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‘Arach II

‘Arach is Hebrew for wayfarer which is exactly what we are whether or not we realize it. It has been five months since we began our journey with Cepher and it has been a wonderful trip thus far. Our walk with Y’shua Messiah thus far has been just has wonderful over these fifteen years, although at times the walk has been an up hill climb, while at other times it was all down hill of course. There were many tight turns in the trail where we could not see what was ahead, and at times there were some bumps along the way, but at no time did the roadway change. We have been walking on the very same road we began walking on all those years ago, and that familiarity has been so very reassuring, like an old friend or comfort blanket when we were children. It has always been our choice whether or not to stay on the trail. To be sure there have been any number of turn-offs and side roads, and some looked far better than the road we were on, but only one had that feel of familiarity as if we belonged there more than any place else.

Yes, there are ups and there are downs with or without Faith. However, we have found after living half our lives without God and half with Him, that going through the down times with Y’shua at our side is worth a million up times without God. When tragedy does strike, and it will strike, it is far more comforting not just knowing God, but knowing that He has a design in the tragedy and the outcome will be positive. Not that God designed the tragic event, but that God invariably works good into anything that occurs to His people, whether His people see it or not. God also has designed everything on earth for one reason only–for our salvation!

It is for our salvation that we are here, it is for our salvation that life has evolved as it has, it is for salvation that we follow those very distinct footprints in front of us as we walk this long and winding path called life. It is for us that God gave us our salvation. We need to deliberately and consistently renew our mentality to understand that we are here to become closer to God, and that is it! The only objective we should have on this earth is to grow closer to, learn more about, surrender completely to God.

Please Read – Acts 10 – May God bless you on your journey with Him.


Thank You!

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