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You have obviously noticed my absence in these last two weeks, I had been with my parents for a week and the rest of the time I have been deep in thought. As I have tried to explain on numerous occasions I truly try to publish posts that are edited by the Blessed Holy Spirit. Therefore, at times I struggle with writing enough to provide fresh posts on a regular basis, and still write only when I am certain it is what the Blessed Holy Spirit ordains. There have been times when I feel strongly lead to write a post, however, at the same time feel very anxious about the topic and substance because it is such that may be misleading if I am wrong about the Blessed Holy Spirit’s direction. In such times I spend a great deal of effort praying, fasting and searching the Word of the Lord for guidance which takes time and keeps me from posting regularly.

Other times, such as now, I am not led to write anything or post what I have already written. I know that this attitude is not the typical computer age way of thinking, but nothing about Cepher conforms to today’s thought accept that it uses the modern media technology to communicate. The entire purpose of Cepher is to share with today’s society a different “Way”. Here at Cepher we are not trying to spread the typical jargon of mainstream Christianity because we believe that the mainstream Christianity has been contaminated with human nature to the degree that it has lost touch with the True Blessed Holy Spirit of the Way–the Way of Elohim, King Y’shua Messiah.

Throughout the history of mankind there has always been just a remnant of True followers of our Lord. However, a shaking is occurring now that is drawing more and more people into the Kingdom of our Lord, and soon there will be a great awakening that will bring the Blessed Holy Spirit into more and more hearts, families, and communities! Amen

I am not talking about the End of Days, but of a great new beginning that will encapsulate the young people of this planet together in peace and contentment. They will repair the breach that their forefathers have created in the name of greed and pride. A coming together of humanity as like no time before bringing in the Kingdom of our Lord.

These are just the ramblings of an old man, but you might just be surprised…


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The Politics of God

What are the politics of God?

First we must be clear on what the word, “politics” means. For this writing it means the art or science of government, and government is the authority rule. So God’s politics is a matter of how God maintains His authority over His people. We can see exactly how God rules by simply reading the Bible, the Word of God shows us the way He dealt with His people in the past as well as His expectations for our future. However, we see very quickly in reading the Bible that ten people who read it can have ten different interpretations in the very same Bible, on very same pages, reading the very same verses!  Not only can there be various interpretations, but various parts of the Bible can seem to contradict other parts of the Bible. That is not by accident! The Word of God is spoken to each and every single human being that has ever walked this earth or ever will.

It is the same reason there are four different Gospels based on a single event–the Life of King Y’shua Messiah, the Bible allows for various interpretations. The interpretations are as numerous as the people who read the Bible. One thing the Bible is rather clear about is God’s desire to develop a personal relationship with every single individual that has ever been or will ever be born.

I have read the Bible, cover to cover, in numerous versions including the Greek and Hebrew Interlinear, and as of yet I have failed to find a single place instructing followers of King Y’shua Messiah to demand, by use of physical force if need be, that every person contacted be made to “believe” in God! I have read in the Bible that King Y’shua Messiah requires His followers live in such a “Way” that reflects the life of King Y’shua Messiah in everything they do. Three of the Gospels discuss this at some length in areas that Bible scholars refer to as “The Beatitudes”, and the Gospel of Saint John discusses this requirement throughout the entire Gospel–followers refer to it as “Agape Love”.

Today more than ever we need this “Agape Love” in the power, numbers, and direction that the Gospels speak of being apparent in the First Century. Unfortunately, it does not take a genius to realize that the very basic ideas discussed within the Beatitudes are desperately needed today if the USA has any chance for tomorrow.

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It Is Finished

In each of the Gospels Y’shua is credited with screaming His last words and only Saint John was close enough to hear what Y’shua’s last words on earth as a human being were–“It is finished.” What He completed has been misinterpreted since the first English Bibles became published.

Here at Cepher, we believe that King Y’shua Messiah “Finished” everything that needed completing. That is the entire Old Testament was written by the Word, for the Word, about the Word; therefore, the Word is “Finished” that is, completed within the Old Testament. The Old Testament is a great piece of history that we as followers of the King Y’shua Messiah can learn much from, however, the time of “an eye for an eye” is “Finished”. The Book of Leviticus is full of rules and regulations that King Y’shua Messiah has said we can use as we wish–some can eat meat some may not.

