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Once upon a time, only the ugly, mean and nasty criminal did wrong–committed crimes. They were no one you would know or even recognize as being from your neighborhood. That made prison and punishment seem like justice. Then ever so subtly one at a time those who were getting caught for criminal behavior were the “boy next door” types, the policemen on the beat, and the pastors of the neighborhood churches. Little by little we could see a resemblance of us in those committing the crimes–“There but for the grace of God…”. Maybe two years behind bars is a bit much for this or that particular offense. Then we began to see government officials committing crimes and not be forced to face the consequence.

Years later: WorldCom, Tyco, Global Crossing, Enron, Xerox, Adelphia, Lincoln Savings and Loan Association, Sears Automotive. This is a partial list of just the recent past. There are many more and it gets much worse. Once a society has lost trust in itself there is nothing anyone can do to change it, and once that society gets to that point it only gets worse. It does get better, after it gets much, much worse. Once a society looses trust it looses its character, and anything goes. In time it will devourer itself and whoever is left will pick up the pieces and start all over again.

This is not a dooms day, the sky is falling prediction, this is a matter of historical and scriptural fact. It has been happening since the beginning of time; ancient societies tell of a great flood, the fall of the Egyptian Empire, the Jewish/Davidian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, the Persian Empire, the Greek Empire, the Roman Empire, the Mongolian Empire, the European Empires, the Russian Empire, the Chinese Empire, the Great Britain “the sun never sets” Empire, and the list is not complete. There were the Island Empires, South American Empires, African and Spanish Empires; it goes on and on with all of them having one single common thread–human nature.  Every great society gets to a complete satiated point where anything goes; and then everything usually does. Once a society reaches this point they begin to turn on one another. Human nature is reluctant to find fault from within so it first looks outward when things go wrong.

The division has begun in certain cities in Texas, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and various areas in the South East and Mid-West. Soon the Red, White and Blue will become more and more divided colors so that Red will look more white, and Blue will look more non-white, and the lines will become more and more distinct. These division are not limited to political views, or color lines, but also include financial position, geographic location, and educational placement; and most dangerous, as well as poignant, are the religious divisions. Time has run out to keep these divisions from occurring, and the only options that may still be open is what group you will gravitate to. That decision will be the most important one you will ever make, and your position in life today may make little or no difference in the decision you will make. That decision needs to be made from the heart. To make a good decision requires a good understanding of who you really are, and no one knows you better than God–“every hair on your head”.

It is only a matter of time before frustration leads to the discovery of its cause, whether or not it is correct, “the cause must pay for its wrong doings”, according to human nature. The frustration is bad and must be eradicated, but first, the cause must be found and eliminated. It will begin slowly as momentum increases with self perpetuity it then becomes unstoppable. In some unknown way the cause is found, and then as more and more people join the movement to wipe-out the cause of everyone’s frustrations, it begins to feel good just to be in the movement. That is when the movement becomes a beast of its own, and preventing the outcome becomes extremely difficult, which is why one should choose sides and causes as carefully as one picks a proctologist–ever so reluctantly and only as a last resort.

Colossians 3:1-11


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