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This tiny break before Cepher’s last post (for a while) is just to say how great it was to share with all of you this tiny piece of my life’s journey, and I cannot thank you enough for your company.

One last bit before we go:

I have often wondered why the Bible placed such grave interest in the act of lying, and eventually I believe the Blessed Holy Spirit revealed to me the reason. It is because there is a difference between lying and physical acts of emotion. The difference is intent, specific intent to deceive. Our Creator has always placed far more credence in our intentions than in our actions. Look at David, the Lord’s ‘Beloved’, he (much like me) committed just about every crime/sin on the books, and yet, he was considered (unlike me) by the Lord–“A man after the Lord’s own heart”.

In my five and one half decades on this planet it has become obvious to me that why we do what we do is far more important than what we do.

Thirteen-hundred years after the introduction of the Blessed Holy Spirit onto humankind the bulk of those professing to know King Y’shua Messiah had nothing in common with our Lord but His name. The Reformation did nothing to change that fact except to bring it to light, and after the passing of seven more centuries there is still but a remnant that holds to the original teachings of our Creator as provided to us from the Blessed Holy Spirit.

Today few truly know what the Creator did when He became human two-thousand years ago. Some think He eliminated all physical, worldly suffering for those who believe in Him. Others believe they are under oath to make as many followers of the Lord as they can while making it an all out us or them commitment. Still others are certain that the wealth of the wicked is to be handed over to them as they prove themselves to their Lord by delivering souls to their God any way they can. And yet, it is very clear that King Y’shua Messiah did not heal everyone when He walked this earth, He did not save everyone, He did not provide great wealth to any of His followers while He walked on this earth–or after He left. No, the only thing our Lord did when He became a human being is simply show us exactly what the Creator desires from us; and what the Creator wants, is the exact thing He is and gives–Love.

If love is the biggest motivator in your life, if love is why you do what you do, if love is the basis of everything you are, then and only then have you truly found the reason to be alive–The Way. King Y’shua Messiah specifically warns us not to stumble over Him. He did not come down to earth to start a social club, but He did intend that if one loves Him one will follow after Him living as He did while on this earth. Not as an itinerant preacher, but by loving all of humanity. They are not necessarily mutually inclusive.


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