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The Winds of Change

They’re here. Can you feel them? The threshold has been crossed and the change must now take place. The Winds that are blowing have less to do with our climatic atmosphere than they do with our Spiritual atmosphere–this Wind is the Blessed Holy Spirit (The Hebrew word for wind is also the word for Spirit–Genesis 8:1, Exodus 15:10, Numbers 11:31, Ezekiel 37:9). Here at Cepher we think it is for the better because people will not change on their own. We are an obstinate people, a stiff-necked people who do not listen to reason, only to force (Exodus 33:5). And now that force is the Force of Nature (both climatic and human) that will continue to place a strangle hold on this country until we relinquish our hold on it.

We have had a decade of warnings to make the necessary changes and we have gone in the opposite direction. Instead of changing our ways and becoming completely submissive to King Y’shua Messiah, we have leaned onto our own understanding while depending upon our own strength. Big mistake! Just as Saint Peter did on Gethsemane (Matthew 26:52). Do not misunderstand this post; we are not advocating for the Ten Commandments in our schools, we are advocating for them to be in are hearts!

The climate, the economy and the morals of this nation will change. Unfortunately, it will get much worse before it begins to get better. But it will get better! Not in our life time, but in lifetimes to come. That is what this life is all about, not our life, but another life. Until we begin to live for others as King Y’shua Messiah showed us two millennia ago, that we still refuse to emulate, we will never be His disciples. Shame on us!

Economy, food, water, climate are all becoming less and less accommodating until we–the citizens of the USA– as the leading example of this earth, finally begin to live within the means of this planet in respect to all the other human beings on this earth. As long as we (Americans) continue to live as if we own everything, acting as if as long as we desire it, we deserve it, we will indeed get exactly what we deserve–as we are seeing at this very moment ( Genesis 6:6, Jonah 1:2, Exodus 32:7-10, Matthew 23:37-39).

Make no mistake, we cannot fix this! All we can do now is attempt to improve the chances of our next generations. That is not a bad thing. Please follow along: Read the rest of this entry »


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Here at Cepher we are constantly asking two questions more than any other, why and what if. The later, the counter factual is our biggest motivational engine, though the why is almost as important. We are always asking what if , and today is no exception. It appears that as humans we tend to rely heavily on constancy and absolutes, such as, predicting the weather. We rely on the various laws of nature/science like gravity and thermodynamics. Many of us can tell when a friend or loved one is upset without the person saying anything. So it makes perfect sense that we would expect the very same condition from God. We would expect to know what God expects from us, and how to follow Him correctly.

However, this is not what most of us find when trying to follow God with all our hearts today. Should I help this person in need or is this person just attempting to take advantage of me? Should I keep my kids from doing a lot of what other kids today do? Where should I go to church? Should I go to church? These are just a few of the many questions we have for God daily and few of us ever get a clear answer. That is a clear answer immediately. And many times the answer is there right in front of our face, however, we are not able to see it with our physical senses. God is  Spirit, and therefore, consider everything of God in Spirit.

What if, the Lord created a world where His laws were as clear as the laws of nature? Where one only need be familiar with God’s Laws to live within them. Just as we must live within the law of gravity, accepted as second nature. That world would be one where those who studied the Word of God while applying the earth’s physical laws to God’s laws would have a great advantage over those who did not. Such as, knowing that God’s Spirit is extremely gentle, and therefore does not force itself on anyone, which would tend to make the first impression the correct thought. Also knowing that God’s law centers on obedience, thereby advising the follower to have patience and disciplined to persevere until such time that renders the necessary results.

Let us consider a counter factual world where God ruled:

It would be a place where true followers live within their means a very simple, though extremely satisfying life. Where the Beatitudes are realized in the lives of each follower. Where Agape Love was the only rule. It would be a place where greed and hatred would have no hold on the followers because the followers were willing to allow God’s perspective to rule. It is not as if greed, hatred, and jealousy did not exist, they simply would not be less likely to rule over so many people at any given time; thereby, never allowing them to gain a foothold inside the hearts of anyone. Just as misery loves company, all other personality traits, emotions, feelings, and thoughts need the same to survive to a point of conquer. When greed sneaks into a followers mind it first must find hospitable conditions. Then it must grow inside the person, and that requires the person’s approval. Next, it must spread into others for any chance to conquer, and that is where fellowship is so important. The greed stricken person must find others in the same condition as he/ she was in at the time of the infection, and that is where the true follower of God makes all the difference in the world. By not being susceptible to the infection of greed, the follower stops the transmission at that point. The more followers, the less transmission.

That the majority of true followers of God have always come from independent personalities is not a coincidence, and that they are not bothered by the title of  “Heretic”. Such was the situation at the time of Y’shua Messiah on earth, as it was before the Visitation, and certainly we have no reason to see a change in that atmosphere today, since it has been such for the past two millennia. When someone infected with greed (or any other social malfunction) and confronted with a true follower of God, the infected person is not just stopped from gaining ground, but also from gaining more strength. Therefore, if the stricken person comes in contact with enough true followers then that person may begin to get second thoughts that cause him/her to reconsider her/his place.

