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The Winds of Change

They’re here. Can you feel them? The threshold has been crossed and the change must now take place. The Winds that are blowing have less to do with our climatic atmosphere than they do with our Spiritual atmosphere–this Wind is the Blessed Holy Spirit (The Hebrew word for wind is also the word for Spirit–Genesis 8:1, Exodus 15:10, Numbers 11:31, Ezekiel 37:9). Here at Cepher we think it is for the better because people will not change on their own. We are an obstinate people, a stiff-necked people who do not listen to reason, only to force (Exodus 33:5). And now that force is the Force of Nature (both climatic and human) that will continue to place a strangle hold on this country until we relinquish our hold on it.

We have had a decade of warnings to make the necessary changes and we have gone in the opposite direction. Instead of changing our ways and becoming completely submissive to King Y’shua Messiah, we have leaned onto our own understanding while depending upon our own strength. Big mistake! Just as Saint Peter did on Gethsemane (Matthew 26:52). Do not misunderstand this post; we are not advocating for the Ten Commandments in our schools, we are advocating for them to be in are hearts!

The climate, the economy and the morals of this nation will change. Unfortunately, it will get much worse before it begins to get better. But it will get better! Not in our life time, but in lifetimes to come. That is what this life is all about, not our life, but another life. Until we begin to live for others as King Y’shua Messiah showed us two millennia ago, that we still refuse to emulate, we will never be His disciples. Shame on us!

Economy, food, water, climate are all becoming less and less accommodating until we–the citizens of the USA– as the leading example of this earth, finally begin to live within the means of this planet in respect to all the other human beings on this earth. As long as we (Americans) continue to live as if we own everything, acting as if as long as we desire it, we deserve it, we will indeed get exactly what we deserve–as we are seeing at this very moment ( Genesis 6:6, Jonah 1:2, Exodus 32:7-10, Matthew 23:37-39).

Make no mistake, we cannot fix this! All we can do now is attempt to improve the chances of our next generations. That is not a bad thing. Please follow along: Read the rest of this entry »


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It Is Finished!

Years of praying, months of planning, weeks of preparation, fifteen days of actual production, and by the grace of God we now have Holy Oil as per God’s instructions in Exodus 30! I only wish you could smell it, the smell of this oil is beyond explanation it is what I would imagine peace would smell like if it had a scent. The smell of this oil gives one a warm sense of security and comfort while at the same time a feeling like you want to consume it, this oil smells delicious. I have never smelled anything like it in my life! My olfactory senses are fantastic, and I thing that is because I am colored blind, therefore, I cannot describe the color of this oil, although my daughters say it looks like iridescent gold.

I am so excited about how this all has turned out so far, and yet I have some concerns on the proper way of asking for the Lord’s anointing on this oil. Knowing how this journey has been led by the Blessed Holy Spirit, and seeing the end result assures me that the Lord will provide me with the precise spiritual procedures for the blessing of this oil. It is because of the obvious presence of the Blessed Holy Spirit in this project and the tremendous results that make me feel so unworthy to be the one to ask for God Blessing on this oil. In every detail the Lord has guided me through with whispers and examples. I would either get an idea followed up with research for confirmation or I would come across information that the Lord would confirm through His Word. It was simply magnificent and such a growing experience!

Not surprisingly, Holy Oil has a natural healing quality with antibacterial and analgesic properties. Hey, let’s face it, God created this world intertwined with laws and tactics that if followed properly will result in a better life. Human beings have just not been paying attention.

This pic does not do justice, but it is the best I could do. It is slightly more than a half gallon.

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OtR Update

Maceration has taken place with each ingredient and it is time to add the oil and boil. If all goes well we will have our first batch of true Holy Oil this week. The closer we get to the final objective the more excited we get. However, we have also seen an increase in trials and difficulties in our lives since we began this mission for God.

I have never been one to blame the devil for my mistakes or disobedience, although I realize that there are evil spirits in this world that try to keep us from total focus on God. So it has not been that surprising to see this increase in difficulties while we attempt to set out on our mission for God. We can see that same thing occur to our Messiah just before He set out on His Mission for God (Matthew 4:1-11). However, throughout the entire process it has been wonderful to see the Blessed Holy Spirit assisting in the project in a number of ways including, leading me to vital information and giving me cooking times.

For those of you that are not familiar with Holy Oil we thought we would provide some Biblical background. To start off with we should go to the original instruction of God to make Holy Oil (Exodus 30:23-25). Further on in that chapter one can see specific instructions and caveats of the oil’s use; the most important one is found in verse 32 which states: “It shall not be poured out on anyone’s body, nor shall you make like it, in the same proportions; it is holy, it shall be holy to you.”-NASB. This verse shows the degree of importance that should be given to Holy Oil. It is to be used only for the Temple and all things associated with the Temple including and especially the Temple priests (Exodus 30:30).¬† It shall not be duplicated for any other reason except the Temple, and should be handled appropriately.

