detectors that we tricked our families into giving us for Christmas. However, our true hope for treasure is to spend some quality time in God’s Creation with the Creator Himself! We finally realized that we have spent our entire life working, or working at life, never really just enjoying the moment for what it was, time with God. We came to this conclusion after watching our eighty-three year old dad spending what are probably his last moments on earth doing exactly what he has done his entire life time, working in his yard.

We realize that one can find great enjoyment from working with ones hands, but what we are talking about here is far darker than enjoyment. It is more like an obsession with our dad, he cannot find enjoyment in anything that does not result in production, and there were many times when we were working with him doing one of his many “projects for God”, and no one involved in the project, including dad at times, felt the hand of God working with us. Yet, we travail onward until we got that project finished no matter how many of us were sore, hurting, and barely capable of walking to the kitchen table for dinner. Because that is what the whole intention of each project is–the finished product. We Know this because we have become the same person as our dad. We have lost the kid like enjoyment of playing. We do not want to pass this down to our kids, and is it is too late for our kids maybe we can help them save our grand kids.

What we have discovered is that human beings can make themselves believe in almost anything if it assists in their survival tactics. The human condition is malleable enough if the necessary pounding takes place, and we are great at beating something to fit it into place when it comes to persistence in something we want. Eventually, you become exactly what you drive yourself to be. Our dad may never understand what satisfaction one can get just walking on the beach with the Good Lord, but that is not going to be our legacy any longer.

There are so many places in the Bible that speak to the simple enjoyments of life and how dangerous it is to get caught up in the daily grind, and one of our favorites was written through with the hands of one of the wisest men who ever lived–Solomon. Ecclesiastes, is full of great advice given with the help of the Blessed Holy Spirit to an old king that had just about everything a human being could have ever hoped to possess here on earth, as well as all the wisdom and knowledge God has ever given to a single individual, not born of divinity (1Kings 3:12). With all this, King  Solomon realized that the best a human can hope for is to live at peace with God!

And that is exactly what my brother and I hope to do, all the while, leaving an example to our kids and grand kids that will hopefully show them what Solomon learned. If you would like to follow along with our exploits just click on the link–Looking For Gold. God Bless you and we hope that we are helping you to learn, as we are learning, how to Travel in Peace!


Thank You!

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