Cepher Blog

Welcome to the Journey


This site will hopefully be a place that provides fellowship, information, and assistance to those who believe in the possibility of God in their journey.

We are two brothers who through 107 combined years of life experiences have come to the conclusion that:
There is a God, He loves us and desires a relationship with us that we can have through His Son Y’shua Messiah.
This is not a religion, a set of rules, or a science theory.
We do not want to form a club, church, or following.
We are on a journey to pursue the closest possible relationship with God and devotion to His son Y’shua that we can have here on earth.
We believe we are not alone in this quest.
We are sure there are many like us who are tired and frustrated with Christianity and the 21st century church.
We believe there are those of you who share our desire to be one in Truth with our Lord and our God through the Blessed Holy Spirit.
We welcome you on this journey and look forward to your input.


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