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Olive Oil

“Oil of The Rock” is a ministry that we at Cepher feel very strongly about so we thought that we would attempt to share our ministry with you.

This project began when the Lord instilled in our thoughts the desire to enjoy God’s Creation out in nature with God. We had no idea where this was going to lead, but we knew that we were being lead by the Blessed Holy Spirit to fulfill a need in our lives to become a vessel for God on earth. Rather quickly we were drawn to the rocks and minerals within God’s Creation. Not just terrestrial, but meteorites as well. Golds and precious gems were of course intriguing, yet we found far more beauty and treasure with some of the simplest geological specimens.

At this same time in our journey with the Blessed Holy Spirit we became intensely interested in the Holy Oil that the Apostles used (Mark 6:13). So as we collected the geological wonders of God’s Creation we also were researching information on the Holy Oil of Biblical reference.

As with so many times with God as we are walking with the Blessed Holy Spirit seemingly from out of nowhere we realize a ministry is in the making. As I was deeply involved in two soul-searching efforts with God’s Creation and His direction I believe that He put the two together for a reason. Therefore, I followed the Blessed Holy Spirit into a ministry that shows the depth and beauty of God’s Creation along with the importance of following His direction.

The rocks and minerals are incredibly beautiful when truly appreciated, which show just how important our outlook and attitude are. Also, the instructions for making Holy Oil are specific, and when one looks into each ingredient one can see how important those instruction become. Of course, with all the metaphor in the Bible (Deuteronomy 32:15, 2Samuel 22:2, Matthew 7:24, Luke 19:40) about rocks it was easy to see the significance of using the rocks as pedestals for the Holy Oil container. In a way it was bringing attention to the hidden beauty of God’s Creation along with the importance of following His direction.

We realize that few people understand the importance of Holy Oil, and even fewer still understand the sanctity of the Holy Oil; most people keep it in a sock drawer–if they have any at all. This does not mean that we are advocating to worship the oil, but we must begin to understand that our God is an awesome God! At the very least everything tied to God should have special places in our hearts and our homes to remind us and other of the piety that should be present in our lives at all times.

How many believe that when two or more are gathered for the purpose of worshiping King Y’shua Messiah, that God is in their midst (Matthew 18:20)? Yet, how many feel the need to remove your footwear (Exodus 3:5)? We must begin to understand the Realm of God, who He is and what that means to each of us. As you learn more about the Creator you learn more about the creation, including and especially yourself. God truly made a great, extremely complex creature when He made us, and that was not an accident. God purposely made us to be able to relate to Him.

Imagine that someone today is making a humanoid being as a companion to its maker; this scientist is not going to make something less than herself, she will undoubtedly put her heart and soul into this being. If you can imagine that happening, then you should be able to see the significance in God making us for the purpose of companionship.The quality that went into making us created a certain amount of arrogance that every human being displays in varying degrees. That arrogance not only keeps us from submitting our lives to God, it also keeps us from acknowledging God’s true Majesty.

Only when we humble ourselves, submitting completely to God’s Rule do we begin to see God as we should. When we do this we become much more familiar with ourselves and begin to see others through the Eyes of King Y’shua Messiah. That is why doing the little things such as using Holy Oil with the sanctity necessary, and using true Holy Oil instead of compromising with whatever is available, are steps into the Kingdom of God. What one does is important, but not as important as why one does it.


Thank You!

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