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The World Around Us

In my desert travels I have found that it is much easier to hear the Word of God as it is to see His Glory. I almost feel a leading hand guiding my every step, as if the Lord was standing right next to me. The serenity and space of the desert definitely has something to do with this feeling of peace, but there is much more to it than just location. It is as if there is far less interference than within the city, far less congestion that usually drowns out the Voice of God in the city.

I am certainly not advocating that everyone make a solitary pilgrimage into the desert, but I am suggesting that all should try to find that place on earth that allows a closer presence with God. Far to few of us attempt to have any real one on one time with God, and it has created a void within our society. Hundreds of years ago people used to shy away from large gathering of people, yet today people seem to be afraid of being alone. We have created a society that has become greatly dependent on others and far less dependent on themselves or on God.

In the past when problems arise people would simply take them on alone at least at first, today we immediately call for help; and seldom is that call to God. This world around us today needs God more than ever before, and yet, we keep running away from Him instead of running to Him. I believe that is what King Y’shua Messiah was describing when He said that He was bring a sword and not peace–Matthew 10:34. Oswald Chambers said it this way, “You may often see Jesus Christ wreck a life before He saves it.”

I do not believe that it is Y’shua Messiah that wrecks the life , but it is done by our obstinacy as we walk off a cliff that Y’shua Messiah wanted us to avoid. Ultimately, Y’shua Messiah takes responsibility for the cliff, but it is us who walk off it. I see my Lord as The One who waits patiently with open arms for us to realize how dependent we truly are of Him.


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My Opinion

Everything written in this blog comes from the deeply sincere beliefs of the author. Those beliefs include the workings of the Blessed Holy Spirit in everything in the life of this author. I write from over five decades of experience which includes the eventual and complete dedication of my life over to God. I am in total belief that those who will eventually read these post are directed to do so by the Blessed Holy Spirit. The same Blessed Holy Spirit that directs my thoughts and hands in writing these post.

That is why we have stated numerous times that you must incorporate the Blessed Holy Spirit into these post when you read them, and only if the post rings true in your heart is it meant generally or specifically for your life. Just because your curiosity leads you to read a post does not mean that post was meant for you, however, if it is meant for you, the Blessed Holy Spirit will make it very obvious to you by helping you understand it.

Again, we here at Cepher do not conform completely to the main stream Christian mega church ways of faith! We are followers of “The Way” (Acts 9:2), those “who were born of the will of God” (John 1:13). We believe that since the beginning of time there has always been a difference between those who believe in a god, and those who are following God.

Is one better than the other? Not in our eyes here at Cepher. The difference between the two is a matter of lifestyle. Those who follow God make God the only thing in their lives. Those who believe in God place Him in the center of their lives. This may sound like the same thing, but to a follower putting God at the top of a list is not the same as having God replace the list.

Ultimately, a follower’s entire purpose on earth is to develop the closest possible relationship to God a human being can achieve, viz., Enoch. To become one with Y’shua Messiah is a follower’s goal in life accomplished by complete dedication to the Word of God. This means to study and research the Bible while allowing the Blessed Holy Spirit to teach the nuance of the Word. We do not believe that every single word in the Bible should be followed literally. The Bible is our primary source of contact with our Creator, the starting point and the final step, without such we would be lost.

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Why Write?

Certainly there is some egotistical motivation in all writing, but with this blog it goes far deeper than sheer personality. We began this endeavor with the sincere belief that it was a tribute to God under the watchful eye of the Blessed Holy Spirit. An attempt to share our journey toward God with those whom the Lord desires. As we learn in our walk with God we hope that what we share with others will be helpful in their walk with God.

Never have we intended to display the attitude of expert or scholar as if we have discovered the panacea for life’s problems. All we desire to do is share, with whomever the Lord wills, what we have learned from the Blessed Holy Spirit whom we credit as our Teacher. Because we have been learning how important it is to Trust God for everything in life. Learning how to decipher what voice in our head is our conscience, i.e. the Blessed Holy Spirit, and what is just personality noise.

Maybe this is just a matter of terminology, however, there is a difference between what we are calling our conscience and other noises that are accumulated in life that pop up at times of confusion. As we have said many times before, the more you know about God, His intentions, Love, and parameters, all the things you can learn about Him by a sincere commitment to study the Bible; the more familiar God’s ways are to you and the more in tune to Him you can become . As you become more attentive to the Lord, the more sensitive you become as to whether or not you are following God.  For as one follows God, one should become more like Y’shua and others should readily see that change. All that we have seen has shown us that the general rule is patience. Most if not all of the people God chose to serve Him had to wait for years before they began their endeavor with God, according to the Bible.