One cannot live by the Law and the Spirit because they conflict with each other. The Law says that we should take an eye for an eye; yet King Y’shua Messiah tells us to turn the other cheek. And the contradictions continue within the Law that has made many who have tried to follow it do horrible things in the name of God. All who wish to follow God must do it through the Blessed Holy Spirit because God is Spirit.

The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshiped anything but himself. – Sir Richard Francis Burton

For more than six decades my country has been directly responsible for millions of deaths in the name of God! Far more than the Crusades, The Inquisitions, and all the witch hunts combined. From the forties in China, and the fifties in Southeast Asia to this present day in the Middle East, the USA has been attempting to control the lives of billions of people for the single purpose of serving the almighty dollar–the only god this country has followed in the last seventy years. All the while with the expert use of propaganda making the citizens believe that the USA is a God following nation .

Under the guise of National Security the USA has disrupted country after country by controlling what goes in and what comes out of those countries; through espionage, political assassinations, coups and wars, we have kept country after country from being able to govern themselves. Millions of American citizens now know how the USA has caused malicious destruction in Iran, Central America, various African nations, Southeast Asia and now Iraq and Afghanistan (the complete list is numerous).

And that is where the trouble comes from–our knowledge of international crimes committed by our government in our name. In the beginning, few political leaders and businessmen knew of the nefarious activities of our country. It was simple to blame the Communist for all our troubles, and we all believed it. However, as time and activities went on more and more people became aware of what some in our government were doing and why they were doing it–greed.

This country can no longer claim its connection with God without first recognizing the wrong that it has done to other countries, and then make restitution. All the good that this country has done, and it is substantial, pales compared to the damage we have committed.

A change is coming whether we want to acknowledge it or not: the end of oil as we know it, a massive change in climate, the end of many fisheries, sea levels will rise, water will become more and more of an issue, all this and much more will occur within our grandchildren’s life time! Some of it can be mitigated, however, without God’s blessing on this country, this country is in serious trouble.

No doubt God will assist His followers, and His followers will be those who allow their lives to mirror the life of King Y’shua Messiah. The time that we are living in today is remarkably similar to the Messiah’s time: we live in a dialectic society as did the Jews and the Romans where money and prestige is and was the ultimate goal. There are so many comparisons between our society today and that of the Roman society in the first century. The USA has reached a time where it must decide to fix its infrastructure or continue to increase its global influence–it cannot do both. Also, the USA has become a politically corrupt country; both conditions were present in the first century.

The most important similarity between today’s USA and the First Century Roman society is the fact that the Jewish believers two-thousand years ago believed wholeheartedly that their Messiah was coming to physically destroy all of their enemies in a physical battle that would end all wars and make them the most powerful society on earth.

Sound Familiar?

Today we must each ask ourselves, am I following a god of war or the God of Peace?

Who is the King Y’shua Messiah? What are His beliefs? Is He a peacemaker or warmonger?

Is King Y’shua Messiah one who creates or destroys? Does He love or hate.

Who do you follow? There is no fence to sit on, and all will be known by their fruits.


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Give Peace A Chance!


What do we possibly have to lose? Right now at a time when our infrastructure is crumbling under our feet, tires, and tracks we are spending hundreds of billions of dollars each year on wars we are battling all over the world. The majority of political, diplomatic,  and military experts agree that the bulk of our security concerns are caused by our military occupation! Can you imagine what this country could do with just half of what we are spending to maintain the war on the world?

I am certainly not advocating the disbanding of our military–on the contrary. Over half of the military experts interviewed have stated that maintaining this war on the world is destroying our military! How could it not? Just look at the rank of those coming back with career ending injuries or worse–a large portion are officers which are far more difficult to replace. Or just look at how many excellent officers are leaving their first love–the military, due to the immense strain these long arduous deployments place on the individuals and/or their families.

