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Psalms 119:133

“Establish My footsteps in Thy Word…” NASB

A wayfarer is a traveler on foot, and as we walk with God on this earth we are given the blessing of having accompanying with us a Peace that surpasses all understanding, Philippians 4:7. To walk with God, to walk in the Messiah’s footsteps, is to walk with this Peace. A Peace that pulls us through every trial and tribulation. A Peace that comforts us in the dark and fearful night. A Peace that does not take the place of troubles, but does help us get past them.

Psalms 85:13

“Righteousness will go before Him, and will make His footsteps into a way.”  NASB

For so long we have been told how choosing to walk with God means a life full of sunny days, wealth and health. However, when we read the Word of God it informs us to the contrary, the road to choose to walk with God is much smaller and much more difficult to negotiate, Mat.7:14. So as we walk we quickly see that not every day is filled with sun and fun. How could it be? God created a place like that and we rejected it by choosing the Tree of Knowledge. To walk on this earth is difficult at times, but God has allotted to us the footprints of Y’shua to walk in and make our way much smoother.

Matthew 16:24 instructs us to pick up our cross and follow our Messiah. Follow Him wherever His footprints take us. Not to consider our needs, our wants, our desires, but to just pick up our cross, as Y’shua instructed His Apostles to travel light, and follow. Follow Y’shua’s example, His directions, His leadership and follow Y’shua’s footprints; being diligent to never lose sight of those precious footprints.


Thank You!

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