Most of the time we get ahead of God and do far more damage by not waiting on the Lord. If God desires action He will achieve it on His own, we are not God’s arms and legs on earth. We are just a housing for His Blessed Holy Spirit to live through us, and if we let that happen, it will. Willing vessels letting God be in complete control. That is what we are attempting to apply into our lives and as it manifests in our lives we will document it for others to maybe learn by. We are on our way to the desert today to spend some quality time with our Messiah. When we get back, we will tell you all about it, God Willing.

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The Spirit

What is the Spirit of Christmas?

Today some kids and adults understand that Y’shua was not born on December 25th, but that was around the time another celebration was taking place millennia ago. It was that celebration that was the sole reason for the church to invent a competing Christian celebration–in other words, it was church marketing. The celebration that the church was so upset with was the pagan worship of the winter solstice. There is no true indications that Y’shua was born during this time period, but that really did not matter to the church leaders at that time. What mattered to the church at that time is exactly what matters to the churches today, and that is their enrollment. The marketing mantra that has sustained the church since its inception has never changed–an empty seat is an empty soul.

Christianity has veered so far from what Y’shua Messiah created two-thousand years ago there is no resemblance. One was designed to establish individual relationships between God and humankind, the other mandates group think and conformation of worldly doctrine. One was based on the Love of God, the other on the fear. One encouraged a break from worldly traditions, the other added to them. One tells us to follow no one, but Y’shua Messiah; the other states that same premise while operating under the typical worldly hierarchy.

Should we be surprised at what has become of the spirit of Christmas? Not if we consider that its origins had nothing to do with God or the Blessed Holy Spirit. Today there are those who are attempting to bring God’s Spirit back into the holiday. However, they have not considered that God’s Spirit has never been in this holiday. And as we watch where this holiday is going it makes good sense that God’s Spirit stay clear.

Giving God a special day in His honor seems trite to say the least considering that His request is for anyone wishing to honor Him surrender everything over to Him and completely follow Him with every breath that we take. Are not all things God’s?

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Is Someone There?

For the very, very few who occasionally read this blog we have not abandon you, but as we have stated from the beginning, we would only post what we felt very sure was in accordance with the Blessed Holy Spirit’s teachings. We have written numerous drafts in the past two weeks that have yet to be “approved” so to speak, by the Lord; and there are those that were “eaten” by the program while we were writing it–those we considered were rejected by the Blessed Holy Spirit. So just as we will not post without sincere peace from the Blessed Holy Spirit, we will not discontinue this blog without extreme direction from the Lord. Therefore, never think that just because we have not posted in the typical two to three-day time span, that we have quit.

We here at Cepher live, or at least diligently attempt to live, on a day by day basis with our undivided attention on Y’shua Messiah through His GPS gift He gave to us all–the Blessed Holy Spirit. The more we relinquish our attentions, control, and life, over to God the more we see His wonderfully, gentle guidance in our life; and the more we see that Guidance in our life, the more we trust Him for further Guidance. This is a process just as everything else in life is a process that we so often take for granted, and we seldom stop to consider how long things take to develop in our everyday affairs. It is difficult, if not impossible, to think of something significant that we have learned that did not take some time to develop into what it now is in our life.

How many times did God’s hand keep you from harm? How many times did God’s Love direct you into just the right place? How many lives have contacted yours that have been a great blessing in one way or another? For all the various reasons why a human being becomes far more reflective in her/his later years, the objective is the same. That contemplation provides a time when the soul develops ears, and it is at that time when some of the most insightful theories, philosophies, and changes manifest. Coincidence?

It is also a time when a human being begins to realize all the coincidences that are her/his life. Because as we are growing up we seldom, if ever, stop to think; that if the tire had not gone flat …?

That is what it all comes down to–chance or God. Some will consider chance for all things, and some will see God in all things. If the Spirit of God is in your soul you will see God in all things, eventually. If you do not have the Spirit of God in your soul you will consider life by chance. However, just because you do not seem to have the Spirit of God in your soul today, that does not rule out the chance that you will have the Spirit of God in your soul tomorrow.

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The Birth Of God!

