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Love and Contentment

Periodically, here at Cepher we post something that has been heavy on our spirit for some time with the belief that the Blessed Holy Spirit is behind us on the post. Obviously, this is going to be one such post, and the topic involves the Agape Love of God, and our ability to rest in it. There is no doubt in our minds here at Cepher, that God is not waiting on His thrown with His iron scepter in His hand hoping that His people screw up so He can whack them on their heads. The God that we believe in here at Cepher is a God of Love, and He is incapable of violence. However, He did set up a system of checks and balances that will cause pain to those who abuse it, which He takes complete responsibility for.

We used the analogy of a hot stove before to show how we believe God created this universe, so we will used it here again. It goes something like this: I will cook you a meal using the stove that can provide great benefit if used appropriately. I instruct you to not touch the stove while I am cooking your meal. You decide that since it is your meal, you should be able to touch the stove; of course, you burn your hand.

The question is: Who’s fault is it? Is it mine for turning on the stove to make your meal, or is it your fault for not listening to good advice? We here at Cepher have no doubt that the fault is all yours, and the very same principles apply to God’s Creation.

The major problem that we are facing today in the United States is our understanding of life as we know it is completely opposite of God’s lifestyle design. As you get closer to God you realize how far this world has drifted from the ways of God. Here at Cepher we believe that our Gracious Creator is gently trying to get humankind to realize the plight of over consumption. The selfishness, greed, isolation and increasing abyss between those who have and those who don’t will continue until we realize how very little it is that we humans need to truly live well.

That satisfaction  that comes with complete contentment becomes so overwhelming that it soon takes over human nature’s desire to consume, and provides a realization of the spiritual dimension that controls our universe. There is only one place to find such contentment, and that of course is from God. Here at Cepher we have noticed a direct connection between the Love of God and our ability to do without, to make do with what we have and adjust to the changing circumstances. We have found that the more one understands the Agape Love of God, the more one will trust Him to supply ones’ needs.

This does not happen over night, in fact it may take decades to finally discover true contentment through complete trust in God. We are all aware of the many scriptures referring to this concept. The main scripture that comes to mind most readily is, Matthew 6:25-34. In this scripture we can see that King Y’shua Messiah is plainly telling all who will listen that His Father is not just capable of taking great care of all of us, but that it is God’s desire and design!

When things become bleak and dark here at Cepher, when we are feeling very tired, sick and confused, we simply take time in God’s Word as we allow Him to strengthen our trust in Him. Many times He will bring to our memory all that He has done for us and all that He continues to do. Also we will begin to see God’s Hand within His Creation all around us and once again a great leap in learning will have occurred in our life that we can then share with others or simply to help us in the next dark journey. Thankfully, it does seem that these dark journeys are becoming fewer and farther between.


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Diary 9/9/09

I’ve decided to date the diary entry because I can not remember what number I’m on, diary # 1 or was it # 5 last time? One thing I do remember is that GOD is GOOD !!!
I just found out my wife may lose her job. Now I can look at this as a bad thing or remember that GOD is good and has good things for me. Not that all things look good to me but that GOD sees the out come and knows ” that all things work together for good to those who love GOD, to those who are the called according to HIS purpose.” ( Romans 8:28 ).
Will I allow my circumstances to drive me crazy or drive me deeper into a relationship with my MOST HIGH GOD?
I have lived 55 years in this world and it’s ways. This, my 56th, year I have chosen to surrender my life to my MESSIAH JESUS.
GOD knew me before I was born ( Jeremiah 1:5 ) and has good plans for me ( Jeremiah 29:11). I choose to believe GOD.

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This is where it all goes wrong, where a great human being devolves into a descent human being. Where a great nation becomes a good nation. Where great believers stumble into being good believers. Yet you ask; “What is wrong with being good?” Everything is wrong with being good when we were created to be great! This is where it all goes wrong.

Everything begins with the individual, and that individual begins at home–wherever that home may be. This is where it all goes wrong. Commitment, ethics, trust, morals, integrity, just words that are seldom spoken and rarely used to the extent that they were decades ago. At a time when a handshake mattered, when a person’s word was a bond, when people had trust for one another; a time long gone.

