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I am still here, and as far as I can figure the only people missing are the doomsday prophet and his wife.

Burning Korans, killing doctors at abortion clinics, doomsday predictions promising God’s wrath, refusal to even consider the possibility that science and spirituality can unite for the good of all humanity; is it any wonder so many people today are unsure that a benevolent Creator exists? Where are those who live in complete surrender to the Lord so others can witness the true Agape Love of the Creator? I believe in the Creator with all my heart and soul, but all I see around me is judgement, strife and division.

When King Y’shua Messiah slipped His sandals on and walked on this earth He had one mission: open the pathway to an eternal relationship with our Creator. He did this in several ways: First and foremost, He lived on this planet as a human being while demonstrating exactly how His followers must live. It had nothing to do with location, employment, or social status, and everything to do with lifestyle. Not where you live or what you do for employment, but how you live where you work and live and play! It has always been the “how”, the intentions of the individual, not the worldly gains and efforts.

If you cannot see it in the way King Y’shua Messiah lived, see it in His words; Matthew 5-7.

Secondly, our Creator died on a cross for our sins and went into darkness to free every willing soul who ever lived. The reason this is looked upon as the greatest of the activities King Y’shua Messiah completed for our opportunity  to come to the Lord is because of the massive sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice for our souls, showing us exactly how much our Creator loves us, and what is expected of us to receive that Love–NOTHING!

His was an unselfish act in hopes that we will realize exactly who we are and where we came from. Will we ever get there?


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