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Soon those of us of the Way will become the light that was always intended of the followers of God. Only then will we be at that specific place in time where we can see clearly what the difference is between belief and desperation. It will be at a time when we least expect it and when we are at our wits end. It is normally that way with God, because He knows that only at our weakest moments do we allow Him full authority of everything in our lives. It is at that exact time when God can show us that He is everything and that we are just vessels of His Love. It is that Love, that Agape Love, that is the light that this world has been waiting millennia for, and it is for that light they must wait, until we who are called to carry His cross will finally let go of all that is us to hold all that is God.

Whether a believer, a follower, or none of the above, we are all travelers on the very same highway system. The difference is of course the direction, the speed, the distance and the road one chooses. But make no mistake, the differences are extremely slight at times and it is only by the grace of God that some of us are traveling on the roadway to Paradise. Here at Cepher, we have learned to not let a day go by without acknowledging how blessed we really are no matter what we encounter.

Life is completely dependent upon perception. Everything we do in our lives is affected by our perception. Faith is a version of our perception. Let’s say that John has a dilemma about taking a new job that involves a great deal of driving, but he has reservations about leaving his position at his current employment so he prays for God’s guidance.  The next day John gets a three-hundred dollar ticket for exceeding the speed limit by five miles per hour. He could perceive this incident as an unnecessary hardship and become upset with God, or he could see the ticket for what it truly is, an answer to his prayer. Because with the ticket his driving record, traffic school not withstanding, disqualifies him for the driving job. Two days later he receives a bonus from work for three-hundred dollars!

Hypothetical, but very possible, and that is exactly how our God has worked with His people at times. Our perception of ourselves, of others, of our current and future situations; all determine how much we will surrender to our God for His Agape Love to stream through us at light-speed generating a luminescence that so many people have been waiting for so very long to see. How much longer need they wait?


Thank You!

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