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Today, something very different, today is America 101; Believe me we need it! The title is Spanish for “The Disappeared“, used in Argentina in the ’70’s for those whom the government silenced. Not terrorist, like our government told us, but labor organizers; regular people just like us!

Today you will be given the chance to finally understand what your government has been doing for the past 60 years plus! I say your government if you do not live in a Scandinavian country, not that all Scandinavian countries have been innocent in the past government atrocities of the last sixty years, but many have not been as bad as the rest–who knows why! At any rate, the USA has led the team of filth for the last six decades plus when we left our humble beginnings and let pride take over.

I implore all of you to please take this writing to heart and while on your knees to our Lord ask Him what need be done by you. I have much information because I took part in some of these atrocities as a young and very stupidly naive patriot, however, unfortunately I only have information, but no answers. I will not be able to tell you how to fix what is happening today, but I am certain our Lord does have the answers we seek.

People like Mr. Chris Hedges have been right in the middle of all this mess for many decades as a journalist and is now trying desperately to ring the alarm bells that unfortunately few are hearing. If you believe in the mainstream Christian view; which is loyal to the country of Israel, believes all Muslims are evil and Christians should fight them to the death, and that the USA is still a blessed country doing God’s work hopefully to become a theocracy, then you should not read any further, it will only upset you to the point of wanting to harm me!

This is not a Bible lesson!

Make no mistake, we need our Creator today more than ever! The powers that control this country today have endless resources and have been working this plan for centuries–a white male Protestant dominated, Christian based society that rules the world. I know this may offend some, and the rest will laugh it off as the typical conspiracy theory, but I had to at least try. After you watch the short video of the San Luis Obispo county girl if you do a little research you might just be amazed what you find out about Van Buren.

People, this is not rocket science, I am talking about human nature! Do any of you realize that our country, the USA, established a law that limited personal annual  income to two million (today) dollars by simply taxing everything above that at 91% in 1950? Can you imagine that at a time when our government and it’s citizenry agreed that two million per year (today’s $) was enough to live on comfortably our economy grew and was stronger than it had ever been or will be?Do you really think that people cannot live well on two million clams per year? Think of what our country would be like today if we would have kept that law in place! The law did not state that you could not make more mullah, it simply said that this country has financial obligations and anyone who makes more than that should help the country that allowed that person the ability to do such a thing. Is that really so wrong?

Apparently it is, because most people on Wall Street that make $BILLIONS$ per year believe that they should not pay any more than anyone else no matter what their incomes are! They owe this country zero! All for one and forget the rest!


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Who R We!

Did I ask a question or just exclaim a statement? What does it matter today when scientists make factual statements out of thin air? Check this out.

Why do I believe in the Bible as the Word of God?

Simply because it describes human nature to its very essence. In that it can tell us our very next move and why we will be making it. The Bible tells us that in time intelligence will increase and yet humans will run around from fact to fact as lost as they have ever been! One must only read the theory of String Universe and one will see immediately it is simply the King with no clothes! No one will dare say anything derogatory about the theory for fear that the “geniuses” that came up we it like Leonard Susskind will accuse anyone who says anything against this theory as being to dim-witted to understand it!

What String Universe–A name I created to compile all the sub-theories into one–tries to do is answer the question of singularity by simply creating an ambiguous theory of everything that once again side-steps the biggest question in all of physics; How does something come from nothing?

Albert Einstein understood that until one can completely answer that single most important question science cannot discard God from the equation!

“As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.”  –Albert Einstein

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” —Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a brilliant man who grew up in a time when humility was not considered a weakness as it is today. It was that humility in combination with his brilliance that allowed him to see things we are too proud to see. The answers are there right in front of our faces, and yet, until we can see them through the eyes of humility we will continue to  intelligently stumble around this universe.

