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Lies For Truth

By the second century men were attempting to convince the entire world that King Y’shua Messiah was real. The problem was they attempted this by selling lies for the Truth. Numbers were more important than allowing the Blessed Holy Spirit to work magic in the hearts of those whom God already knew would accept Him. Every knee will bow but not until they see God at the end of the world. Until then we must understand that living for our Lord has nothing to do with filling the pews!

THIS is the Lord that I have come to know: He does not condone unrighteousness, but He does not condemn you for it either.  He lets the act condemn itself–and it will, if you have a conscience. Christians have spent the past two-thousand years competing with other Christians attempting to fill church buildings, save souls, and take care of widows and orphans, all in the name of God. Today we know that people were tortured, killed and sold into slavery all in the name of saving souls.

Can you imagine what kind of world we would be living in today if everyone who claimed to be a Christian over the last two millennia simply lived exactly as King Y’shua Messiah lived? If you, like me, understand that this world would have been so much better for everyone today if that would have happened, then just start living the Word of God just like King Y’shua Messiah did two millennium ago.


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The Singularity

Well one more nail in the coffin of Christianity was hammered down with the sad prophetic shenanigans of the man who claimed the world was going to end and the rapture was going to occur. I refuse to print his name for fear that someone who has of yet does not know about this tripe would possibly be lead to follow his career further. As unfortunately as it is I will not be surprised to hear that this individual will quickly regroup and begin misleading the already obviously misled into further darkness continuing to blaspheme the name of our great Creator.

I feel lead today to share with all of you my profound belief in the Creator, ELOHIM (Hebrew meaning for “Mighty One” YHWH). Before I express my beliefs I must first acknowledge what I do not believe in: The Rapture, I have read the Bible from cover to cover too many times to count and I have researched numerous books, articles and studies all on the Rapture for and against enough to be certain that there will not be a Rapture, nor was one even discussed until just a few centuries ago. The proponents for the Rapture take a few obscure passages from Saint Paul for their entire case! This subject is one of a very few that I am comfortable being certain about. There are very few things that one can truly feel certain about in life and the Rapture being a zero possibility is one of the top subjects. I simply ask all (and there are millions) who believe in a Rapture to pray that the Lord opens their hearts and then research the topic aggressively, please.

I believe in a Creator that loves us to a degree that we are unfortunately not capable of fully appreciating. Our Creator is eternal, which is another concept that human beings cannot fathom to the fullest extent necessary to understand a being who has no time constraints typical to our life on earth. Another insurmountable problem is our nature to pick and choose what we wish to believe. We have no problems with the modern technologies that science provides us with that enhance our lives, making our lives easier and far more entertaining. However, when that same science tells us that our planet, the one where the most important life belongs–which of course is us–is not the center of the universe; suddenly the very same  science that creates such neat stuff for us to enjoy has now become useless!

I could go on for days listing all the reasons that keep us from a full wholesome understanding and appreciation of our Creator, although that would accomplish even less than I am already attempting to do, so I will just reiterate how helpless we really are developing a relationship with our Creator. I believe that is exactly why the Bible documents eons of failed attempts by humankind to follow our Creator. In each description of these failures we see the same events occurring i.e., humankind failing to relate to the Creator requiring them to reach out to another human being to lead as well as to become the mediator between them and the Creator.

Then comes our Savior, King Y’shua Messiah, permanently taking the place of all mediators and by example showing all of humankind how to relate to our Creator,  also enabling humankind to establish a relationship with the Creator by giving us the Blessed Holy Spirit as our teacher and guide in our relationship with our Creator! Praise You Sweet Lord!

Of course we all know that our human nature is contrary to the Lord’s spiritual nature, and until we relinquish our nature to the Lord we cannot receive the Blessed Holy Spirit that is crucial to our relationship with our Lord. It is that reason we see the almost immediate rise of man-made churches in the first few centuries that were completely lead and used by man in the name of the Lord. Have you ever seen the Vatican Nation in picture or person? When I see how church members donations to the Lord are spent by this big national corporate churches/denominations I wonder what King Y’shua Messiah would say if He walked into one of these places as He walked into the Temple in the  first century?

Elohim = The Singularity

The Mighty One is what science is looking for, what the poor and down trodden are looking for, He is what we are all looking for, and He has made it very easy to find Him; if you know what you are looking for.

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Selfish or Selfless

I am old enough to remember that in the sixties there was an anti-social movement that rated the individual over the group. It was all in the guise of freedom, but deep inside the movement it was completely selfish motivation that took the forefront. Free to be who ever the hell I so desire, to wear what I want, to speak how and to whom I want, and to live as I see fit–damn to my neighbor. That movement preceded the great suburban migration for the individual to live as far from the social centers as possible.

