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The middle of my fifth decade on this planet is becoming the most challenging that I have faced thus far, and there does not seem to be any sign of it letting up any time soon. So with that in mind I feel that the timing is right to begin work on my “pi`ece de re’sistance”, which basically amounts to me babbling on and on and on about whatever I think needs be said. And yet, who knows, there may be a small jewel here or there with a resemblance of possible wisdom and wit. God only knows, but it will certainly be a journey–for me and you.

Had I only known then what I don’t know now. –My epitaph.

Have you been to Rome?  If you have or you have seen in-depth videos of Rome you would quickly see the remnants of a nation that once ruled the world. However, if you look deep enough you will see what is left of a society that was ruled from the top down, with all the bells and whistles any society at that time could possibly have. A society that was the military leader, an Empire feared by all, that led by force as it drained the minion dry. The USA has been compared to the Roman Empire numerous times for numerous reasons, but the most illuminating similarity between the USA and the Roman Empire is how the rich ruled the masses and the spirit of Rome as with the USA just died of starvation.

In most, if not all civilizations they began with hope, that special little feeling that can bring down giants, make friends from enemies, and alas at times fuel the desire for empire. That latter trait is not always present within a society, there are societies–tribes–in South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and throughout the South Pacific that are living as they have for centuries. There are fine countries throughout the world that have no desire or ability to take over the world any time soon. Unfortunately, for those societies that do fall victim to that spirit eating monster masquerading in the spirit of hope as “Heaven on earth” while disguising its real agenda of world domination–EMPIRE, it ultimately leads all those who follow into the pits of hell. Welcome to the United States of America!

Please do not mistake this bluntness with dejection or negativism, I cannot change what I see on earth, I can only control how it affects me. If I let this plethora of destruction we call the USA bring me down, that would be my choice of which I would have no place to complain. On the other hand, if I continue believing that the only real concern is to lose my Faith then no matter what happens, it will all work for the good of life. Today in American society any condemnation is looked at as either: politically incorrect, anti-semitic, or conspiratorial minded, whether the condemnation be right or wrong, true or false has no bearing once the comment has been labeled. It becomes the same response as an ostrich burying its head in the sand. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak… .

All this is fair and good until it affects your children, when one of your children hurt, you as the parent hurt. Yet, the Word of God has all the answers for you if you would just believe. To love God more than everyone else, to absolutely believe that God will take care of all those you love, to completely know that God loves you more than anyone else could ever love you and God will take the best care of you, this is Faith. Unfortunately, the only way you can live with that degree of Faith in God is to know God. The more one knows God, the stronger, deeper, and richer one’s faith in God becomes. Today most of us know of God without really knowing God.

How does one get to know God? Knock, ask, and search. How ever much one desires to know God, one will. There is a direct correlation between one’s desire to know God and one’s knowledge of God. The Truth does set one free.

These next three post will be the last for now…


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One Foot in Front of the Other

Take life one step at a time sounds great, but is very difficult to accomplish if you have Multiple Sclerosis. With MS, my life has changed immensely, and with the Lord life those changes are amazing! I say this not just because our nation is sinking into the mire of filthy selfishness, but also because that may not be a bad thing for this nation to do if it will lead to a revolution. Sometimes only through trails do we come to the Truth.

The human being is accustomed to learning through experience much like all other animals. The difference between us and animals is our ability to foresee problems before they manifest. This ability to solve problems before the exist gives us the rare ability to avoid problems entirely. However, that can happen only when the mind is working stronger and faster than our emotions and instincts.

Everything from the neck down on a human being is animal related, but our minds are capable of taking our bodies far beyond our beastly tendencies. Although there is a catch in the direction our minds can take us, and that is related to what is in our hearts. Our hearts, as with our minds, are relatively empty at birth–except for some of the naturally evolved traits both animal and human–therefore, we can choose what we place, reject, and keep in our minds and hearts.

So much is involved in the making of who we are by environmental and genetic preferences that we forget how much control we really have in the making of who we become. For us “followers” of the Way, we know that there are three distinct forces pushing and pulling on us in an attempt to influence who we become. There is the genetic, the actual physical body we are born with; the psychological, which is our capacity to learn and develop our personality; and the Spiritual, the most important of the three because it is the Spiritual part of us that can have the most profound effect on our mind and body thereby being the ultimate arbitrator in who we become.

So with every step we take as followers of the Way we quickly discover that if all three parts of our being work in harmony with our Lord no matter what we do or where we are there is a constant peace that is available if we do not walk past it. The problem comes when a part of us begins leading us without the harmony. That part can be any one of the three segments of our being. When we are not in harmony it is usually due to the lack of our three parts working in conjunction with each other.

