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Hopefully, you have noticed that you are of a very small group here at Cepher, and as I sit here tonight listening to one of my favorite song of all time I am reminded of how important being a member of a small group has always been in my life as well as throughout history. I will assure you that the most important group in the history of this earth began with the Words of one Man as He spoke them to two brothers. These words He spoke had nothing to do with their acceptance of Him, it was something far deeper inside of them that they were listening too. Just as we listen to that same almost silent voice that NEVER lets us go or down.

There will not be a great movement in my life time, it will come in most of yours though. All of you under Thirty-ish will, if you stay the course, see the movement of a life time; one that will bring down the walls of class separation, bigotry, hatred, and most of all division. It will be a movement that will shake the pillars of Heaven and Earth with the quiet power of Agape Love. That is all we are missing at this time, and it cannot come just because you want it to, it can only manifest when all who have been seen breathing have arrived, so be patient. It will come, and you will see it!

Patience is the key, but patience is impossible without Faith. The Tower of Babel shows us that motivation, commitment, and unity fall short of the mark without the manifestation of Agape Love. King Y’shua Messiah certainly had it while on earth, Peter, John and others had it, but not when King Y’shua Messiah walked with them. It comes via the Blessed Holy Spirit at times of great need. Have Faith to know, have Faith to know that our Creator has a Plan. We are in it. It will be played out to the fullest, and all we have to do is wait in Faith.

1 Thessalonians 5:17


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