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If you thought my other posts were off, wait ’till you get the gist of this one!

Have you ever tried explaining something complicated to someone simple? If you have then you know exactly what I am feeling right now.

Though this may come off as drunk ramblings of an old man, I assure I am not intoxicated; just rambling and old! And very, very tired of watching so many of you walk into the on-coming bus! Contrary to today’s popular thought, there is no magic bullet, no instant fix, no panacea. There is only effort, sweat, pain, anguish, failure, turmoil, pain and more pain. Did I mention the pain? It is only after all that, when even the possibility of success appears for only a fleeting moment before disappearing into more PAIN (lots and lots of pain). In the end, and only at the end, does the slightest bit of hope pop up and looks at you as if to say “You stupid fool! You actually believed?”

It is only then, and only if you respond in the affirmative, that you finally see the FACE OF GOD.

Why is that!?

Simple, our Creator is so much more than we will ever understand while we walk in these fragile cloaks, that we cannot ever look unto the FACE OF GOD and live (Exodus 33:17-23).

What’s the deal when a physical ailment changes the chemical balance, like depleting your dopamine, which raises an already dangerous aggressive nature from a passed that you had thought the good Lord cleansed you from? Now what? Am I to think that I cannot run from what now appears to be my destiny? Or it this just another of a plethora of little bumps in the road; a road that I have been walking through like a mine field ?

You know what I think?

Before I tell you what I think, you must first try and understand the road I have been on for the past five decades. It has not been what most would call a normal path; whatever normal is. Though it has been an eventful path all the same. Eventful, and terribly damaging; to me physically, mentally, emotionally, and to so many others whom my life crossed (I am so sorry).  At first it was all for God and country, then everything changed, it became personal. My country abandoned me when I needed it most; as did my wife, family and eventually, my own body. That was when I had no other choice, but to ask the only one who had stood by me, patiently waiting for me to turn and ask for help from God.

Please understand that I am only trying to open your eyes as the Lord has opened mine to the truths of what the USA is really all about. THIS will help in that education if you want to know the truth!

I was once under the same illusion that the USA was the worlds protector, only to find out that in fact the world needs to be protected from the USA! If only I could help you to understand; our President does not even want to truly comprehend what our military is doing right now!

If we do not face the reality of what the USA is doing today we will be held completely accountable whether or not we face the truth. We cannot hide the truth from our Creator! And how can we believe in a God of Love while we live in a country that believes only in power? Darwinian power!


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I am going to go way out on a limb today to announce the winner of the 2012 US Presidential Elections. He will be the one with his hands deepest into the pockets of the Corporatocracy that have been running this nation for decades. If President Obama “wins”, it will not be his last four years in office that caused people to vote for him because he has done little to nothing that he promised except the most egregious promises to the far left. If Mr. Romney “wins” his past shows everyone that he is as much a liar who will say whatever it takes to become President that our current President is and has done. Therefore, the only difference between the two will be determined by the corporatocracy that has picked our last nine Presidents.

That difference is based upon what the Corporatocracy is in need of for the next four years.

While I was online today my security software advised me that a file that had just been down-loaded into my computer was “OK” and aloud to bury itself down deep into my software to a point of unknown location. I tried to find it, but ended up down the rabbit hole. This was just one of many “application files” that Microsoft or who knows who slips into all of our online PCs on a daily basis, which few of us can control or even keep track of. Which leads me to THIS.

If there were ever a time when humanity needed to find their Creator, become intimately familiar, and to learn to trust our God completely; this is the time!

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IS it just me, or is something terribly wrong when things like THIS, and THIS and THIS occur in one summer and all the bells are yet to be ringing off the bases?

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WAKE the heck UP!!

THIS decision, matching that of the High Court’s original affirmation allowing corporations to act as individual US citizens  when donating Billions$$$$$ into politics, is the biggest slap in the face of our US Constitution–the same one our Faithful Founding Fathers created– that has ever been attempted!

The final nail in our coffin of free belief is being hammered into place as you read this.

Corporations have no soul–they should have no vote!  Money should not determine who we vote for; our conscience should be a major factor in our voting practices, not our pocketbooks or bottom lines. We are becoming completely lead by our consuming nature rather than our Spiritual Nature. Where will that lead us? Consumed, completely consumed!