Then in the eighties another individual (selfish) movement came into the mainstream, and this was a financial freedom for the individual. The right for the individual to make as much money for himself (mostly male dominated) with less and less concern for value over time. This movement placed the individual into an even smaller social circle that continued to alienate more and more. Another “aftershock” of this movement was the deliberate attempt to make money/profits the entire goal of one’s life, and the manner in which that was done was of no concern as long as you stayed one step ahead of the law changing the law where ever you could for self benefit . This practice created means to make money without creating value, substance, or any tangible product.

Any honest economist will agree that whenever an economy creates no tangible goods for import and/or export that economy is built on sand which will sooner than later collapse. So it is no surprise to many of the older, wiser, and more honest economist that we have the economic problems that we have today in the USA. Until we stop pretending that the end of the rainbow is just outside waiting for us to begin picking up the gold out of the pot, we will continue to slide downward. That slide need not continue if we would realize that like it or not we are all connected and will rise or fall together. Only those filthy rich few who have enough of everything and can live any place on earth will be able to watch the sinking from a port far from us. The rest of us will go down with the ship.

Do not think for a moment that you will be able to survive with your armored enclave, food storage, and the like for very long. The street gangs that number in the hundred-thousands will tear you apart, and then there will come the desperately starving masses–armed to the teeth. No, the only hope for the USA is God, and His Way is the civil, unselfish, societal way, which begins with all of us coming together (not physically, but emotionally) and living within our means in a sustainable way that provides for those in need as well as for planet longevity. This is not such a dire thing to do, but something similar to what the citizens of this country did for decades very successfully up until the sixties.

Something profound happened in the sixties that caused the majority of citizens to retracted into their own imagined security. I believe what happened was the complete collapse of trust between the citizen and government along with a breakdown of trust between citizens. This was the result of the assassination of  President Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy, as well as the war in Vietnam, Civil Rights Bill and massive civil unrest dealing with each one of all of the above at one time or another. By the time “Watergate” occurred it simply reinforced the feelings that you can trust no one and the more secure you can make yourself the better chance of survival. We now must find a way to rebuild the trust between citizens, but at the moment with groups like the “Tea Party”, and such intense political polarization, it will not be easy. However, it must be done!

A very good place to begin would be in the churches. Because if we cannot come together in the name of God as one Church, well what else could possibly be done? However, to begin to bring churches together would require the elders of each church to humble themselves, and that is the test of all tests. Today, over 80% of US citizens believe they are special and that in turns leads to thinking you are also right. The humility that graced this country in the forties has  dissolved and we need to bring it back.

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Weep Shepherds, Weep

I do not like to rely heavily on the Old Testament because it has all been done before, and there is far less positive blessing in it for today than there is in the New Testament. There is very good reason for this, viz., the Old Testament is the history of God’s people gone awry. To read the Old Testament today gives one a great look at what one can expect when one chooses to stop following God, be it on an individual or mass basis.

Jeremiah 23:1

“Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of My pasture!” declares the Lord.”

So much is happening today, and yet, so few are earnestly searching for Truth; not a truth that makes one feel good or even a truth that produces contentment, but real Truth that gives one the complete understanding of ones existence. How many of us even ask the existential question? If there was ever a time to find out why you are on this planet, now is it. Today, far too many of us live for the single selfish reason of pleasure, and as a result we fail to consider the pain in other people’s lives. There is a direct correlation between the pain of others and the pleasure we seek for ourselves. It is not difficult to see how that pain increases with our search for pleasure.

The more we spend our lives searching for self pleasure and security, the less we consider those in pain. As we neglect their pain, it grows; and as it increases it is passed on to others too busy in their selfish little enterprises to notice that they have become the neglected. With each passing day, if we bother to look, we can see an increase in the masses of those suffering from pain. Eventually, if we do not stop their suffering we will become them.

There are reasons for all things that the Bible reveals, and the main message that the Bible shares is a matter of compassion for others. When King Y’shua Messiah preached the Word of God to the Jews they had already lived in a very segregated lifestyle. That was one of the biggest changes God was introducing to His people had that time, integration. It was the most difficult adjustment His people needed to make because of their prior rules to keep to themselves. This change God was implementing had nothing to do with everyone living the same way; that was already dealt with at the Tower of Babel. This change was simply a matter of compassion. Live and let live, with enough compassion for your neighbor to allow you to help out even if your neighbor did not believe as you.

