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To walk or not to walk, that is the dilemma. Today we teeter on the fence of whether or not to stay put or jump down on the one side or the other. As we wait to make the choice, we are actually already making one by not choosing. The decision is not as difficult as it seems: On one side the earth waits for your landing, on the other side nothing but light, as bright as a million suns minus the heat. As for the fence, it speaks for itself, nothing more nothing less. Where we run into the problem is the unknown commodity on the light side. You have gotten as much as you are going to get out of the fence, and the earth cannot offer you any more than it already has shown you. Ah, but the light side does offer you more than you are even capable of comprehending, and that is what bothers you the most.

You have already been told how nothing comes free in life, and what sounds too good to be true is just that–too good to be true. So where does that leave the light side, and why does it have such a compelling attraction with you? Some think that the longer they sit on the fence the more chance that they will see something in the light. Most refuse to believe in the light and just jump to earth. But you have lasted this long on the fence hoping to catch a glimpse of the light source, not completely certain that you know what to do. And that is where the difficulty arises from, all those who have already jumped to earth knew that there was nothing to interest them in the light. While all those who have already jumped into the light believed that there was something for them in the light.

Before you can jump to the earth side you must be certain that the earth side is your side, and in order to jump into the light you must believe that the light is there for you. It comes down to trusting what you know and see or what you feel and sense. Between the tangible and the intangible. The physical and the meta-physical, normal and paranormal. The difference between your gut and your brain. What you cannot discount is the existence of the unknown, the unexplainable, the things that science cannot explain. What it comes down to is: Did the Big Bang occur out of nothing or was something in existence eternally?

That is what keeps you from jumping down to earth. You ask yourself how did this animal that is you become aware of its existence, how did it get emotions, love, hate, jealousy? Though science can pinpoint where in the brain they come from it does not answer how emotions got there; and then there is that big question of what happens when you no longer have life inside your body? But the most puzzling question of all is that one deep inside of you that keeps asking, what is that light source?  There are too many unexplainable events including those in the Bible that call to you and ask; what if there is more than just earth? But you cannot stay on the fence forever; science and theology agree that the fence will not last that long.


Thank You!

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