I am certain that Mr. Susskind has the intelligence to understand the information that Albert Einstein discovered, but only time will tell if Mr. Susskind can develop the humility it will take to see the secrets that Einstein saw. Of course, none of this is outside the power of our Creator to solve if we will just see it ourselves and pray for the rest.

It doe not take the masses, it has always been done with just the remnant.

Just think how nice it would be if science could be taught with the inclusion of a Creator being a possible answer to the many gaps we see in evolution without a Creator. Just maybe that “natural process” could be influenced, applied and adjusted by the Hand of our Creator. No religion, no finite conclusions, just the “natural” possibility of  a Creator’s touch.

As true believers we should realize that the Name of our King Y’shua Messiah is not where or what it should be today. For several thousand years mankind has been defiling that Name to the point that today most believe that our God is a god of death, destruction, punishment and mayhem; not the God of Love that King Y’shua Messiah displayed while He walked this earth. The Word of God says that He is the exact nature of God! Yet, we do not ever see Him killing, hurting, or even threatening, even some of the most vile people in our eyes, while He walked this earth.

Who we are can be easily determined by who we follow. The true Creator of life is Love. Even Hell is simply just being apart from God, not something that God does to someone, but something that someone does to their self.

This may be of some interest.

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Give Peace A Chance!


What do we possibly have to lose? Right now at a time when our infrastructure is crumbling under our feet, tires, and tracks we are spending hundreds of billions of dollars each year on wars we are battling all over the world. The majority of political, diplomatic,  and military experts agree that the bulk of our security concerns are caused by our military occupation! Can you imagine what this country could do with just half of what we are spending to maintain the war on the world?

I am certainly not advocating the disbanding of our military–on the contrary. Over half of the military experts interviewed have stated that maintaining this war on the world is destroying our military! How could it not? Just look at the rank of those coming back with career ending injuries or worse–a large portion are officers which are far more difficult to replace. Or just look at how many excellent officers are leaving their first love–the military, due to the immense strain these long arduous deployments place on the individuals and/or their families.

Up to this point I have attempted to stay away from political statements in the blog site, however, after looking at all the young faces in the news paper today of all those who have given their lives in this war on the world–today being Veterans Day, I could not continue to refrain from expressing my views today. As Einstein has so prophetically stated, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

It is only a matter of time before a nuclear weapon is detonated over or in a large city of the world. The worst case scenario would involve a city in Israel, D.C., or Russia; because the response would ignite the exact scene Albert Einstein envisioned. If we do not turn the other cheek today, we will not have either cheek tomorrow.

It must begin with Believers and Followers of God by praying and fasting incessantly. So many Christians today believe that the end of the world is at hand, and that the end will occur with a global nuclear exchange that even those in the upper echelon of our military are following strategy with that ideology. Therefore, along with prayer we should consider joining the debate to stop all occupations and bring our military home where they belong; not out at all points of the globe protecting the interests of corporate America.

We must quickly realize war does only one thing: it causes retaliation, naturally. There is never a permanent winner.

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Pray Endlessly

When we first began here at Cepher our only goal was to be committed to the Truth, and that commitment is stronger today then when we first began. Subsequently, our posts have become fewer–we are trying to write as much as we can, however, the Blessed Holy Spirit has not been as generous with Her Wisdom and Knowledge as She once was when we first posted.

Each time we take to the key board we feel directed to prayer more than type. Therefore, we are asking all our readers to please do the very same thing and pray for this country, for those of us who have dedicated our lives allowing King Y’shua Messiah to become bigger inside of us with each breath we take.

Our hearts here at Cepher have been very heavy for all who have a sense of God and His manifestation in King Y’shua Messiah on this earth two-thousand years ago, but they have yet to feel the real presence of the Blessed Holy Spirit that King Y’shua Messiah left us with, within all of our hearts, to teach us all about King Y’shua Messiah and our Father God.