Our Creator did not design us as three-part beings in order for them to be at war with one another and the best parts wins. We were designed with harmony, for harmony, by Harmony; therefore, our body, mind and Spirit must work together for the benefit of the being.

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What Next?


I am still here, and as far as I can figure the only people missing are the doomsday prophet and his wife.

Burning Korans, killing doctors at abortion clinics, doomsday predictions promising God’s wrath, refusal to even consider the possibility that science and spirituality can unite for the good of all humanity; is it any wonder so many people today are unsure that a benevolent Creator exists? Where are those who live in complete surrender to the Lord so others can witness the true Agape Love of the Creator? I believe in the Creator with all my heart and soul, but all I see around me is judgement, strife and division.

When King Y’shua Messiah slipped His sandals on and walked on this earth He had one mission: open the pathway to an eternal relationship with our Creator. He did this in several ways: First and foremost, He lived on this planet as a human being while demonstrating exactly how His followers must live. It had nothing to do with location, employment, or social status, and everything to do with lifestyle. Not where you live or what you do for employment, but how you live where you work and live and play! It has always been the “how”, the intentions of the individual, not the worldly gains and efforts.

If you cannot see it in the way King Y’shua Messiah lived, see it in His words; Matthew 5-7.

Secondly, our Creator died on a cross for our sins and went into darkness to free every willing soul who ever lived. The reason this is looked upon as the greatest of the activities King Y’shua Messiah completed for our opportunity  to come to the Lord is because of the massive sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice for our souls, showing us exactly how much our Creator loves us, and what is expected of us to receive that Love–NOTHING!

His was an unselfish act in hopes that we will realize exactly who we are and where we came from. Will we ever get there?

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4th Dimension

Most are aware of the factors that make up our three-dimensional world, and many understand that science is contemplating the existence of more dimensions than height, depth and width. Apparently, science has found that adding dimensions to our existing three corroborate their calculations better. The best example of this is “String Theory” which involves numerous dimensions. Of course, those of us in the Faith have known for ages that more than three dimensions have existed. However, the dimension that Faith understands is not necessarily the dimension that science is trying to find, but one can never know how the Blessed Holy Spirit might work in these computations. It has been said that science and Faith could work in tandem and accomplish far more than either will divided.

The other day–Mother’s Day– I found myself in an odd discussion with my family about the freedom of speech, and became so animated that my actions contradicted my position, as my youngest 14-year-old daughter pointed out so elegantly. I was astonished at how easily our human nature will take sides without our conscious knowledge. It would be so nice if we could take that nature and stuff it where it will do the least harm. Although that exact action may not be possible, there is an answer to our human nature problem, and that is the Fourth Dimension. The closer we get to our Spiritual side the farther we get from our human nature.

Human nature is what we are seeing throughout the world headlines today and what we will surely see tomorrow. We need not take part in any of the madness that engulfs the world today, and yet we also need not completely disengage ourselves is a way that keeps us from helping. I believe there is a place where true followers can live and help others without becoming sucked down into the mire we are pulling others out of. This place, this dimension is not just inside of each true follower, but it exist around the true follower to an extent that matches her/his own Faith.

There are those who believe that Faith is simply a matter of shutting one’s self from reality; this is not what I am talking about. I am describing a place of reality that exist within our own minds that can be interjected outside of our own bodies and felt by others. For instance, when a mother needs to have the strength of fifty men to lift a car off her child. Science likes to think that it has the answers for everything, but it just does not. This one incident raises the questions of: If the incident is a simple matter of adrenalin, why can’t we all do this in similar events? Where does all this adrenalin come from and go without damage to the recipient? I could spend all day asking these types of unanswerable questions.

How wonderful life could be if with just some humility Science and Faith could come together and answer these and millions of other such questions. Maybe not with absolute certainty, but with a general acceptance of a greater majority–a reasonable theory.

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A Tiny Blue Dot

The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Visit, yes. Settle, not yet. Like it or not, for the moment the Earth is where we make our stand.  Carl Sagan

I cannot stress enough how absolutely important it has become for all Americans in the USA to STOP this madness of the consumption of everything on earth just because we want it! As different as we are from one another we all have the same desire to consume almost everything we see. The primary motivation human beings are stimulated by today is their own entertainment, even our churches reflect that premise! There is a tiny group of Americans who have realized how insane that lifestyle is, unfortunately there are so few of them that they hardly matter. If we do not change this mind-set we will create a condition on earth that will be so difficult for all human beings to survive that many will choose death as a better alternative. Is that what we want for our children and their kids?

It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.  Carl Sagan

Whether you view it from a satellite four billion miles away or from your own backyard, this planet is becoming smaller with every single rotation. If we care to live up to the responsibility we have to our children we must immediately begin living in a far more sustainable way and pass that lifestyle on to our children. The majority of our children under the age of twenty years old are much less capable of understanding what consequences our lifestyle is burdening them with, and that puts the responsibility of making them aware of these future consequences squarely upon our shoulders.