As you know, today those who follow God are all priests of God (1Peter 2:9) and the Temple is each and every one of us ( 1Corinthians 3:16). Therefore, it is very likely that when the Bible records the use of Holy Oil by the First Century Believers (Mark 6:13) it is describing the use of true Holy Oil made with the instructions in Exodus. This is our belief here at Cepher, and the reason we are putting so much time, finances, and effort, into making the exact Holy Oil as God intended.

You may ask why King Y’shua Messiah never said anything about how important the Holy Oil was. He did, remember that King Y’shua Messiah is The Word, and in the Word is the scriptures about Holy Oil. As the Word King Y’shua Messiah is everything that is in the Word of God. That is why He asks us to get to know Him because King Y’shua Messiah can be found in the Bible simply by reading it. There are no tests, no memorization, no preliminary requirements, just read the Word of God.

In the Word of God you will find instruction on the making of Holy Oil. So many people today simply ask God to bless olive oil because it is easier to do than be obedient to God. It is this lifestyle of disobedience and laziness that has brought the USA to where it is today, and that is why this ministry of Oil of the Rock is being developed to challenge that lifestyle.

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The Choice

Is it a coincidence that life is all about choices? Or is it by design?

Here at Cepher we believe that humankind are the only beings in the universe that were created with the ability to make crucial as well as menial choices, and it is through choosing that we make or break our lives. As we choose we learn, and as we learn we become capable of making the choice that we were created for.

It was said that there were only two things a person had no choice in: Death and Taxes. However, here at Cepher we believe that both death and taxes can be avoided with good choices. In taxes one can choose to live where there are no taxes or choose an exceptional accountant; in death one can simply choose life eternal with God Almighty. That is why we were created, and that is why everything in life involves a choice of some kind or another. The more one chooses to submit their life to God, the easier life’s choices become.

I am convinced that we simply make life and its choices much harder than it need be. We choose to fill our schedules far to full for anyone on earth to complete, and then we blame God and/or ourselves. We choose to purchase or just take possession of stuff we do not really need and that stuff comes with baggage of its own that makes our life more complicated. And if all this was not tough enough, we choose to associate ourselves with people who may be nice, funny, popular, and exceedingly charming, however they do not share our same values, beliefs, lifestyles or our walk with God. Yet, once again we wonder why God allows such unnecessary complications to enter our lives.


Deuteronomy 30

Luke 10:42

Joshua 24:15

For here at Cepher, we have chosen to serve the Lord!

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Mark 6:13

“And they were casting out many demons and were anointing with oil many sick people and healing them.” –NASB

This is one of many scriptures informing/instructing followers of the benefits of Holy Oil. The instructions for the Holy Oil are like the instructions for everything else in the Bible–they are there for our benefit, but only if we are obedient to the Word of God–by applying the instructions to our lives. It is that obedience to the Word of God that is the most important thing for all followers to learn. It is through obedience that we learn to Trust our Creator, it is through that Trust that we learn total dependence on God, and it is through that dependence that we learn just how truly remarkable God’s Agape Love really is.

This dependence on God will be the deciding factor of survival as it has been for millennia. Throughout time we see where those who followed God completely have always managed to persevere through the toughest of times. Times are about to get considerably tough, maybe about as tough as they have been in decades . It does not take a prophet to see what is coming on the horizon. There are some very dark clouds on that horizon, and I am not referring to famine, drought, war, disease, climate change or population overload, which are already prevalent in various parts of the world today as they have been for thousands of years . The clouds on the horizon that I am making note of are filled with anger, hatred, selfishness, laziness, divisiveness, and an inability to see the trouble ahead. These are clouds that cannot be stopped with anything other than a “Spiritual Awakening” much like the one the First Century Believers experienced after the Ascension of King Y’shua Messiah.

For that Awakening to occur we need to look back to the time of the First Century Believer just before King Y’shua Messiah left the earth. First, we must remember what the expectations of the First Century Believers were concerning the coming of the Messiah. For most, they thought that God was sending them an army general who would decimate, by the sword, everyone who would not follow God. Unfortunately, since it obviously did not occur then, many people today believe that it will occur within our lifetime. What did happen at the time just prior to the “Ascension” was the passing on of the Sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17), the Blessed Holy Spirit to all those who were true followers of God (Acts 2). The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God which can only be truly understood by the help of the Blessed Holy Spirit.

Before the Blessed Holy Spirit could be passed on to all the followers, directions had to first be followed by the followers. Those directions were given by King Y’shua Messiah, and had to be followed to the letter in order for the followers to be in the right place at the right time. Because without the Blessed Holy Spirit the followers would have had no chance to survive what was about to occur. All the way back to the beginning we can see this basic truth–God’s blessings require our obedience. From the Garden of Eden, and Noah’s Ark, to the gift of the Blessed Holy Spirit, God’s blessings were interwoven with our obedience.