The divorce rate in America today is 50%! For every couple that get married today there will be a couple filing for divorce. Athletes make a commitment to a college specifically for the coach only to have the coach leave soon after the athlete arrives even though the coach promised that would not occur. Politicians are voted into office for a specific amount of time only to leave for greener pastures before the term is expired. On and on it goes; there is nothing and no one on earth that you can depend on 100%. Because all are more concerned with their selves.

That is just one of the countless reasons we love and serve Y’shua Messiah, and why we place Him above all. Our Lord has already proven to be completely reliable, therefore, He will never let us down, disappoint us, or mislead us no matter what we do to Him. Agape Love is beyond human comprehension, but it is not impossible for us to allow it to flow through us if we desire. If it flows through us others will feel it! If others feel it, it will eventually come back to us!

We are all Abraham’s children! If Abraham’s love for God was shown through his will to give God the most important thing in Abraham’s life, we can expect nothing less. Today there is nothing more important in life then our own lives and that is what we must give to God if we love Him as Abraham loved Him. God does not ask this of us for His pleasure, but for ours. God simply wants to share His love with others who can appreciate it to the extent that His love deserves. Do you not think that God has already found millions of such people over the many millennia that life has already traveled? This surrendering of ourselves is not for God as much as it is for us.

God already showed us the “Way” by coming down to earth as a human being and doing exactly what He requires of us.

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Atomic City

As a citizen of Atomic City, Atom manufactures and sells ball-bearings in three sizes–small, medium, and large. The ball-bearing is a crucial piece of equipment in Atomic City, and without them the city would come to a stand still. One day Atom wanted to buy a motorcycle, but he did not have enough money. So, Atom decided to raise the prices of his ball-bearings; and he bought a nice motorcycle.

Unfortunately, Atomic City Electric Company could not afford to buy Atom’s ball-bearings at the new price unless it too raised prices to adjust to the increased cost. That of course lead the other companies of Atomic City to raise their prices so they could afford the higher cost of electricity. This eventually lead to Atom being forced to raise the price of ball-bearings again to pay for the increased cost of electricity and all the other increased expenses.

Simple to see where this little story is going, but what it amounts too is the reason the Founding Fathers explicitly stated that without a principled society capitalism would not function well. “Supply and Demand” died out decades ago and something called greed took its place. Our founding Fathers never envisioned making the kind of money that some make or the way they make it today! We are constantly re-creating new ways to make money in large ever increasing amounts–without any ethical considerations. In fact the only consideration that is brought to the table today is how to make more money!

As believers in King Y’shua Messiah we are better than this! We need to encourage each other and help ourselves out of this vicious cycle with the Grace of God by the power of the Blessed Holy Spirit! It is not that difficult if we surrender to God. We can do it, and we will!

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Praise God!

Maybe there is hope for us after all!

“…in a striking departure, the American Psychological Association said Wednesday that it is ethical — and can be beneficial — for counselors to help some clients reject gay or lesbian attractions.” –The Wall Street Journal

Finally, someone is realizing the problem with the out of control sexuality the USA endorses! We are brought up from youth to have sex. As if that is our primary goal on this planet! Oddly enough we believe that there just may be another reason humans were created on earth other than to have sex. Originally, sex was for the sole purpose of re-population; at some point it became a recreation for sport and not purpose. There was a time in the not so distant past when intimacy was not referred to as sex but love-making between two married people that cared enough for each other that they were attempting to create life from that wonderful union. Now the thought goes: people are far to weak to fight their temptations, therefore, just let their temptations run amok.

Romans 13:13

“Let us behave properly as in the day, not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual promiscuity and sensuality, not in strife and jealousy.”  NASB

This scripture goes on to suggest that we not allow our flesh to become the primary reason for our life. Is that even possible? Of course, with God all things are possible, one just needs to apply ones self. But it is not probable to think that everyone can follow this type of lifestyle, so therefore allow those who refuse to live with self-control, to be the exception and not the rule. Realizing that those who are capable of self-control get that ability from God and not think it is something they do on their own! A “holier than Thou” lifestyle is more caustic than a lifestyle with no self-control.