Whether you believe there is an ongoing climate change or not, if you think that the economy is getting worse or you do not, even if you may or may not consider this the end of days, the factor that affects us most today is the condition of our spirit, our outlook, our emotional wellbeing. It is our attitude (Faith) that well eventually determine our outcome. Right now our attitude is dismally focused on “dying with the most toys“.

There is a shining light, and although that light should be coming from within the very heart of the Church, it is instead coming from everywhere but the church. Thank God He will use even a donkey to communicate with His people when His people become so obstinate they will not listen to reason. Did God assign us the responsibility as caretakers of this planet? If in fact He did, are we living up to that request? Genesis 1:26

If we were given the world to rule over as God does us, one must take into consideration His relationship with Us. And if he rules us with love and care, do we do the same to this planet?

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Apple Eaters


Are you an “Apple Eater”?

Hopefully, you understand that the fruit in question here is first of all not an apple, secondly, even though originally it was possibly a real fruit, here it is metaphor. With that comprehension in tow let’s get down to answering the question of whether or not you are an “Apple Eater”. If you’re a human being you most certainly are an “Apple Eater” until you surrender your existence on earth to God. Therefore, we need to determine the difference between “Apple Eaters” and “Non-eaters”, and then discuss what it is to be a “Non-eater”.

Primarily,  “Apple Eater” is a term devised from the Bible verses dealing with the “Tree of Knowledge” in the Book of Genesis. Hopefully, we all know how the story goes and how it was the precursor of establishing God’s people apart from the rest of humanity.  On the one hand Satan offers the world, and on the other, God offers Life. For all human beings the world is self-explanatory and yet Satan insists in offer detailed explanations that extent into our wildest imaginations. What many people have learned is that the more someone tries to sell you something by building that something into a bigger than life item, the more likely there is that that something has a hidden catch, clause, blemish, or trap. Satan has continued to exaggerate how utterly fantastic that “apple” is. On the other hand, God has continually offered one thing, the same one thing and only one thing since the beginning of time without any elaboration or fanfare.

To me the difference is like a Chevy compared to a Maserati, one car needs no sales gimmicks at all because the vehicle speaks for itself. That brings us to the discussion of what it means to be “apple-free”. Throughout life one is constantly bombarded by the “sales gimmicks” of Satan presenting the world to any and all who so desire it. And yet to a much lesser extent one is also aware of the possible option offered by God. At some point in one’s life the realization of what Satan is actually offering becomes apparent, and to some it becomes crystal clear. It is at that point in one’s life that a decision is made to either take Satan’s ride to the bitter end or be set free with God’s offer.

So to be “apple-free” is to be completely engulfed within the loving, secure arms of our Creator who provides us with a life that is eons beyond that which is experienced in a “worldly” existence; so much so that it is completely impossible for someone living within the arms of God to describe that experience to someone who is not. The only true and expedient way to share that existence with someone who is not experiencing it is to let your life be the example of what you are experiencing, and in time others will come to that very same realization that brought you within the warm, secure, loving arms of God.

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Starfish Prime

Most of our readers have no idea what the title to this blog means and that is what this blog is all about–the ignorance of the American Citizen.  We will get back to the title–hopefully–but right now lets talk about how little we know about our planet, each other, and ourselves. It is this ignorance that has caused us the greatest amount of pain we now live under daily. Those of us who believe in the Word of God have the least excuse for our lack of knowledge–

“Optimism: The doctrine, or belief, that everything is beautiful, including what is ugly, everything good, especially the bad, and everything right that is wrong.” –Ambrose Bierce

If you believe the above statement from the Honorable Mr. Bierce then you most certainly need to continue reading, please! True optimism is a very clear understanding of where one stands in life and the pluses and minuses that actually exist in one’s life, e.g., You are involved in a traffic accident that terribly injures both of your legs and almost takes your life; medical procedures save your life as well as one of your legs, but you lose a leg just below the knee-joint. The true optimist sees the drastic life changing events as horrible as they are, however, this optimist knows that an amputation that saves the working knee-joint is far better than an amputation above the knee, a single amputation is far better than the double, and of course the chance to continue to live speaks for itself; all fact, all very true.

True optimism, like Faith is not blindly ignorant, but willfully and intelligently sought after by those who desire to live in Truth that fulfills one’s reason for existence. Today we have few looking for Truth and most looking for their truth, which is whatever they can find to help them feel needed and loved. Those few who look for the Truth that may or may not benefit them are unselfishly looking for something that they are certain exists, but have no idea what it is. All they truly know is this Truth that they are certain is out there exist specifically for them to find.