Read the rest of this entry »

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The Dragon Has Left The Building

I thought I would share some good news with you that may create more questions than answers, but I believe that whatever direction the information leads you it will be worth passing on.

I have been under the claws of the “Dragon” (which is the name I gave to my Multiple Sclerosis because it was the only dragon/ ailment that I was not able to overcome on my own) for about the past six months, and just in the past few days the Dragon has left the building. As bad as it has been with MS, I thank God for it. It has been the driving force that led me into complete surrender to God. When you have lived by your physical abilities to a very long and successful extent, and in an instant your ability to physically overcome all obstacles is gone, a very serious situation arises in your life that makes you extremely desperate and forces you to find out why.

At its most extreme, Multiple Sclerosis is an emotionally straining as well as cognitively confusing disease that makes it very difficult for me to realize when I am in the grip of the Dragon as it slowly chokes the life from my veins. I usually can sense when the Dragon approaches by the odd heavy, puffy feeling in my left eye which will begin to blur as the Dragon begins to take hold. Unfortunately, soon after the Dragon begins squeezing, my legs become weak, my balance becomes hampered, I become fatigued and it feels as if I am living inside of a bowl of clear viscus fluid making everything I do extremely difficult, including breathing. It is at this point that I lose the ability to realize what is causing all these symptoms, and when people ask what’s wrong or how am I feeling, at times I am at a loss of an explanation.

However, with each new MS episode/exacerbation I find myself getting closer and closer to God as I am forced to depend upon Him. The more I depend upon God, the more God provides and shows me how wonderful our relationship could truly be. I have been experiencing these bouts with the Dragon for almost two decades now and when they were first diagnosed God gave my wife a scripture that has been thoroughly true, and has given her the strength to get through all this within the Grace of God–John 11:4.

Of course I cannot say what would have been had I not gotten sick, but I can say unequivocally with regards to every aspect of my life, that where I am at today is about as wonderful as I could have ever hoped for, and the only item I would like to see improved is to some day very soon become as dependent, trusting and surrendered to King Y’shua Messiah as any human being has ever been. That is because I have become certain that there is a God that created everything, and the entire Creation is designed for one single purpose, which is to help the beings that God created specifically to learn to become completely dependent on God.

What do you get the person who has everything? You give that person a being that has the capability to learn how to love him/her, who will in the end choose to love the person who has everything not because the person has everything, but because the person who has everything is so magnificently wonderful, compassionate, sensitive, and has a love that surpasses understanding.

We are on this earth to learn who the Creator is, as well as, learn how to love the Creator with the very same Agape Love the Creator has for the Creation.

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Why Am I Here?

Have you ever asked yourself the esoteric question of existence? You have if you have ever lost the original reason you believed you were born for. Those of us that have been injured to the point of no longer being able to continue our prior existence have no choice, but to ask why we are here. In my case everything I did to make a living was completely dependent on my physical abilities. Once I had lost those abilities I was forced to begin living in a completely different existence than I had become accustomed to.

Why? For some, living without reason is perfectly acceptable, but not for me. It has always been important to me to analysis as much of life as I could, and my sudden disability was something I needed to get an understanding of. At first, I thought it was just a matter of changing occupations. So I found various jobs that were completely different from law enforcement, but no matter what job I chose my health continued to decline until the point of near death.

Through all I experienced it became obvious to me that God was not creating any of this negative activity in my life. I had walked into it by shear obstinacy refusing to heed the call of the Lord for decades of my life until finally I had given God no other option. Like a father with a stubborn child who refuses to learn the easy way, God was forced to stand by and watch me walk into the darkness until I eventually stumbled and badly injured myself. Only then was I weak enough to call for God’s assistance, and humble enough to accept it. Of course, He immediately responded with an overwhelming Love that I had never experienced.

Raising six children with my wife has helped to make all this very clear. God is Love. His power and His entire existence is that Love. Once I felt that Agape Love for the first time in my been set free! Once a person realizes that the Creator is not waiting for His creation to make a mistake so He can punish it. That person then begins to understand the nature of a relationship with the Creator. All of the characteristics that God desires to see in His people (1Corinthians 13) are the exact same characteristics that God possesses.

Once I had come to that understanding, I realized that if God has a specific occupation that He desires for me to undertake He will make that very clear. Otherwise, I am not to concern myself with whether or not I am in the correct line of work. What I need to concern myself with is whether or not those whom cross my path can readily see the Love of God through me.

The only way that the Love of God can flow through me is if I am obedient to God and allow His Son, King Y’shua Messiah, to take over my life.

In the mean time, I will be attempting to make Holy Oil!

