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Have you ever spent time by yourself, whether at home in your room, or deep in the wilderness, or at night under a moonless sky in the desert far from any obscuring city lights? If you have I am certain that you have had an opportunity to talk with God. However, whether or not you took the opportunity to talk with your Creator will depend on one thing and one thing only–if you have been chosen or not.

We all seem to think that babies are the result of sex between a man and a woman, we think that death is completely biological, that we are in control of our own destiny, and that we decide if we will believe in God or not. All wrong! Life and death as with everything else is indirectly controlled by the Creator of all things; indirectly, because of the way God Created everything.

The second most important element of God for us to be aware of is that He has foreseen all things. Ergo, if God has set up the earth to react to the actions of humankind, and God has already seen these actions and reactions he has an indirect control on it all. Are we locked into actions that God has already seen us take? Of course! However, since we cannot see the future we cannot be locked into anything in our minds.

Without going deeply philosophical the point is that God knows who will and who will not come to Him before any of us have even been born. Which means that those whom He knows will come to Him have already been written in the Book of Life; and only those written in the Book of Life can come to God.

So the next time you find yourself alone try talking with God, because whether or not He speaks to you, the simple fact that you attempted to talk with God can prove to you that you believe. It is that belief that shows who is written in the Book of Life, for no one can come to God without that belief. Therefore, if you attempt to talk with God you are written forever in the Book of Life.

Try it!


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