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This is the third Sabbath scripture following first Journey and then Sojourn. Hodos is Greek for journey.

The Longest Day

“When Yshua therefore had received the sour wine, He said, ‘It is Finished!’ And He bowed His head, and gave up His spirit.”  John 19:30 NASB

Though that was finally the end of the longest day any human has ever had to negotiate, it was still not done for our Messiah in the nether world where He took possession of the keys of death from Satan. What happened after the Lord left the earth is completely unknown, however, we can see quite a lot that happened to King Yshua during His last twenty-four hours on earth. Beginning with the Last Supper the scriptures display a vivid description of what our Messiah went through for us.

“Now when that evening had come, He was reclining with the twelve disciples.”  Matthew 26:20 NASB

From this point until the Lord takes His last breath there is nothing written that would lead one to think that the Lord had a significant rest, apart from supper itself of course. Therefore from the Last Supper until the culmination of the crucifixion it was a long continuous downward spiral for our Messiah. The lord washed the disciples’ feet and then went out to pray in the garden. As He prayed His disciples slept, and some accounts (Luke 22:44) describe how intense the Messiah was praying.

Betrayed with a kiss (Mark 14:44) the Lord freely accepted His fate all the while protecting His disciples (John 18:6) until the end. Once the arrest took place the serious physical punishment began (John 18:22) and escalated throughout the remainder of the night and through the early morning hours. After being passed back and forth like a piece of meat between Pilate and Herod, being abused by both (Luke 23:11) King Yshua ended up back at Pilate’s, where Pilate’s soldiers had their way with Him (Matthew 27:29-30).

Throughout the early morning hours our Lord had gotten beaten to a pulp, and the torture finally eased up after a scourging, only to be followed with a crucifixion (Mark15:15). At about 6am our Lord began His walk to the Skull Hill (John 19:14) and it was not until about 3pm when our Messiah breathed His last as a human being (Mark 15:34).


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