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Profound Alterations

Micah 6:8–“He told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”  NASB

Where do we go from here? As a society in trouble, to the extent that we are here in the US, every day that passes without clear committment and conviction from its spiritual core will bring us closer to complete meltdown.

Hosea 14:1-2–“Return, O Israel to the Lord your God, for you have stumbled because of your iniquity. Take words with you and return to the Lord. Say to Him, ‘Take away all iniquity, and receive us graciously, that we may present the fruit of our lips.'”  NASB

As the individual goes; so goes his/her society. The old “weakest link” theory holds true for just about every symbiotic relationship throughout Creation. That is not by chance! The single most crucial relationship on this planet is the one between the individual and God!

Proverbs 24:16–“For a righteous (person) falls seven times and rises again…”  NASB

 What is needed immediately is to “rise” from this last “fall”, and to accomplish that by humbly admitting that we have indeed fallen away from our place with God. We need to be completely surrendered to the Messiah in order for the Blessed Holy Spirit to take over complete control of our lives.

To be God’s true servant we must search our hearts to make sure that there are no ulterior motives involved with our commitment to God. To be God’s, for Him alone; not for any benefit that can be derived from the relationship. Obviously, there is no way to not receive benefits from a relationship with God; what is needed is an honest evaluation of our true motives. To have a relationship with God one must come to God for only one reason, and that being the love one has for God.

Romans 12:1–“I urge you therefore, (followers), by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, your spiritual service of worship.”  NASB

It’s that “acceptable” part that tells us to double check our motives. For if we do, and we find that the only reason we desire to follow the Messiah is because we love Him, then these “fruits” will be very obvious in our lives: Love, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-control (Gal. 5:22-23). Along with those “fruits” we will not display or be: jealousy, boastfulness, arrogance, inappropriate behavior, selfishness, malevolent, vengeful, immoral. Providing our disposition matches the above, then we can: Bear, Believe, Hope, and Endure, all things, with no fear of failure. (1Cor. 13)


 Romans 8:14-17–“For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are (children) of God. For you have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as (children) by which we cry out, ‘Abba! Father!’ The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, heirs also, heirs of God and fellow heirs with the Messiah, if indeed we suffer with Him in order that we may also be glorified with Him.”  NASB






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To walk with God

Genesis 6:6

“And the Lord was sorry that He had made man on earth, and He was grieved in His heart.”  NASB

An article from the AP dated 15 July discussed the death of an 85 year old British conductor and his wife of 54 years. They chose to die at a assisted suicide facility in Zurich.

I know what it is like to live with sickness and in great pain. Multiple Sclerosis, Barrett’s Esophagus; and the results of a broken back and neck, as well as a battered body, and now my Pancreas! I do know what it is to live in discomfort from the baggage I collected on numerous roads and from battles I did not need to be in or travel. However, God is holding me together! If the Messiah does it for me, it’s a cinch that everyone can find comfort, in God!

According to an article from CNN. com five cops were shot in New Jersey during a shootout with a suspected armed robber.

I also read on 15 July from the AP about our Iraq War Vets having enormous difficulty adjusting to life in the US. The article stated that in the past four years eleven people have been brutally murdered by soldiers in a specific Brigade Combat Team. Apparently, the fierce combat trauma may be the mitigating factor.

As someone who worked for the government in a unique capacity with military personnel, I am very aware of the stresses of just combat training and when you add the trauma of combat it is not a good thing. There will be a great need to assist many tens of thousands of such affected soldiers, sailors and marines in the coming decades.

