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Reckless Abandon

“Never make a principle out of your experience; let God be as original with other people as He is with you.” Oswald Chambers – The Utmost For His Highest: June 13th

We don’t know about you, but after fifteen years of diligent studying, fasting, praying, searching both our souls and the Word of God, we have become very sadden by how far Christianity has drifted from the original teachings of our Messiah.

John 13:35 – “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” (emphasis added) NAS

Does anyone even know how many different denominations there are today? How can we as believers expect non-believers to accept our thoughts, opinions, and beliefs if we cannot come to some agreement within ourselves? Either we believe in the same Creator or we do not. I wonder if we can even agree on that? Common sense should tells us that division only weakens the Body of the Messiah; not to mention hearing that same appeal from the Blessed Holy Spirit that should be leading everyone of the Messiah’s disciples. Pride, prejudice, ignorance, malfeasance, and the list could go on and on without ever adding any positive reason for dividing the Body of the Messiah.

In our homes at Cepher we have children in the ages of teen to twenty living with us along with our spouses. Just as we are all unique we each have our own relationship with our Holy Father and He is working with each of us in very different ways at different times within our lives. Each day we change as our Creator continues to shape us into what we are destined to become. But no matter how different each of us are we manage to stay together by the grace and love of our Messiah. Knowing that our Creator will be better served if we allow His authority to rule in our hearts and not our own will.

According to John 1:12, believers are all children of God, and the Old Testament shows us clearly what can become of God’s children without the love of the Messiah empowering the Blessed Holy Spirit inside of us. Beginning with Adam and Eve’s kids to Jacob’s bakers dozen to King David’s wonderful family; Satan has been able to deceive, divide and conquer many families since the very first family dinner. Why?

Here at Cepher we have a theory that is heavily influenced by the Bible (of course) and also lightly influenced by the writings of C. S. LewisOswald ChambersBrother Lawrence, and Saint Augustine. Also in the mix are writings from Dr. Francis S. Collins and Lee Strobel just to name a few to give a flavor of where some of the theory springs from. Hopefully, most of the theory is from the Blessed Holy Spirit.

Our entire purpose on this planet is to develop a relationship with our Creator, and to do this we need to get to know our God. The best way to do that is first through the Bible; the New International Version, the New American Standard (our favorite), the New Living Translation, are all excellent sources as long as you read the Word of God with the assistance of the Blessed Holy Spirit as teacher and guide. Using Crosswalk.com as an interlinear bible for proper translations is highly recommended.

If this theory is beginning to look terribly time consuming it need not be. That is just one of the great aspects of establishing a relationship with the Messiah; There is no demand on you to spend a certain amount of time learning about the Messiah. However, the more time you spend with the Messiah, getting to know Him, the better your relationship develops. Ultimately, the more you know about God, the more in love with Him you become, which enables you to surrender yourself completely to God.

Our theory in essence is a matter of complete surrender to God to the point that the Messiah’s thoughts become your thoughts, His will becomes your will, and His eyes become your eyes to the degree that Matthew chapter 5 becomes your battle cry–reckless abandon.


Thank You!

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