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Have you ever felt as if you are watching the wrong channel, or listening to the wrong radio station, reading the wrong book , or just plain out of contact with the majority of the population? If so, you are finally at the right place at the right time! It seemed as if I was the only person on this planet that understood the Word of God as I comprehended it. Certainly, I had to be the only person on earth that felt the way I did about God, Spirituality, the Messiah, and the Bible. Because whenever I expressed my thoughts on Bible topics all I would get in response was a blank stare. That is, if I were lucky, otherwise my simple observation would constitute a contentious response.

In time however, I discovered that though there are not many that believe as I do, there are a few and they are substantial. People like C.S. Lewis, Brother Lawrence, Oswald Chambers, and the list continues with such; which assured me that I was not misunderstanding the Word of God. On the contrary, I had been blessed with the Blessed Holy Spirit to guide my learning because I had sincerely asked God to show me the Truth. I wanted to know and follow the Truth no matter where that would take me, and come to find out I was not alone or first in that request.

Many wonderfully dedicated followers of the Messiah have gone before me and many just like you will carry the torch as I leave. We are not special by any stretch of the imagination we are just blessed, and we need to learn how to rest in that Spirit of uniqueness instead of constantly questioning it. Human beings are cynical for good reason–we cannot be trusted. Just because someone tells you something there is little to no reason to believe it. However, God is different! Whatever God speaks is absolute! That is difficult for people to grasp.

Psalm 56:11

“In God I have put my trust, I shall not be afraid.”  NASB

As I researched and studied the history of Christianity I discovered that I was not creating a different Church, I was simply going back to the original one–the Way. During the first several decades Christianity was the label for a plethora of various beliefs and ideologies. Some claiming that Yshua was just a mere man who God chose at the baptism, others believed that only those with Jewish blood could be part of this new faith, and still others who claimed that it was the Jews that killed their Lord and not only are they forbidden within the belief , but they should be condemned. Yet, all were claiming Christianity as their Church. It was and always has been those few true believers that belonged to the Way that never faltered from their original faith thereby continuing an unbroken linage of believers that have passed the torch on to the next generation.

Are we in the “End Times”? Yes, we have been for the past two millennium and will be until the last person written in the Book of Life surrenders her/his life over to the Messiah. Until then we should spend our time becoming as close to the Messiah as humanly possible by learning everything we can about Him. The more one learns about the Messiah, the more the Messiah comes through that person.

As I have said, never take my word for it, go first to the Bible with the Blessed Holy Spirit as your Teacher, and then ask your Teacher to reveal what other works of literature the Lord suggest you read. I know of the various errors that the textual critics have discovered in the various ancient manuscripts that were used to make today’s Bible. I also know that the entire point of belief is faith! Do I blindly follow anything I read? No. As I have said, it is incumbent upon believers to research everything with the assistance of the Blessed Holy Spirit. Then we must realize that the Word of God encompasses every word; not just the ones we find convenient to follow. They must be used and confirmed with each other. I let the Blessed Holy Spirit lead me to books within the Apocrypha or ancient historians like Josephus. Then I confirm it with the Bible. The Truth certainly does make one free.

Proverbs 4:7

“The beginning of wisdom is: acquire wisdom; and with all your acquiring, get understanding.”  NASB

There are many places in the Word of God that instructs the reader to study, learn, research and find out all one can about the Creator of the universe. What is crucial is for the individual to develop a sincere relationship with that Creator; and then that Creator will take over from there. Call no one “teacher” or “leader” except the Messiah. The Messiah you can trust, the Messiah you can follow.

James 3:17

“But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy, and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy.”  NASB


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