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How important is the Sabbath?

Isaiah 58:13-14

Does it matter if we keep the Sabbath holy?

Ezekiel 20:12

How many believers follow these directives? How many even know them? In reality, as with all of God’s directives, this request to save one day each week for God’s honor is more for our benefit than God’s, and yet we find ways to ignore it. What God is asking with this directive is for us to simply take one day out of seven and make it a day for rest and recuperation in the Lord. A day for us to reorganize our life more in the direction of God. How many of us do this?

The day a believer discovers how important obedience to our God is in regards to our very existence, is the day when he or she becomes a follower of God. The difference between a follower and a believer is their knowledge of what their portion is, what is it they are required  do. The knowledge, that to follow God requires us to know the Word of God and discipline our self  to obey that Word. It does not take strength, ability, or even intelligence; it simply takes willingness. The desire on our part to follow God’s Word–His example–is the only thing we must do to follow God.

However, that desire–our will– is naturally contrary to following anything that is not easily processed in the brain from the five senses. God’s Word does not initially use our five senses when communicating with us. Initial contact with God’s Word must come to our sixth sense, which requires Faith. First we need to believe, and after that we need to be obedient to that Faith. Of course it is not easy to obey God, it is not easy for us humans to obey anyone! When you consider the ramifications of not following God’s Word, it become much easier to obey. Try it!

Leviticus 26:2-4


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