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As we stated earlier, we will try to title the entries under Journey in alphabetic order keeping the theme in-tacked in hope of developing a chronological order of weekly scripture. This week’s title coincides wonderfully with the message about stumbling through life on the path with Y’shua.

James 3

The Book of Saint James is one of our favorites because it stays so closely to the Words and Teaching of our Messiah, Y’shua. No one is certain if this “Saint James” is the Messiah’s true half brother or possibly the brother of Saint John the Apostle, or even the other Saint James of the Apostles. It makes absolutely no difference in the words written through Saint James by the Blessed Holy Spirit, but our curious minds are always wondering and/or wandering. Which ever Saint James it was he certainly allowed the Blessed Holy Spirit to write through him effortlessly keeping his own thoughts, opinions, and personality at bay, much like the writings done through Saint John.

Chapter three describes the power of speech, and more specifically the power of the tongue–using the tongue as a metaphor representing our entire speaking apparatus.  Something so desperately needed today is civil conversation and respect for the power of speech. How many times has your foot ended up inside your mouth? If you are anything like us you have had a plethora of times that “your alligator mouth got your canary buttocks into trouble”. Today it seems that people think that since they have a right to say something it makes it right to say. Just because you have a right to say something does not mean that what you say is right, and therefore careful thought should precede what is said. That is James 3!

The First Century Believers understood how important it was to keep Y’shua Messiah as the one and only Leader (Mat.23:10). They also understood how much responsibility came with becoming a teacher (James 3:1). One of the most important concepts they understood was teachers taught through example, and to be a perfect teacher one must control ones tongue (James 3:2). However, James 3 goes on to show that no one is capable of controlling ones tongue, and therefore the need for the Blessed Holy Spirit to guide us is extremely important.

As with everything in our lives we find that our spirit is willing, but our flesh is weak (Matthew 26:41). What is meant by, “weak flesh” is of course, two fold: One aspect deals with our strong will that is contrary to God as it leads our flesh, secondly, our human nature needs to be motivated into action by way of stronger and stronger belief in God. That strengthening of belief comes about as we study the Word of God and walk within our Messiah’s foot prints allowing more and more of our body to become His body.

The best way to control the tongue is by allowing the Blessed Holy Spirit to completely take over our bodies and minds to enable Y’shua to live through us. Y’shua’s words were important only because they came from a life dedicated to God.


Thank You!

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