Are you looking for such Truth?  John 14:6

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“There is a great deal in both joy and sorrow that is similar in everyone’s case, but always one element entirely different; the platitudinarian evades this….The biggest benediction one man can find in another is not in his words, but that he implies: “I do not know the answer to your problem; all I can say is that God alone must know; let us go to Him.” ”  Oswald Chambers

I am not certain that only mature followers of God can understand the words of Oswald Chambers, but I do believe that though they were written by Oswald Chambers, the words were given to him by God through the Blessed Holy Spirit. It is because of this that I do believe one needs the assistance of the Blessed Holy Spirit to completely understand Oswald Chambers’ writings. In that belief lies the Words of King Y’shua Messiah–Matthew 13:12

My dad introduced me to Mr. Chambers’ writings when I was just beginning to discover God and they seemed Greek to me at that time so I read very little Oswald Chambers, but once I became completely encapsulated in God I started reading all of the various publications from Oswald Chambers and have never stopped. I have found some of the most profound spiritual inspiration from Oswald Chambers’ writings and recommend  them to all determined followers of King Y’shua Messiah.


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An Act Of God

The only true and certainly most important “Act of God” in the past several thousand years was His total surrender to and for us on the cross. That surrender was suppose to be an example for us to follow, and by following that example we are to completely surrender our existence in this universe over to God. However, so many of us are terrified of the word “surrender” because it is always in the context of loss. One surrenders when one looses, and there is nothing humanly delectable about loosing. Therefore, most people look at surrendering as a loosing proposition; and in worldly terms that is correct, but in Spiritual terms one is surrendering over to God everything in one’s life that is undesirable. Of course, everything about a human being without God is undesirable, yet, when one surrenders their entire life over to God, God instantly sets you free without all the baggage that once held you down.

Once a soul has surrendered to God that soul immediately begins to see life from a completely different perspective, and it is that change in perception that accounts for an entirely new lifestyle! For the Love of God alone the surrender is worth it, and yet there are so many other benefits that accompany that Love that quickly after your surrender you discover that surrendering to the King of Kings you actually become the victor.

Let us now look at some of those other benefits that ones receives along with the Love of God:

  • First is Patience, and it is listed on top because of its importance in our lives. It is Patience that enables us to wait for it. The longer one waits for something, the more valuable one considers that something, and that is specifically by design. The longer you wait for something, the more value it will have and once you possess it you will certainly hold it higher regard than if you did not wait at all.
  • The second benefit given to one who has surrendered all and received the Love of God is the ability to resist jealousy. Today, we do not appreciate the importance of these first two attributes, and as a society we are paying for it gravely. Can you imagine the power and peace one has when ones self confidence is so solid one never becomes envious? That type of confidence comes only when one feels the Love of God.
  • With that confidence comes another benefit that of humility. When ones knows that the Creator of everything is willing to, and already has died for you, it doesn’t get any more humbling. And it is that humility that puts the confidence in its place, at the foot of God.
  • When you have become humbly confident in the God whose Spirit now lives inside of you it becomes more and more difficult to act improper, selfish or vengeful. As one lives life with less and less anger, selfishness, and jealousy, one begins to feel set free. And as you become freer and freer you realize exactly how the Truth can sett you free.

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Heaven On Earth?

How many times have you been “enlightened” by well-meaning Christians on how great your life will become both financially and physically once you begin to follow King Y’shua Messiah? They assure us that if we follow God exactly as it is written out in the Bible, and if we continually stay “right” with God, we will live disease free and become financially secure (as long as we give our ten percent to the church). Heaven on earth! Well not quite, because there are always those pesky little family members who refuse to drink the kool-aid and therefore have mishaps and sicknesses which will cause some despair. It is always difficult to enjoy “Heaven on earth” when family members and close friends are constantly suffering (supposedly because they refuse to live accordingly).

Thank God the “Wall Street Gospel/ Prosperity Gospel” that churches have used to promise all good Christians, Heaven on Earth, is finally being revealed for the fraud it is. No matter how hard the academic proponents of a” CEO Jesus” belief try to prove that the Apostles were all investment bankers, the truth is finally beginning to reach the masses. It does not take a genius to read the New Testament and see that though the Apostle were certainly not beggars they certainly were not wealthy. And God help them if they were because the New Testament speaks very poorly of the wealthy. From the words of King Y’shua Messiah to the words of Saint James each exclaim the same warning for the rich, as well as warning s to those looking for riches.

Therefore, all true believers/followers can rejoice when times of difficulty arise even if they include financial or health problems. Contrary to prior belief, as long as your heart belongs to God you life is completely taken care of even/especially in the midst of grave turmoil.

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