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If you resort to your own strength, you must rely on your strength (Matthew 26:52). As human beings, ever since we chose to rely on our own knowledge and abilities, we have been condemned to depend on our own very limited and flawed knowledge and abilities. We now cannot rely on anything else, but our own advise even when we know it is wrong. Our DNA adheres to only that which comes from the Tree of Knowledge, and anything else is not accepted. History proves this time and time again. Take the economy for just one example. Over time we can see that the same ups and downs occurred like clock work for the very same reasons, and yet, no true effort has ever been accepted to attempt to correct this roller coaster ride over time. In fact, we are certain that no correction is needed because the cyclical motion of our economy is just the normal adjustments that need to take place. Even though, the causes of the adjustments our predictable and preventable.

No amount of human knowledge will help us repair the breach in the dike of wisdom that began since the beginning of time and has been increasing in size ever since. The only hope human beings have is with their Creator (James 1:5), by surrendering our will to our God, thereby allowing God to lead us from the valley that will some day flood when the dike gives way. This journey that will lead us from the valley we have spent our entire existence in, is so alien to us that our will is not capable of allowing us to travel. That journey is life, only those who are willing to take it can some day get out of the valley of death (Psalm 23).

As difficult as the journey is, it is not the most challenging portion of the task. What is most difficult, actually quite impossible, for a human being to do is give up its self-will. That is why we go through hell and back in life if we are written in the Book of Life (Revelation 20:12). For if we are written in the Book of Life we are destined to lose our self-will and surrender to God. Since God will not forcibly take our will from us, and we must willing give it to Him, it is necessary for us to go through what ever things it will take for us to finally raise our hands and bow our heads, kneeling to God has we give up our will to Him. Some, but very few, are capable of relinquishing their will to God without ever going through such turmoil. However, most of us must fight it “tooth and nail” to the bitter end, and then some, before we allow God the authority over our will.

But this is not the end, only the beginning. Once we relinquish our souls to God we must then learn how to surrender our lives over to God placing Him in complete control. That and learning how to live spiritually are the biggest challenges we then face on the journey. Of course, there are those days when we seem to have taken back our will and begin to proceed back the way we just came!  Yet, all throughout this journey the gentle, patient, caring, and loving hand of God is discovered and felt at all times.

It is this journey where we discover not only our true self, but the eternal compassion of our loving Creator. It is on this journey when we find the reason for our birth, where we understand the immense complexity involved in life and how God gently guides us through it all. It is on this journey where we discover how very special and unique human life really is, and it is on this journey where we learn how to live, which is to say, love.


Thank You!

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