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4th Dimension

Most are aware of the factors that make up our three-dimensional world, and many understand that science is contemplating the existence of more dimensions than height, depth and width. Apparently, science has found that adding dimensions to our existing three corroborate their calculations better. The best example of this is “String Theory” which involves numerous dimensions. Of course, those of us in the Faith have known for ages that more than three dimensions have existed. However, the dimension that Faith understands is not necessarily the dimension that science is trying to find, but one can never know how the Blessed Holy Spirit might work in these computations. It has been said that science and Faith could work in tandem and accomplish far more than either will divided.

The other day–Mother’s Day– I found myself in an odd discussion with my family about the freedom of speech, and became so animated that my actions contradicted my position, as my youngest 14-year-old daughter pointed out so elegantly. I was astonished at how easily our human nature will take sides without our conscious knowledge. It would be so nice if we could take that nature and stuff it where it will do the least harm. Although that exact action may not be possible, there is an answer to our human nature problem, and that is the Fourth Dimension. The closer we get to our Spiritual side the farther we get from our human nature.

Human nature is what we are seeing throughout the world headlines today and what we will surely see tomorrow. We need not take part in any of the madness that engulfs the world today, and yet we also need not completely disengage ourselves is a way that keeps us from helping. I believe there is a place where true followers can live and help others without becoming sucked down into the mire we are pulling others out of. This place, this dimension is not just inside of each true follower, but it exist around the true follower to an extent that matches her/his own Faith.

There are those who believe that Faith is simply a matter of shutting one’s self from reality; this is not what I am talking about. I am describing a place of reality that exist within our own minds that can be interjected outside of our own bodies and felt by others. For instance, when a mother needs to have the strength of fifty men to lift a car off her child. Science likes to think that it has the answers for everything, but it just does not. This one incident raises the questions of: If the incident is a simple matter of adrenalin, why can’t we all do this in similar events? Where does all this adrenalin come from and go without damage to the recipient? I could spend all day asking these types of unanswerable questions.

How wonderful life could be if with just some humility Science and Faith could come together and answer these and millions of other such questions. Maybe not with absolute certainty, but with a general acceptance of a greater majority–a reasonable theory.


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  1. whiterabbitwordpress says:

    Very interesting blogpost. I’m not a believer in string theory, but then I dont think humanity has a very firm grasp on many things, which tend to fall apart and confuse us when we look too closely. It seems we survive on surface tension alone.
    I tend to think that the dimensions are locked off from us because of our precise size and shape and therefore relativity to the rest of natures vantage points.

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