The creators of our US Constitution believed in the betterment of humankind, and understood that it was only through that better nature of humankind that we could operate within the constraints of this constitution.

A board of directors is not your neighbor!

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Let the churches vote for, campaign for, and support all the political agendas and politicians they want in exchange for the complete loss of their tax exempt status.  

What difference is there between churches and corporations if the churches cross that political line?

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What would motivate a high school teacher to show his TENTH GRADE CLASS an unedited video of a psychopathic cannibalistic killer murdering, dismembering, consuming, and having sex with the victim?

Please understand that this question is rhetorical and has no answer! However, do direct your attention to the  comments left by some of the readers of the above linked article. Some seem to believe that there is an educative value in a video of this nature that minors could find beneficial. Those people who believe such things, are of the majority in the world today, and they have little to no true knowledge of human nature, the history of humankind, and/or Spirituality. That makes their beliefs, knowledge and opinions very detrimental to humankind.

Ten year old murderers, Presidents having extramarital sex within the Oval office with young interns, Senators going to jail for bribery, dirty cops, FBI traitors, doctors over-prescribing medication for profit, and rampant child pornography, are just a few of the reasons  some think high school kids can learn something beneficial from “slash videos”.

Society has become lost in reason; we have become too smart for our own good, and now we are paying dearly for it. Though the price we are paying today for our arrogance is extreme, it is only going to get much more costly and it is already beginning to cost us our children! The question that need be asked, is: What will our arrogance cost our grand-kids?

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THIS is why I check out The Palmer Perspective regularly!

Does this mean that I follow his every word, or believe exactly as he does? NO!

However, he does have great ideas, some that I do agree with, such as the one above.

Let us stop finding fault with others, let’s stop looking for where we are different, what we do not agree on; and maybe we can begin to find avenues where we can walk together to accomplish something good for all humankind.

The Bible has a very clear path set down for all to follow: First our Creator picked a couple (GENESIS 2:7-25), then a family (GENESIS 6:9-22), that grew into tribe (EXODUS 33:1). That tribe evolved into a nation (1KINGS 8:1-8), and that nation was used to convert all mankind (MATTHEW 28:19, MARK 16:15, LUKE 24:47).

It all begins with finding common ground.

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The Golden Dawn party in Greece uses the Nazi salute, has as its symbol a variation of the Nazi swastika and has proposed setting up internment camps for foreigners who refuse to leave the country. It took 21 seats, or 7 percent of the vote, in the May parliamentary elections. France’s far-right National Front, led by Marine Le Pen, pulled 18 percent of the vote in the first round of the presidential election. The right-wing Freedom Party in the Netherlands is the third largest in the parliament and brought down the minority government. The Freedom Party in Austria is now the second most popular in the country and holds 34 seats in the 183-seat lower house of the parliament. The Progress Party in Norway is the largest element of the opposition. The Danish People’s Party is Denmark’s third largest. And the Hungarian fascist party Jobbik, or the Movement for a Better Hungary, captured 17 percent of the vote in the last election. Jobbik is allied with uniformed thugs known as the Hungarian Guard, which has set up patrols in the impoverished countryside to “protect” Hungarians from Gypsies. And that intolerance is almost matched by Israel’s ruling Kadima party, which spews ethnic chauvinism and racism toward Arabs and has mounted a campaign against dissenters within the Jewish state.

Above is an excerpt from the complete article written by Chris Hedges–linked above

I have been following his writing for years now, and I have come to believe that Mr. Hedges wants to see a world in peace that lives in complete harmony.

Is that so bad?

Mr. Hedges also writes that “time is running out”. Very soon, the worst or the very best of humankind will arise; and of course, the million dollar question is which portion of society will it be? Where do you stand?

The ends justifies nothing! It is not what you do or how you believe, but it is WHY that is important.

My title for this post is not a type-o (though I do take some liberties with my syntax). The line in the sand has almost been completely drawn, and you must decide what side will hold your footprints. There is and always has been only two sides, no matter how many lines have been drawn–they all come from the same line creating only two sides. A line that was drawn in the beginning of time itself, a line that separates Light from darkness, Good from evil, Right from wrong, Life from death; The very same line that has separated the Tree of Knowledge from the Tree of Life!