Proverbs 8:12-17

“I, wisdom, dwell with prudence, and I find knowledge and discretion. The fear of the Lord is to hate evil; pride and arrogance and the evil way, and the perverted mouth, I hate. Counsel is mine and sound wisdom; I am understanding, power is mine. By me kings reign, and rulers degree justice. By me princes rule, and nobles, all who judge rightly. I love those who love me; and those who diligently seek me will find me.”  NASB

I love the entirety of Proverbs and chapter eight is one of my favorites. I did not come to God in blind faith. As Wisdom instructs us above, I searched and researched to find the Truth until my eyes could barely stand it. I had already made the two biggest mistakes that any human being could make. The first was to accept other people’s view of God when I was sixteen, and the second was thinking that was the true view of God and completely abandoning any hope of ever finding the Truth. This blog’s main objective is to make you think and hopefully search out the Truth.

Thank God we have Hope!

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Cepher is Hebrew For Book

Ecclesiastes 12:12

Ecclesiastes 12:12

Two years ago my brother and I felt a great desire to write a book for God. Not unlike a few billion other followers of  God. So what we did was pray and wait for God to lead us into our desire. Our desire was secondary to His hand being completely in control of our direction. The first thing that occurred inside our waiting was an event that would have worried us had we not known God was in complete control of our lives. That event was the company my daughter worked for closed its doors. Before they stopped functioning they gave her a great severance package that included an outstanding computer at an unbelievably low price that we could afford, and with that, the possibility of sharing our thoughts of God with you.

I have had a desire to create a web page for over a decade, and when we got started here at WordPress we went through every title that we had ever thought of and the only one that would apply was “Book”. It was very clear that God was allowing us to write our book for Him. We prefer to believe that this is God’s blog just as the Bible is His Book written by His servants. We want more than anything else on earth to give God our very souls to live through us for His glory, and allow His grace to cover all we meet.

We have surrendered our lives to our Messiah hoping His Blessed Holy Spirit will completely control our every thought and desire. While we wait upon the Lord we have been studying to prove ourselves onto God–me, for the last fifteen years, and my brother for the last two years. It is a process that we would like to share with all of you while we learn to walk with our Messiah.

In the five-plus decades that my brother and I have both spent on this earth we have learned that completely surrendering our life to the Messiah has not only been the greatest thing to happen to us, but it is the only way to get through life with hope, understanding, peace and justice, in this day and age.

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2 Chronicles 7:14

II Chronicles 7:14 – ” If MY people who are called by MY name will humble themselves and pray and seek MY face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from Heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.”

This is it! This is the answer to all our problems, the solution to all our dilemmas, the pleasant outcome to our poor predicaments!
We humble ourselves ( give up our right to our self ). Pray( go to a higher source than our self).
Seek GODS face ( focus on GOD and not our self).
Turn from our wicked ways?? I don’t know about you but turning from my wicked ways is impossible, this is going to be tough, I don’t know if I can do this.?
Stop me please!

It’s not a question of turning from wicked ways. Ever realize the sequence of direction the LORD uses??? Turning from wicked ways is the last thing HE asks us to do.
If you can truly humble yourself, pray sincerely, and honestly seek a one-on-one relationship with GOD you will find that turning from wicked ways is as natural as breathing because by that time you will be so full of the HOLY SPIRIT that all things will be possible for you.You see, you can not humble yourself or pray or seek GOD without the power, guidance and love of GODS HOLY SPIRIT!
We all need to be full of the HOLY SPIRIT and not our self.
Problem is we think we need to please GOD to win HIS approval and then we will be able to be humble, pray, and seek GOD as a true saint. News flash – there is no good thing in you!
You and I were created by GOD for GOD but we turned a good thing into a bad thing when we decided to not follow HIS rules for the relationship and ” do our own thing!”
DO NOT blame Adam and Eve, everyone has had an opportunity to live a good and holy life and only JESUS the Messiah has succeeded.
Now after breaking the tie that bonds us to GOD, we have nothing good in us. The only thing good in us was GOD and we walked away. Now what!?
JESUS, JESUS is the bond that GOD provided by HIS love and only through complete surrender to the lordship of JESUS do we have a WAY ( I AM, WAY, TRUTH, LIFE ! )
It’s a very simple thing for you, BUT it cost JESUS a crucifixion.