What is Christmas, but a farce of lies and manipulations. Is it any wonder why the holidays are becoming such a burden?  We say it is in remembrance of the birth of Y’shua, and yet we all know that He was not born anywhere near the month of December. We say it is for God’s honor, although we do everything contrary to God in our celebration. We lie to our kids about a Santa that does not exist, we spend money until we are in debt up to our nose, we drink alcoholic beverages until we cannot or should not drive home, we compete with our neighbors to see who can light up the street the most, and we claim that it is all for God’s Son who was beaten to a bloody pulp, ridiculed, spit upon, nailed to a cross and left hanging for half a day until He died.

He died, so we can continue to mock His name for our pleasure during a holiday we made to trick others into turning their pagan celebrations into ours. What a shame. How could we have gotten it so wrong? We live in such a world of deception how could we ever expect to truly serve God by sharing Him with others when we have yet to discover who God really is to us? How can we possibly expect our children to find a God that we have yet to find ourselves?

We must be the ones who stop this madness if it is ever going to be changed. No Messiah is coming to fix this mess for us; He already has! Our Remedy is standing at the door, knocking (and if it were possible, His knuckles would be getting very sore by now). It is now or never for this generation, soon it will be too late for us, and that means our children will become the next generation pretending to know God, while they put Him under a Christmas tree.

At Cepher, we do not wish to continue this pattern of deceit and vagary. We want to find the very same Messiah that raised Lazarus from the dead. He has been trying to raise us from the dead, but we have refused to come out of the cave. No longer will we remain in the cave wondering why it just keeps getting colder, wetter, and more depressing here in the dark. All the while we can see that Light at the cave’s opening, so we are going to walk towards it until we get to the open arms of our Messiah.

We hope you will do the same, however if you do not, we will never stop praying that you will.

Glory to God in the Highest!       Blessed is the birth of our King!

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Down and Out

Why is it that during what is supposed to be one of the most joyful times of the year so many people feel so down and out? It is as if we must work so hard at having an enjoyable time. Maybe it is because we seem to work so hard at everything in our life, which is exactly what the Bible says happened when we lost the Garden. What so many do not know is the fact that we can have the Garden back if we simply accept the Kingdom in its place. Just like the Garden, the Kingdom comes with one simple requirement–acquiescence.

Complete surrendering of ones self to the Trust of God. Most people can understand the methodology behind Trust Funds, where one gives money to another with the trust that the other will make more money for the one by way of the other placing the money in various investments with complete authority over the one. Of course, (hopefully) one does not blindly give money to another without first researching the others’ abilities to make money.

The same is true with God and His Kingdom. We once had the chance to blindly accept God’s authority over us, but we chose the Tree of Knowledge instead. That choice established a set of restriction that we now must follow, namely, self-consciousness. Which leads everything we do until we disconnect our self to our knowledge and begin depending on God’s. For this to occur one must first learn who this God is and little by little begin to trust God for the everyday needs of ones life.

That is why the Bible stresses the importance of patience, because the road back to the Garden through the Kingdom is long, and few stay on it to the end. However, those of us that have been on the road long enough to see the Garden ahead can help others to stay the course even if that means taking a little longer to get there, because that is what the Kingdom is all about.  Let’s not forget what we are here for. Soon we will all be up and in!

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At the risk of redundancy, there is something very special in the uniqueness of life. Something we here at Cepher think most people do not realize. Not that they do not display this uniqueness, but that they fail in realizing its place in their lives. Science tells us that evolution develops unique traits to better the species. That same uniqueness is found in people to a significant degree, however, we do not acknowledge it in ourselves or allow it to better us.

Why is it that some people do wonderfully with a surprise influx of a large amount of money and others do not, though they are almost identical in every meaningful way?

Why do some love, almost to an obsession, the adrenaline rush one receives in highly stressful conditions; when others of very similar physic, and mentality, throw-up at just the thought?

Why do so many people live in urban settings where they find so many things objectionable, and yet, they thoroughly enjoy the outdoors, camping, fresh air, open spaces?

Everyone is born with a specific trait, talent, love; a specific ability to do something that provides a great deal of satisfaction and serenity to that specific individual. For some it appears that the trait develops over time. For others it is recognized very early on, and yet, for some they never find it, which leaves a bitter pit in the center of their lives. Two-hundred years ago there were more people finding their talent, then there were who did not. Today, few even know that they have a talent to exploit, and sadly enough, even fewer of those people ever utilize their talent.