King Y’shua Messiah’s entire itinerary demonstrated that very principle of being compassionate for whom ever was suffering, while at the same time not allowing another’s lifestyle to change yours. At the time of King Y’shua Messiah’s itinerary the Jews believed in an eye for an eye. That concept was applicable in the centuries before King Y’shua Messiah’s walk on earth, but it was not going to work any longer and it needed to be amended along with many other Old Testament beliefs. That was the job of God’s Agape Love, it was compassion that needed to grow in the hearts of His people if there was going to be any chance of it growing in the hearts of others.

The one great positive factor in all of this is job security! There is so much suffering on this planet that it will not be difficult for any of us to find work.

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Heaven On Earth?

How many times have you been “enlightened” by well-meaning Christians on how great your life will become both financially and physically once you begin to follow King Y’shua Messiah? They assure us that if we follow God exactly as it is written out in the Bible, and if we continually stay “right” with God, we will live disease free and become financially secure (as long as we give our ten percent to the church). Heaven on earth! Well not quite, because there are always those pesky little family members who refuse to drink the kool-aid and therefore have mishaps and sicknesses which will cause some despair. It is always difficult to enjoy “Heaven on earth” when family members and close friends are constantly suffering (supposedly because they refuse to live accordingly).

Thank God the “Wall Street Gospel/ Prosperity Gospel” that churches have used to promise all good Christians, Heaven on Earth, is finally being revealed for the fraud it is. No matter how hard the academic proponents of a” CEO Jesus” belief try to prove that the Apostles were all investment bankers, the truth is finally beginning to reach the masses. It does not take a genius to read the New Testament and see that though the Apostle were certainly not beggars they certainly were not wealthy. And God help them if they were because the New Testament speaks very poorly of the wealthy. From the words of King Y’shua Messiah to the words of Saint James each exclaim the same warning for the rich, as well as warning s to those looking for riches.

Therefore, all true believers/followers can rejoice when times of difficulty arise even if they include financial or health problems. Contrary to prior belief, as long as your heart belongs to God you life is completely taken care of even/especially in the midst of grave turmoil.

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For many in America, President Obama was the answer to their prayers, and yet for many other Americans he was the “anti-christ”. Now for most, he has become just another politician who works for those whom the majority of Americans will never meet, nor ever really emulate, though most Americans fantasize about some day becoming the next “Bill Gates”. All that time wasted on futile attempts to become filthy rich, while one could have been helping those less fortunate to become a little more fortunate. All the effort and imagination wasted on selfish get rich schemes could instead be put to use helping bring up the lower classes thereby enriching the middle-class. Together we stand and divided we fall; it is as simple as that.

“Instead the president conveyed the insular optimism of his fat-cat associates: “We are poised for progress. Two years after the worst recession most of us have ever known, the stock market has come roaring back. Corporate profits are up. The economy is growing again.” How convenient to ignore the fact that this bubble of prosperity, which has failed the tens of millions losing their homes and jobs, was floated by enormous government indebtedness now forcing deep cuts in social services including state financial aid for those better-educated students the president claims to be so concerned about.” – Robert Scheer editor for Truthdig.com

For many today the “End” has already come; the end of having a roof over ones head, the end of going to work, the end of eating at least once each day, the end of life as most of us know it. What is even worse, is this insane belief that we have no control over our own destiny. For those who believe in God they should know that God gave us our free-will in order to apply it as we see fit. Just because the Lord knows what choices we make before we make them does not mean that He controls our choices. Why else would God not tell all of His followers when the last day would be? Had God wanted us to dwell on the “End-Times” He would have given us a clear date. The fact that He did not do this indicates that His desire is for His followers to live each day to its fullest until there are no days left.

As it appears today, a large portion of the American society has determined that the world will not see the year 2013. If enough people believe that to be true, they just might hasten their own demise; for them the world will end in 2012, one way or another. Hopefully, there are enough intelligent people within America today that have already realized how dire our situation is at present and have begun the process of living a more appropriate life. A life that conserves more and consumes less, a life that considers the other person at all times knowing that whether its your neighbor across the street or a complete stranger across the ocean we are all intricately connected.

All who call themselves Christians should be ashamed at yourselves for the simple reason that King Y’shua Messiah was explicitly clear on how His followers were to live. Instead of trying to convince each other of how rich King Y’shua Messiah was while He walked this planet, we should all be studying and applying His words and actions into our own lives beginning with the Beatitudes. If we were doing this today the world would be a very different place.