Simply ask ” LORD JESUS, SON of THE MOST HIGH GOD, I believe that you died on a cross for my sins.That GOD raised you from the dead and you now are alive at the right hand of GOD the FATHER for my intercession. I now surrender my life’s yesterday, today and forever, into your hands, AMEN. ( Romans 10:9 ).
If you say this prayer with sincerity you can belong to JESUS and the family of GOD right now.
You have also access to the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD ( the most awesome and powerful force in the universe ) at any time because it has been promised to you.
You can now humble yourself , pray, seek GODS face and turn from your wicked ways because all things are possible with GOD.
If you truly want this life to work you must pick up your cross daily.
JESUS carried his cross to Calvary which was GOD’s will for HIM.
Your cross is the Father’s will for you each day. Sometimes it’s not what we want, but if we are obedient to the FATHER ( led by the HOLY SPIRIT ) HE has a way that leads to a humble, prayerful, intimate and holy life that far exceeds our dreams.
You will wonder why you resisted HIS way for so long.
But remember, this is total surrender, every single moment of every single day.
This can only be accomplished by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT in you.
Every morning start your day with GOD ( meditational thought and prayer and bible and continue on every waking moment if possible). After a few days or weeks or months you will realize that even the bad days are good with GOD.
By the power of the HOLY SPIRIT and with time you will find yourself  in an act of worship that is as natural as breathing, it just happens.
But do not be fooled. Even though we know this truth it is a constant struggle between the SPIRIT and the flesh. St. Paul was very well aware of this ( Romans 7 & 8 ).
But we are told that with GOD all things are possible. So our hope is in HIM.
Remember you are a work in progress ( Ephesians 2:22 ). You are being built into the saint God intends for you to be.
Our part is to give up our right to our self into the hands of THE MOST HIGH GOD.


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Funny thing about life–spiritual or secular–when you think you have a good grip on the bat; the bat breaks. Mine ended up sailing over the pitcher’s head. That is exactly why the Lord ask to pinch hit for us to help us avoid that type of set-back. Speaking of set-backs; the last time I wrote I was walking to third base and because I had learned to take my time, be patient and rest in God, I was beginning to feel just a bit haughty. Which seems to happen to me quite often, and with the understanding that I have with the Lord He lets me know immediately.

I just recently retired after thirty years with a municipal fire department and some years back I was badly injured on a house fire when the front porch roof collapsed on top of me immediately rendering me several inches shorter. Since then my back has had a flair-up or two, and it just so happened that while I was proudly strolling toward third another flair-up introduced itself to me. Unless you have had a bad backache you may not completely appreciate my predicament. Let me just say that a backache is a great attention getter.

Of course, at first I tried surgery, medication, therapy, and holistic treatment to no avail. Then I went to the church elders for prayer, and still nothing. So this time I had decided to handle it myself and take it straight to the Man Up Stairs! He and I had it out; or at least I screamed at God until I tired. Again, to no avail, but when I had finally shut-up I was able to hear the Lord’s voice, “My grace is sufficient.”

I truly believe that the Holy Spirit revealed to me that it was during my time living outside of the Kingdom of God that I became a target for the devil and I got pummeled. I now have the scars that ache at times when I begin to drift outside the Kingdom. Oh yes, God can and will heal every single ache as I walk with Him in His Kingdom, His road, and His time.

One thing about second base is it gives you a great view of the field, the game, and the stands. From my view point I can see another player who is out in left field, lying on his back, watching the clouds. Yes, there are more than just butterflies to distract you. The scary part is how enjoyable it is to do your own thing out in left field. But deep down inside we know we cannot do our own thing in the game. There are rules for all players and no one can pick which rule to follow and which to disobey.

If however, you choose not to play the game you can become a spectator or leave the park entirely. Although, if you do not play you will not be able to participate in the after game celebrations or the championship awards banquet. I don’t know about you, I do not want to be left out in the dark while there is celebrations happening. So until next time, I will be waiting for my signal from third, as I am sure, the base Coach has been waiting for my attention.

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