This line is not difficult to find, although, choosing the correct side does hold some challenges. Today more than ever the line has been blurred to the point that makes one feel almost hopeless–key-word here being almost. Almost, because there is one side that is clear; one side that clearly makes a difference between good and bad, right from wrong, life and death.

Life is precious. Therefore, life is always the difference.

Origen was an innovator in an era when innovation, for Christians, was a luxury ill-afforded. He drew upon pagan philosophy in an effort to elucidate the Christian faith in a manner acceptable to intellectuals, and he succeeded in converting many gifted pagan students of philosophy to his faith. He was also a great humanist, who believed that all creatures will eventually achieve salvation, including the devil himself. Origen did not embrace the dualism of Gnosticism, nor that of the more primitive expressions of the Christian faith still extant in his day. Rather, he took Christianity to a higher level, finding in it a key to the perfection of the intellect or mind, which is what all souls are in their pure form. The restoration of all souls to a purely intellectual existence was Origen’s faith, and his philosophy was based upon such a faith. In this, he is an heir to Socrates and Plato, but he also brought a new conception into philosophy – that of the creative aspect of the soul, as realized in history, the culmination of which is salvation, after which follows an eternal delving into the deep mysteries of God.  IEP

Is that so bad?

How ’bout this–2SAMUEL 14:14

People, we must begin to look at things just a little differently, please.

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So much for peace at the end of an M/16.

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The love of the Lord can go only so far with regards to citizen’s rights. As a country we have watched the rights of others swallow the rights of others.

All people are created equal, but their actions may not be. Does a women have the rights over her own body? YES! And if she decides to end a pregnancy, for whatever reason, she must face the Lord for the ultimate answer, not me. For every scripture that tends to lean toward the rights of abortion, there is scripture that tends to lean the other way; making it another issue that needs to be settled by the Lord, not people. Either you believe that the Blessed Holy Spirit talks to humanity or not.

For every right given to one, someone else loses a right. One person may feel she/he has a right to carry a deadly weapon in a public place, while at the same time another person may feel he/she has the right to be in a public place free from deadly weapons being carried by the public. Both are right, however, both cannot exercise their right at the same time and in the same place. Therefore, common ground must be sought after!

Are there people today that have a physical condition that confuses their sexuality? Is homosexuality a condition of our human nature or did our Creator design it? Yes to the former, and human nature is the sole cause of the latter. This of course, is strictly my opinion and should be considered accordingly.

Today art has taken a back seat to freedom of the media. Today, art/theater is watching a psychopath on television behead a coed and eat her liver! Can we consider a possible link between the blood and guts gore on TV, computer games, and movie theaters, with THIS?

Where is this all going? On the one hand, a political party that regards the unborn with far more consideration than the already living. A party that considers the stick long before the carrot. A political party that caters to the rich while completely ignoring everyone else.

On the other hand, we have a political party that will tolerate just about everything else including a few of the above activities! So where does that leave those of us who really do care about the living, morals, ethics, and all who are in need. Where do we go if we desire peace, and we do not believe that killing those who disagree with you can accomplish it? What does one do if it seems that everyone has already chosen a side, though neither side appeals to you? What can one do if the only answers seem to be against everything you believe in?

If you haven’t figured it out yet here’s a little hint: JOHN 1:1-5   

In the 5th verse of the above scripture the Blessed Holy Spirit tells us that the battle–whatever battle you chose to fight–has already been victoriously fought! The part about the darkness being completely incapable of beating/overcoming God’s Light; means that the only battle we need take part in is the one for our own souls! That very same battle that we try to ignore by engaging our lives in every and any fight other than that one! You see, its that one that matters the most, and its that one that we are losing so miserably by hoping it just goes away.

Our Lord promised that the price of our salvation was bought and paid for, and all we have to do is stand in line long enough to claim the grand price! That is where we are failing so terribly; we are an impatient lot! We make believe that all these other souls need our attention, when in reality all we need to do for the others is to stay in line and pray.

We cannot force others to believe what we believe, but we can live an honest, wholesome, ethical life without imposing any of it upon anyone else–exactly what our Messiah did!

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