There are so few who find their talent and live with it, but the ones that do are always the most satisfied people one could ever meet. The bible tells us in a number of different places how we should never seek the peace and prosperity of others. The problem today involves people doing all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons. Too many people are trying to keep up with, or surpass, their neighbor with little or no regards to just being friends with their neighbor. What each person needs to do is to find their soul and attempt to listen to their spirit. People must stop striving after the wind long enough for the Wind to make a difference.

How can you be true to anyone or anything if you cannot be true to yourself? The easiest way to discover ones talent is by asking the Creator of everything.

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What Is Life?

Science tells us that our conscience derives from implanted memory from experiences passed on through evolution like the fear of fire and the flight or fight response in primal fears. One would think that since some animals like elephants exhibit an ability to pass on information genetically, and evolution is designed to improve life, maybe we should see more than fear transferred through evolution. Why do we not see every human capable of swimming perfectly at birth since we came from the water and evolution is capable of passing down information like fears, would not it be far more Darwinian if our past evolutionary experiences were used to improve the animal human?

We ask this question in the midst of the newest assumptions from science that says our consciousness is simply a factor of evolutionary productions. If that were true we should see far more improvements in the human being than we see. Also, the fact that for the past five thousand years societies have gone from basic to advanced to basic and back to advanced, until now when we see both basic and advanced societies living side by side.

Just as in religion, we see far too much assumption presented as facts that only leads to more questions than answering some of the most crucial questions. If only spirituality and science could become partners in search of life’s perfections. We would be far more advanced in every aspect of life if we could just humble ourselves and work together. No more, Christians and Muslims, Communists and Capitalists, White and Non-white, Believers and Atheists; just people living and working together with different beliefs, looks, opinions. All of us just trying to learn how to live on this planet as partners, not as competitors. No more titles and labels, all of us will be just people; members of the human race.

We here at Cepher are convinced that though this dream may not be possible, we refuse to be the reason it would not succeed! Everything we do is based on attempting to be as humble as possible by the grace of God, so we never purposely offend anyone, and we try to live as if the dream could begin at any moment.

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Human Understanding

Evolutionist (Neo-Darwinism) cannot prove their theory to us so why are we (Believers) obligated to prove the existence of God to them? Besides, every time archeology discovers another truth in the Bible it brings science no closer to believing in the Word of God as historical writings. It is as if believers in God ( we are not labeling believers as creationist because there are evolutionist who believe in God, and like those of us at Cepher who believe in a creation through a hybrid evolution) are forced to prove their Faith, while science has no such obligation in proving their theories.

Most people are not aware that science now believes in the existence of a marble size material that weighs in excess of one hundred million tons! Do you know how much faith you must have in your calculations to believe that? Think about it. A marble with that much tonnage; there is nothing on earth that would even give us a glimpse of what that marble would be like! Nothing in nature to even suggest that is possible; only mathematical calculations. Yet, science is convinced! Or at least it would like you to think that all of science is convinced.  We here at Cepher believe in a hybrid evolution so we see science as wonderful, but this is a bit out there! Kind of like the two theoretical physicist who consider it quite possible that tiny Higgs have come back from the future to sabotage the CERN Large Hadron Collider. We could not make this stuff up! We love science!

Here is the problem: So many in science fields are silenced by the atheistic spirit that controls the direction of where science is allowed to go by threatening the futures of young scientists that would like to just know the truth. Similar situations occur in the theological side of academia to be sure, but what is so frustrating is to hear two competing views of life origins both sighting scientific literature!

What can we count on to be absolutely true? What is an absolute truth? One cannot help but wax philosophic when talking about life and existence. That in itself is enough to doubt Neo-Darwinism. Ultimately, truth must be considered individually using ones own experiences, feelings, intelligence, education, and most important time. That is an aspect of truth we humans are very bad at utilizing when trying to determine the truth. Not only can time heal all wounds, but it can also help to uncover the truth. That is, if one is capable of waiting long enough for it.

Here at Cepher we are certain that God does exist. We come to this conclusion utilizing all of the above tools including over five decades of observations. We also know that not every human being will accept that truth, and no matter what we feel it may cost an individual to deny the existence of God, there is nothing we can do about it. We believe that our only obligation is to surrender our life over to God, and never stop trying to discover what surrendering our life over to God truly means. In our opinion, Y’shua Messiah is not just our King, but He is also our example; meaning, He lived on earth exactly how we are expected to live.

Allowing King Y’shua Messiah to, in time, take over our complete body/life. To the extent that we no longer exist, but a new person has risen with my personality and Y’shua Messiah’s disposition. That is the ultimate evolution!

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