There is a huge movement beginning that is just below the surface that will soon ignite into an unstoppable revival, but first there must be the shaking that each of our spirits have been telling us is about to occur. We must pray for each other asking God to provide the strength that comes from trusting Him with all of our being.

As we all know God knows all our needs, which makes prayer more of a reassurance for ourselves as well as it improves our relationship with God. It is the humility in the act of praying that allows our spirit to connect with the Blessed Holy Spirit, and in that connection our faith becomes stronger, which enables us to trust God that much more. Everything is a process.

Throughout the Bible we can see that God’s objective is to develop a society that will trust Him completely, and in that development we can clearly see how human beings have a tendency to deny God until all else fails. Here at Cepher we believe that is exactly what this future shaking will do. It will bring all those who follow God, closer to Him; while teaching those who simply just believe that there is a God, to trust in and follow Him.

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And So It Begins

Though many other schools have opted out of public prayer we thought we would use this example in Exeter California for several reasons. The most important is the town is very small compared with most other places that have gone to private prayer. Also it is a rural community which is another anomaly of this incident.

Many Christians today see this as an attack on their civil liberties, we are not lawyers so we will not comment on the topic, however, we are very interested in this topic and felt the need to do a bit of commentary on the subject of public prayer. Our feelings derive directly from our understanding of the Word of God that influences our beliefs. So please do not take any of these comments out of the context that is our opinion.

First of all we will discuss the sudden and massive apostasy of the church and why we think it is occurring today. Secondly we will discuss the pros and cons of the loss of public prayer.

The Crusades, the Inquisitions, the division of the church now and then, witch hunts, physically forcing belief on native populations, and so much more, along with hypocrisy; comparing the above list of infamous activities conducted by the church, with the Word of God specifically those spoken by King Y’shua Messiah one can quickly see the disconnect. That disconnect has been apparent since before the Bible was constructed into the book that it is today in its canonical form.

Taking that into consideration and one can see that what the public is turning away from today is not what King Y’shua Messiah created two-thousand years ago. With that idea the question arises: Is it a bad thing for people to come away from false teaching? It does not take a theological historian to see that Gandhi lived a closer life to what our Lord desired of His followers than did any Pope.

The key to following King Y’shua Messiah is the combination of work and faith. Either one alone, without the other is not enough, however the Bible speaks of the priority of the two being work (James 2:20). We are not speaking of works of the Law, but works of our Lord (Matthew 21:28-31). There is such a fine line between being perfect for God and being perfect in God (Matthew 5:48). The scripture that helps us with that task is Matthew 9:13, where King Y’shua Messiah tells us what works are most important. He does not replace one with another, but simply provides some sort of priority.

There has always been just a remnant applying the exact teaching of King Y’shua Messiah to their lives. However, the majority has always been more comfortable following men who follow other men who follow other men who profess that they follow Jesus Christ. When in doubt, look for the Fruits of the Blessed Holy Spirit (1Corinthians 13), they are either there or not. If they are there they will be abundantly obvious and you should not have to search for them. If they are not there do not wait for them to show up.

So in reality those that have been following King Y’shua Messiah are still doing just that. While those who leave the church are not leaving anything that remotely resembles the Church, and the reason why so many people today have opted out of churches is due to the Blessed Holy Spirit placing on their hearts the desire to find the Truth. There will be some bumps in the roads they take to be sure, but they will get to where the Lord has directed them.

As far as losing public prayer let us look to the Word of God for guidance:  Matthew 6:1-15 and Matthew 14:23, in these verses we see the importance of private prayer. Our actions that display the Fruits of the Blessed Holy Spirit should be what we show publicly and if we do that there will be far more people coming to the Church than running away.

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Here at Cepher we pray for all of you to have a great new year in God as you become closer to the Messiah while you meditate with the Blessed Holy Spirit in this journey called life. We are certain that the closer we get to God the more peaceful, beneficial, and satisfying our lives will become. Just do not stop walking toward Y’shua Messiah.