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Oil Of Life

For some time now James 5:14 has been tickling my ear as has Exodus 30:22-25. For many that just means go to the nearest Bible store and purchase a twelve dollar bottle of Holy Oil. As you may have realized by now we here at Cepher have an allergy to Lemmings, and we oppose “monkey see – monkey do”. So we did a little research to determine the closest recipe to true Biblical Holy Oil and discovered that with today’s prices of the original “official” ingredients at the true proportions required, it is very unlikely that the oil people are buying at the Bible stores are being made with the true designated ingredients (even at wholesale/bulk prices).

Like everything here at Cepher we ask ourselves why God required a specific substance at a specific amount to make the Holy Oil. What we discovered was that every item in the recipe for Holy Oil had some degree of medicinal purpose. However, we believe that the number one reason to use Holy Oil made to Biblical specifications is obedience! It is through that obedience that you gain the benefits.

We are praying and considering making Holy Oil to the exact specification of Exodus 30:22-25 (to the best of our abilities by the Grace of the Blessed Holy Spirit), and we will keep you updated on our progress.

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My Opinion

Everything written in this blog comes from the deeply sincere beliefs of the author. Those beliefs include the workings of the Blessed Holy Spirit in everything in the life of this author. I write from over five decades of experience which includes the eventual and complete dedication of my life over to God. I am in total belief that those who will eventually read these post are directed to do so by the Blessed Holy Spirit. The same Blessed Holy Spirit that directs my thoughts and hands in writing these post.

That is why we have stated numerous times that you must incorporate the Blessed Holy Spirit into these post when you read them, and only if the post rings true in your heart is it meant generally or specifically for your life. Just because your curiosity leads you to read a post does not mean that post was meant for you, however, if it is meant for you, the Blessed Holy Spirit will make it very obvious to you by helping you understand it.

Again, we here at Cepher do not conform completely to the main stream Christian mega church ways of faith! We are followers of “The Way” (Acts 9:2), those “who were born of the will of God” (John 1:13). We believe that since the beginning of time there has always been a difference between those who believe in a god, and those who are following God.

Is one better than the other? Not in our eyes here at Cepher. The difference between the two is a matter of lifestyle. Those who follow God make God the only thing in their lives. Those who believe in God place Him in the center of their lives. This may sound like the same thing, but to a follower putting God at the top of a list is not the same as having God replace the list.

Ultimately, a follower’s entire purpose on earth is to develop the closest possible relationship to God a human being can achieve, viz., Enoch. To become one with Y’shua Messiah is a follower’s goal in life accomplished by complete dedication to the Word of God. This means to study and research the Bible while allowing the Blessed Holy Spirit to teach the nuance of the Word. We do not believe that every single word in the Bible should be followed literally. The Bible is our primary source of contact with our Creator, the starting point and the final step, without such we would be lost.

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Farther Up And Farther In

In the last book of the Chronicles of Narnia there is a part where all of Narnia’s followers of Aslan (the lion metaphor for King Y’shua Messiah) were following him up a large seemingly unending¬† mountain. While they were continuing to climb Aslan would remind them periodically “Farther up and farther in”, as if encouraging them to continue to climb because that was what they all needed to do to get to the top.

Throughout my time dealing with my ailments while trying to be a father and a husband I found myself often going back to that part of the Narnia Chronicles. I knew that God had tried in vain to dissuade me from doing many of the things that eventually caused my discomfort. It was my part to continue “Farther up and farther in” no matter how difficult it would become at times. Because that is where I placed myself through disobedience, and the Bible is full of scripture that speaks to the point of never tiring. There probably is a solid reason for the Word of God to speak on the need for perseverance to the extent that it does.

When I was younger, I would push through the pain and sickness to do whatever it was I thought needed getting done. Through my ailments I have learned that first of all, it was that exact mind-set of disregarding what my body and mind was telling me that harmed my body to a great extent and caused most of my ailments that so negatively affect my life today. Secondly, by learning to listen to my body I have learned to obey God far more than before, and now I know that if I feel physically incapable of performing a particular task (due to an ailment) I will consider that task something that God does not wish me to undertake at that moment. By doing this I have learned how to live with God while allowing Him to take care of so many things that I once thought was my sole responsibility. This in turn, has allowed God to work in so many other people’s lives that I would constantly interfere in before. My interference would hamper other people from developing a relationship with God as their sole provider.

Of course, all of us would like to think that our pain and suffering was for admirable reasons and I hope that by sharing my stories of discomfort it will give some comfort to others in some way by the Grace of God. However, I know that I have learned a great deal about my self through all the sickness and discomfort I have experienced over the decades. The most important development that has transpired from my ailments has been my relationship with God. It has without a doubt been so wonderful that if I had the chance to pick a pain-free healthy, wealthy life without God or my life today with Him, there is no question in my mind that I would never even think about my life without my Lord.

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