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Lies For Truth

By the second century men were attempting to convince the entire world that King Y’shua Messiah was real. The problem was they attempted this by selling lies for the Truth. Numbers were more important than allowing the Blessed Holy Spirit to work magic in the hearts of those whom God already knew would accept Him. Every knee will bow but not until they see God at the end of the world. Until then we must understand that living for our Lord has nothing to do with filling the pews!

THIS is the Lord that I have come to know: He does not condone unrighteousness, but He does not condemn you for it either.  He lets the act condemn itself–and it will, if you have a conscience. Christians have spent the past two-thousand years competing with other Christians attempting to fill church buildings, save souls, and take care of widows and orphans, all in the name of God. Today we know that people were tortured, killed and sold into slavery all in the name of saving souls.

Can you imagine what kind of world we would be living in today if everyone who claimed to be a Christian over the last two millennia simply lived exactly as King Y’shua Messiah lived? If you, like me, understand that this world would have been so much better for everyone today if that would have happened, then just start living the Word of God just like King Y’shua Messiah did two millennium ago.


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