Matthew 5-7

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Pray Endlessly

When we first began here at Cepher our only goal was to be committed to the Truth, and that commitment is stronger today then when we first began. Subsequently, our posts have become fewer–we are trying to write as much as we can, however, the Blessed Holy Spirit has not been as generous with Her Wisdom and Knowledge as She once was when we first posted.

Each time we take to the key board we feel directed to prayer more than type. Therefore, we are asking all our readers to please do the very same thing and pray for this country, for those of us who have dedicated our lives allowing King Y’shua Messiah to become bigger inside of us with each breath we take.

Our hearts here at Cepher have been very heavy for all who have a sense of God and His manifestation in King Y’shua Messiah on this earth two-thousand years ago, but they have yet to feel the real presence of the Blessed Holy Spirit that King Y’shua Messiah left us with, within all of our hearts, to teach us all about King Y’shua Messiah and our Father God.

There is a huge movement beginning that is just below the surface that will soon ignite into an unstoppable revival, but first there must be the shaking that each of our spirits have been telling us is about to occur. We must pray for each other asking God to provide the strength that comes from trusting Him with all of our being.

As we all know God knows all our needs, which makes prayer more of a reassurance for ourselves as well as it improves our relationship with God. It is the humility in the act of praying that allows our spirit to connect with the Blessed Holy Spirit, and in that connection our faith becomes stronger, which enables us to trust God that much more. Everything is a process.

Throughout the Bible we can see that God’s objective is to develop a society that will trust Him completely, and in that development we can clearly see how human beings have a tendency to deny God until all else fails. Here at Cepher we believe that is exactly what this future shaking will do. It will bring all those who follow God, closer to Him; while teaching those who simply just believe that there is a God, to trust in and follow Him.

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And So It Begins

Though many other schools have opted out of public prayer we thought we would use this example in Exeter California for several reasons. The most important is the town is very small compared with most other places that have gone to private prayer. Also it is a rural community which is another anomaly of this incident.

Many Christians today see this as an attack on their civil liberties, we are not lawyers so we will not comment on the topic, however, we are very interested in this topic and felt the need to do a bit of commentary on the subject of public prayer. Our feelings derive directly from our understanding of the Word of God that influences our beliefs. So please do not take any of these comments out of the context that is our opinion.

First of all we will discuss the sudden and massive apostasy of the church and why we think it is occurring today. Secondly we will discuss the pros and cons of the loss of public prayer.

The Crusades, the Inquisitions, the division of the church now and then, witch hunts, physically forcing belief on native populations, and so much more, along with hypocrisy; comparing the above list of infamous activities conducted by the church, with the Word of God specifically those spoken by King Y’shua Messiah one can quickly see the disconnect. That disconnect has been apparent since before the Bible was constructed into the book that it is today in its canonical form.

Taking that into consideration and one can see that what the public is turning away from today is not what King Y’shua Messiah created two-thousand years ago. With that idea the question arises: Is it a bad thing for people to come away from false teaching? It does not take a theological historian to see that Gandhi lived a closer life to what our Lord desired of His followers than did any Pope.

The key to following King Y’shua Messiah is the combination of work and faith. Either one alone, without the other is not enough, however the Bible speaks of the priority of the two being work (James 2:20). We are not speaking of works of the Law, but works of our Lord (Matthew 21:28-31). There is such a fine line between being perfect for God and being perfect in God (Matthew 5:48). The scripture that helps us with that task is Matthew 9:13, where King Y’shua Messiah tells us what works are most important. He does not replace one with another, but simply provides some sort of priority.

There has always been just a remnant applying the exact teaching of King Y’shua Messiah to their lives. However, the majority has always been more comfortable following men who follow other men who follow other men who profess that they follow Jesus Christ. When in doubt, look for the Fruits of the Blessed Holy Spirit (1Corinthians 13), they are either there or not. If they are there they will be abundantly obvious and you should not have to search for them. If they are not there do not wait for them to show up.

So in reality those that have been following King Y’shua Messiah are still doing just that. While those who leave the church are not leaving anything that remotely resembles the Church, and the reason why so many people today have opted out of churches is due to the Blessed Holy Spirit placing on their hearts the desire to find the Truth. There will be some bumps in the roads they take to be sure, but they will get to where the Lord has directed them.

As far as losing public prayer let us look to the Word of God for guidance:  Matthew 6:1-15 and Matthew 14:23, in these verses we see the importance of private prayer. Our actions that display the Fruits of the Blessed Holy Spirit should be what we show publicly and if we do that there will be far more people coming to the Church than running away.

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