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You have obviously noticed my absence in these last two weeks, I had been with my parents for a week and the rest of the time I have been deep in thought. As I have tried to explain on numerous occasions I truly try to publish posts that are edited by the Blessed Holy Spirit. Therefore, at times I struggle with writing enough to provide fresh posts on a regular basis, and still write only when I am certain it is what the Blessed Holy Spirit ordains. There have been times when I feel strongly lead to write a post, however, at the same time feel very anxious about the topic and substance because it is such that may be misleading if I am wrong about the Blessed Holy Spirit’s direction. In such times I spend a great deal of effort praying, fasting and searching the Word of the Lord for guidance which takes time and keeps me from posting regularly.

Other times, such as now, I am not led to write anything or post what I have already written. I know that this attitude is not the typical computer age way of thinking, but nothing about Cepher conforms to today’s thought accept that it uses the modern media technology to communicate. The entire purpose of Cepher is to share with today’s society a different “Way”. Here at Cepher we are not trying to spread the typical jargon of mainstream Christianity because we believe that the mainstream Christianity has been contaminated with human nature to the degree that it has lost touch with the True Blessed Holy Spirit of the Way–the Way of Elohim, King Y’shua Messiah.

Throughout the history of mankind there has always been just a remnant of True followers of our Lord. However, a shaking is occurring now that is drawing more and more people into the Kingdom of our Lord, and soon there will be a great awakening that will bring the Blessed Holy Spirit into more and more hearts, families, and communities! Amen

I am not talking about the End of Days, but of a great new beginning that will encapsulate the young people of this planet together in peace and contentment. They will repair the breach that their forefathers have created in the name of greed and pride. A coming together of humanity as like no time before bringing in the Kingdom of our Lord.

These are just the ramblings of an old man, but you might just be surprised…


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