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Acts 27

Few voyages can compare to Saints Paul’s “ship wreck” to Rome some thirty plus years after the Crucifixion. But it is interesting how similar his trip was to our lives today. Such as the first ship Saint Paul was placed on, the Adramyttian ship, was virtually a pleasure cruise compared to the second ship he was placed on. The Alexandrian ship is where Saint Paul’s adventures in traveling got intense. Here we see in verse 21 that Saint Paul told his ship mates that they should have listened to him and not left port in the first place. There by setting his credibility in hopes to avoid any further disasters. However, here we see where one of God’s servants is placed in a vicarious position through no fault of his own, and yet he will still be subjected to the circumstances as they affect the others on board with Saint Paul.

Of course, we know that Saint Paul does exactly what God tells him to do and he survives the entire ordeal while also being a great testimony for God to those around him. How this mirrors our lives is seen in the acts that show how Saint Paul had completely surrendered his life over to God and accepted everything with faith that his God would see him through. That act of surrender had no effect on the situations that came against Saint Paul, but most certainly the act of faith did keep him from being spiritually wounded which allowed God’s glory and power to flow through Saint Paul onto those who were negatively affected by the circumstances.

We become so confused in this world with all the talk of service to God through the churches. When it is all about service to God through His Son by way of our complete surrender to the Blessed Holy Spirit, and allowing God to take over our lives completely to the point that nothing is done outside the will of God. We will get to this place as we walk ever closer in the foot steps of Y’shua Messiah on earth, allowing His Spirit to be ours.


Thank You!

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