Up to this point I have attempted to stay away from political statements in the blog site, however, after looking at all the young faces in the news paper today of all those who have given their lives in this war on the world–today being Veterans Day, I could not continue to refrain from expressing my views today. As Einstein has so prophetically stated, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

It is only a matter of time before a nuclear weapon is detonated over or in a large city of the world. The worst case scenario would involve a city in Israel, D.C., or Russia; because the response would ignite the exact scene Albert Einstein envisioned. If we do not turn the other cheek today, we will not have either cheek tomorrow.

It must begin with Believers and Followers of God by praying and fasting incessantly. So many Christians today believe that the end of the world is at hand, and that the end will occur with a global nuclear exchange that even those in the upper echelon of our military are following strategy with that ideology. Therefore, along with prayer we should consider joining the debate to stop all occupations and bring our military home where they belong; not out at all points of the globe protecting the interests of corporate America.

We must quickly realize war does only one thing: it causes retaliation, naturally. There is never a permanent winner.

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Are we re-living the Crusades?

So many Christians today not only think that we are in the sixth crusade, they revel in the possibility! Five crusades before had only one victorious outcome for the crusaders and that was the very first! All five were in the name of Christ, but surely not in the Spirit of the Messiah.

Are we here at Cepher the only ones reading the Bible with the Blessed Holy Spirit?

For the past seventeen decades the Bible has been used for politics, and for the past seventeen weeks I have been reluctant to speak about anything remotely political. Now with the Blessed Holy Spirit’s assistance we will attempt to explain the need for all followers of God to pray for peace.

There are many Christians today who advocate for the eradication of all Muslims throughout the globe, in the belief that Islam is an evil religion and God would be pleased with this violence. Therefore, let us first conduct a short history review to better understand the problem.

In the seventh century A.D., Muhammad contacted leaders among the Jewish community and the Christian community to discuss each of their beliefs and customs. In doing this he determined that neither community had the right God, especially the Christians whom advocated at the time that Jews were sub-humans and should be destroyed. Can you just imagine if Muhammad had contacted true followers of King Y’shua Messiah?

Unfortunately, back then (as it is today) there were far more people who followed a religion in the name of Christ, yet there were few who followed King Y’shua Messiah. Many scholars today determined that Salah ah-Din (Saladin) was probably far more civil and kind than the Crusaders. Even if they were both as brutal as the other, that is not what belief in King Y’shua Messiah is supposed to display.

The crusades were brutal, they were vicious and they were far from what the Word of God teaches. Yet, there are many Christians today that want to continue these vicious, violent and brutal activities in the name of Christ! What a shame.

Luke 18:3121:2224:44-45,   All of these scriptures talk about how King Y’shua Messiah was the completion of the Old Testament telling His followers that the New Covenant supersedes the Old Covenant of the Old Testament, however, we are to still learn from the Old Testament and we must adhere to the Old Testament as it applies to the New Covenant–King Y’shua Messiah.

What this means is to simply apply the two primary Commandments that King Y’shua Messiah shared with His followers (Mark 12:29-31 & Luke 10:25-28) to the Old Testament. The Old Testament lacks the Spirit of Love in all the instructions and details of following God. The Old Testament was written to assist the contemporary readers of that time to follow God without the assistance of the Blessed Holy Spirit. It was also written for the followers of God today to show them what has already been tried and what possibilities await those who apply the Blessed Holy Spirit to the Old and New Testaments.

To believe that King Y’shua Messiah desires His followers to commit violence on Muslims, is to completely deny the Words of  King Y’shua Messiah when He tells His followers to “love their enemies” (Luke 6:35).

Who do you follow, a religion designed by man or the Word of God–John 1:1?

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RED Shirt Day – Friday is HERE!

Please do not forget to wear red TODAY!

RED Shirt Day – Friday

Support the military personnel, not necessarily the war.

But, please support our women and men in our military.

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Two things are troubling our spiritual society today: The first and probably the most destructive is our lack of prayer. The second and a major contributor to the first is the dating of the Book of Revelation. Now for sure there are those of you scratching your heads asking yourselves “I understand about the prayer aspect, but what are they talking about with the Book of Revelation?” Please lets us briefly explain, the second problem first.