This next decade is all about Trust, prayer, and walking with Y’shua Messiah as our Leader, Example, and Savior. Trusting God, but with our eyes wide open, this is not blind faith, this Trust that we speak of comes from study, dedication, and total commitment in the Blessed Holy Spirit as our Teacher in the Word of God. However, not just in the Bible, but in other books that the Blessed Holy Spirit reveals in our study of the Bible. Such as the Book of Enoch which is discussed as a book of interest to the disciples in Y’shua’s time according to the Book of Jude 14. As well as many books written by true followers in the likes of C.S.Lewis, Oswald Chambers, and current followers like Dr. Francis Collins, Lee Strobel, and so many others that we will list very soon, God willing.

Our prayers are with you all.

May God bless

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Our problems begin when we attempt to bring God down to our level. As we read the Bible we relate what God does and allows, to what we can then get away with in His name. Bringing God down to our level is analogous to climbing K2 in a bathing suit without any equipment. We are closest to God when we are praying. Once you understand who God is you will be less inclined to think He needs your help. The only thing God asks of us is to allow His Agape Love to flow freely through us onto everyone we contact.

Remember, Y’shua Messiah did not tell is disciples to go out to the harvest as reapers, but to pray for God to send workers into the harvest. Y’shua Messiah identifies the harvest as the end of the ages (Matthew 13:39). At the end of the Book of Matthew our Messiah instructs His disciples to teach others to observe all that He had commanded His disciples to follow. That is to live as an example just as our Messiah did while on this earth: nothing more or nothing less.

We become confused when we do not differentiate between what Y’shua Messiah did physically from what Y’shua Messiah did spiritually. What He did spiritually was to surrender His entire being over to God, which is exactly what we are to emulate. What He did physically, going to the lost sheep of Israel, was His exact duty on earth for God. Some of us may have similar duties, but not all of us will. The one portion we all share is being that vessel for the love of God.

Y’shua Messiah, while on this earth, was the exact copy of God’s nature (Hebrews 1:3). Did Y’shua Messiah show us a loving, forgiving nature, or a violent, demanding, ridged demeanor? Was Y’shua Messiah a caring, giving soul or not? What He displayed to us is exactly what we can expect from God and what He expects from us.

Though every knee shall bow, not everyone will serve God; but hopefully that will be due to their own lack of desire or selfishness, and not because of something we do that reflects God as anything less than what He is.

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Pray For Us

As much as we would like to post every couple of days it is inevitably up to the Blessed Holy Spirit to provide us with the information to pass on. At times there seems so much to say and at other times the quiet can be just as revealing. Our biggest emphasis lately has been for prayer and we believe that it is a constant factor in the lives of every believer and follower.

Jude 20

“But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith; praying in the Holy Spirit…”  NASB

Praying for one another (James 5:16), praying without ceasing (1Thessalonians 5:17), praying in tongues (1Corinthians 14:14), prayer with fasting (Acts 14:23), and praying as the Messiah taught (Luke 11:1-4), are all so very important that not enough can ever be said or written about pray. If there was ever a time for sincere, dedicated prayers it would seem that now was it! Yet we are so busy that we seldom take the time to pray, and yet it is the easiest thing that we could ever do! We at Cepher have taken up praying while we drive, since just about everything else is against the law while behind the wheel. We have found that if we get carried away in prayer at a stop light or in congestion it simply appears that we are talking on the cell phone through Blue Tooth; which is almost what we are doing when we are conversing with our wonderfully, merciful Messiah.

We may be keeping these post short as the Blessed Holy Spirit directs us, to give you and us more time for prayer. However, if you feel that you really need to read and interact with the Word of God, do not hesitate to check out all the page entries in the right column.

Please pray for yourselves, others, this country and the world. There is far more need in this world today than there has ever been, and at a time when there has never been as much wealth as there is today– that speaks volumes to both our selfishness and the uselessness of material wealth.

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