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Today, something very different, today is America 101; Believe me we need it! The title is Spanish for “The Disappeared“, used in Argentina in the ’70’s for those whom the government silenced. Not terrorist, like our government told us, but labor organizers; regular people just like us!

Today you will be given the chance to finally understand what your government has been doing for the past 60 years plus! I say your government if you do not live in a Scandinavian country, not that all Scandinavian countries have been innocent in the past government atrocities of the last sixty years, but many have not been as bad as the rest–who knows why! At any rate, the USA has led the team of filth for the last six decades plus when we left our humble beginnings and let pride take over.

I implore all of you to please take this writing to heart and while on your knees to our Lord ask Him what need be done by you. I have much information because I took part in some of these atrocities as a young and very stupidly naive patriot, however, unfortunately I only have information, but no answers. I will not be able to tell you how to fix what is happening today, but I am certain our Lord does have the answers we seek.

People like Mr. Chris Hedges have been right in the middle of all this mess for many decades as a journalist and is now trying desperately to ring the alarm bells that unfortunately few are hearing. If you believe in the mainstream Christian view; which is loyal to the country of Israel, believes all Muslims are evil and Christians should fight them to the death, and that the USA is still a blessed country doing God’s work hopefully to become a theocracy, then you should not read any further, it will only upset you to the point of wanting to harm me!

This is not a Bible lesson!

Make no mistake, we need our Creator today more than ever! The powers that control this country today have endless resources and have been working this plan for centuries–a white male Protestant dominated, Christian based society that rules the world. I know this may offend some, and the rest will laugh it off as the typical conspiracy theory, but I had to at least try. After you watch the short video of the San Luis Obispo county girl if you do a little research you might just be amazed what you find out about Van Buren.

People, this is not rocket science, I am talking about human nature! Do any of you realize that our country, the USA, established a law that limited personal annual  income to two million (today) dollars by simply taxing everything above that at 91% in 1950? Can you imagine that at a time when our government and it’s citizenry agreed that two million per year (today’s $) was enough to live on comfortably our economy grew and was stronger than it had ever been or will be?Do you really think that people cannot live well on two million clams per year? Think of what our country would be like today if we would have kept that law in place! The law did not state that you could not make more mullah, it simply said that this country has financial obligations and anyone who makes more than that should help the country that allowed that person the ability to do such a thing. Is that really so wrong?

Apparently it is, because most people on Wall Street that make $BILLIONS$ per year believe that they should not pay any more than anyone else no matter what their incomes are! They owe this country zero! All for one and forget the rest!


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