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“His Omnipotence means power to do all that is intrinsically possible, not to do the intrinsically impossible.” –C. S. Lewis

“I am going to submit that not even Omnipotence could create a society of free souls without at the same time creating a relatively independent and ‘inexorable’ Nature.” –C. S. Lewis

In his short one hundred and sixty-two page book, Clive Staples “Jack” Lewis describes in detail the reasons and origins of a world with suffering. For anyone bothered or confused with the existence of so much horrible suffering in this world we highly recommend this book, but only if you are serious at finding the truth and are willing to sit down with “Jack” and the Blessed Holy Spirit to read this book with the concentration worthy of it. If you do we pray that you will find the solace that we have discovered in reading it.

What the Blessed Holy Spirit revealed to “Jack” was the intricacies of the human being and our relationship with our Creator. Either one on its own would be a formidable task of complexity to understand, but together they are almost unfathomable. However, as the Lord is the Creator of the human being it is obvious that the Blessed Holy Spirit can effortlessly show us the intricacies of our selves as well as with our relationship with God, as the Spirit did with “Jack”.

Evil did not exist until mankind was created, and this single fact speaks volumes on the origins and reasons of and for evil. We are creatures of habit and for whatever the reason we are not easily capable of learning without experience–we must learn the hard way. That characteristic developed from the Tree of Knowledge, and has since plagued us to be leery of blind faith and instead learn from experience. Therefore all the Commandments of God come with caveats of discipline. Because God knows we will have to touch the flame before we truly believe it is hot.

However, because we learn through experience each time with trust God we learn to Trust Him a little more!


Thank You!

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