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Did I ask a question or just exclaim a statement? What does it matter today when scientists make factual statements out of thin air? Check this out.

Why do I believe in the Bible as the Word of God?

Simply because it describes human nature to its very essence. In that it can tell us our very next move and why we will be making it. The Bible tells us that in time intelligence will increase and yet humans will run around from fact to fact as lost as they have ever been! One must only read the theory of String Universe and one will see immediately it is simply the King with no clothes! No one will dare say anything derogatory about the theory for fear that the “geniuses” that came up we it like Leonard Susskind will accuse anyone who says anything against this theory as being to dim-witted to understand it!

What String Universe–A name I created to compile all the sub-theories into one–tries to do is answer the question of singularity by simply creating an ambiguous theory of everything that once again side-steps the biggest question in all of physics; How does something come from nothing?

Albert Einstein understood that until one can completely answer that single most important question science cannot discard God from the equation!

“As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.”  –Albert Einstein

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” —Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a brilliant man who grew up in a time when humility was not considered a weakness as it is today. It was that humility in combination with his brilliance that allowed him to see things we are too proud to see. The answers are there right in front of our faces, and yet, until we can see them through the eyes of humility we will continue to  intelligently stumble around this universe.

I am certain that Mr. Susskind has the intelligence to understand the information that Albert Einstein discovered, but only time will tell if Mr. Susskind can develop the humility it will take to see the secrets that Einstein saw. Of course, none of this is outside the power of our Creator to solve if we will just see it ourselves and pray for the rest.

It doe not take the masses, it has always been done with just the remnant.

Just think how nice it would be if science could be taught with the inclusion of a Creator being a possible answer to the many gaps we see in evolution without a Creator. Just maybe that “natural process” could be influenced, applied and adjusted by the Hand of our Creator. No religion, no finite conclusions, just the “natural” possibility of  a Creator’s touch.

As true believers we should realize that the Name of our King Y’shua Messiah is not where or what it should be today. For several thousand years mankind has been defiling that Name to the point that today most believe that our God is a god of death, destruction, punishment and mayhem; not the God of Love that King Y’shua Messiah displayed while He walked this earth. The Word of God says that He is the exact nature of God! Yet, we do not ever see Him killing, hurting, or even threatening, even some of the most vile people in our eyes, while He walked this earth.

Who we are can be easily determined by who we follow. The true Creator of life is Love. Even Hell is simply just being apart from God, not something that God does to someone, but something that someone does to their self.

This may be of some interest.


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