When Saint John received and wrote the very first addition of the Book of Revelation is one of the most important pieces of information in all things pertaining to our Messiah today. The reason for this is a matter of content; if Saint John received and wrote the first addition of the Book of Revelation before the fall of Jerusalem, then nearly all the theological scholars agree that He would have written it for his contemporaries. If that is the case then we must reconsider the current opinion from the late date theory that someone claiming to bring peace to the world today is the Antichrist.

If we look at the counter factual argument in history concerning the Christian movement in the past thousand years we can see that under the assumption that the Book of Revelation was written for the first century we would not have seen the crusades, because there would be no need to protect and possess the Holy Land. Taking the early date of Revelation along with the historic writings of Josephus and we see that God had completely abandoned the land of Israel. In Josephus we also see all of the prophetic supernatural “signs in the sky” that our Messiah had predicted to precede the fall of the Temple and Jerusalem. The end of that age and the beginning of the new Covenant!

Of course, it is impossible to determine what would or would not have occurred had the early date of Revelation been  widely accepted a thousand years ago. However, we can unequivocally state how flimsy the evidence is that leads some scholars to be late date advocates. As well, we can see the massive benefit to the Catholic Church and to Judaism in believing the late date argument. What we are not seeing is the horrible effect the late date has had on faith. Today if someone comes preaching world peace the majority of Christians will claim that person is the Antichrist. Where does that leave us? In a world of hurt much like the one we are in today.

That leads us into the problem with prayer. Who will pray for the USA if every time someone speaks about world peace we invoke the Antichrist? Who will pray for our soldiers if so many of today’s Christians believe that there must be a final physical battle involving real live soldiers before our God will return? Who will pray for the health of this nation and the world when so many believers think that it is God’s judgment on this earth to burn? Who will pray for change when we look at technology as a tool of the devil? The Puritans would not have come to their so called “New Jerusalem” without the technology of that time–ships and navigation. Do you think that the Puritans looked at the ships as tools of Satan?

Of course, we are not speaking as if all must agree in order for the prayers to work. We are speaking under the assumption that if you believe war is a tool of God you would be less inclined to pray for it to cease. Faith is about one thing more than anything else–Love. Love for God and the Agape Love of God! And if we cannot come together on that one idea then we are truly pathetic beings–shame on us.

If we read the Book of Revelation with the eyes of the Blessed Holy Spirit and the heart of our Messiah we will easily see truth in the pages. It comes down to a single concept; either we serve a loving, caring, compassionate God that wants to bless His children and increase His family or we serve a god of vengeance, war, and fear who rules with an iron, unforgiving fist. Does your God have and open hand or a closed fist?

We do not want to try and provide a complete explanation of an early date belief here for fear of going way beyond the 500-700 words (as we already have) we try to keep our post at. However, we would be glad to either continue this discussion on further posts or privately, along with a list of excellent reading material on the subject of early date Revelation.

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Do We Care?

Are we aware of what our wars are doing? As people who believe in Jesus, are we aware of what the wars our country is involved in are doing to all those involved? We here at Cepher cannot sleep well at night because of these wars and what our country is turning into. To most believers the war is a fight between the good angels and the bad devils.

It is time to understand who is really affected in these wars. Or consider the thoughts of many in and out of the military.And with those thoughts in mind consider, if you will, those who really suffer, apart from our military personnel, their family and loved ones, the poor, innocent citizens of the countries we are involved in.

People, brothers and sisters, please understandwe as believers will be held accountable for our attitudes and actions! Can you imagine what impact we would have if every believer E-mailed their Congressperson to reject the idea that we can control, through military might, other country’s citizens?

If the Word of God teaches us anything it should teach us that the end never justify the mean. Therefore, no matter why you think our military is in other countries, as a believer and follower of the Messiah you should ask what Yshua thinks.

We here at Cepher do not take lightly the sharing of strong opinion,  and only do so when we feel intensely directed by the Blessed Holy Spirit as we do in this post. Please check your spirit and ask yourself if these words above of Yshua Messiah(Luke 6:27-38) mean the same thing to you as they mean to us. If they do not we ask your forgiveness for our zealous behavior; but if these words of the Lord mean the same to you as they do us, please do not wait another moment. Use the link and contact your elected official and/or what the Blessed Holy Spirit leads you to do.

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