What if a world like this really existed?

Why not?

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The Ah-Ha Moment!

Eureka! We have it! Finally, after more than five decades of an on-again, off-again, search for the meaning of life, here at Cepher we have arrived at an understanding that surpasses earthly knowledge. We have discovered, by the Grace of the Blessed Holy Spirit, why we are on this planet. Now, before we discuss it with you, you must understand that this is a finding, a revelation, a realization that has found peace in our heart; this is not a general consensus. It is a Truth that we have established through everything that we have experienced in over five decades. We are at peace with this discovery, True Peace. We are at Peace because we have arrived at the Answer. There is no longer any question in our lives that is not satisfactorily answered by this Truth.

We have all wondered why Mr. X seemed to live an absolute perfect life with little or no problems, even when he looses something it eventually finds it way back to him at a million to one odds; yet convinced there is no God. Our Truth tells us that since God is only concerned with our Salvation, and He has already seen the end of Mr. X’s life where he denies God the last time, all the various activities of our life that will eventually lead us to our Salvation have no purpose in Mr.X’s life. It is the traumas of life that shape us, teach us, and lead us into the person that God knows we are to become to help us create inside of ourselves that tremendous energy that every follower must have when close to God in Eternity (Exodus 33:17-23).

Another perplexing question deals with the loss of a loved one. Our Truth comforts us in knowing that baptized or not, when all young children die they leave a world of hate, fear, destruction, violence and death, and they go to a place that is the complete opposite forever. It also tells us that when someone dies it is because they have gone as far as they are ever going to go in their journey with God on this earth (Genesis 5:24), and since this is the sole reason we were born, there would not be any reason to stick around. Of course, there are those who have become as close to God as they will ever get while on earth and have yet to leave; here the Truth shows how God uses certain people within the interconnectedness of humankind (Luke 22:10-12)

Our Afterlife consist of God and all His Host, including all who ever lived. Their proximity to God on earth transfers to the Afterlife; however close you were with God on earth determines your place in the Afterlife (Matthew 19:28& Mark 10:40). In the Afterlife, just as on earth, the purpose is to worship God (Matthew 4:10), and the closer one is to the Lord the more beautiful eternity will be for that worshiper. That makes the opposite true also.

We are on earth to establish a relationship with our Creator. No more, no less. We are not here to evangelize the world, that has already been done to the extent that the Bible put forth (Romans 10:18 & 16:26). We are not here to gain and hoard wealth. We are not here to conquer other civilizations. Here at Cepher, we believe without a doubt, that we are on this earth to set up a relationship with God, and as this is occurring if the Lord blesses us with wealth or if He directs us to the missionary field, then so be it; but that is not our primary emphasis. Our only priority is to serve the Lord by developing a relationship that allows us to discover who our Creator is and allows our Creator to use us in any way, shape or form our God so desires.

Our expectations will be to serve Y’shua Messiah.

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Why Are We Here?

So many believers and non-believers have been convinced that the human race is on this earth to live out earthly pleasures and enjoy life to the fullest. Here at Cepher we think they have got it half right. We are here to enjoy life, the Garden of Eden should tell us that. However, just as inside the Garden, in order to live life to its fullest we must live life within the direction, and under the authority of God. But what does that mean?

2 Peter 1:3-11, tells us all we need to know to follow God and have an abundant life. Verses 5-7 list all the character traits that one needs to display in life in order to have what verse 3 describes; God’s divine power granting to us everything pertaining to life and godliness. What more could you want? Well, that is the problem, is it not? What we want, and what God desires for us to have are very different indeed, and that is where the problem occurs in a believer’s life who is doing everything they can to get God to give them all that they believe they deserve. Ouch!

You see, us humans are a peculiar lot. We have trouble deciphering between what is good for us and what we want to be good for us, what is good for us–eternally– and what feels good to us –temporarily– are usually very different. That difference is what is costing the believers today, because they have no real shepherds helping them to understand the detriment of the difference. How many of you have asked God recently why you are not receiving the particular blessings that you feel are yours?

“Why God? What do I have to do to get to that place in life that gives me all that I need and keeps me from all harm? When will You help me get past all this stress in life?”

Is that what we are here for, for God to bless us to our specifications? Is that why we serve God, to receive a blessed life in return? Is that why we were born?

Make no mistake! God does want to bless His children, however, as Job 28:13 explains how we have no true understanding of wisdom, and that we have no understanding of its value for our lives. Only God knows what is truly good for us and we must learn to trust Him before we can truly follow Him. Until we sincerely follow God for the single reason that that is what we were born to do, we will be asking Him, where is He, and after all that I have done for Him why can’t I find Peace?

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Have You Been To The Mountain?

Matthew 17

The Transfiguration, can you imagine seeing what Saints Peter, John and James saw? Oh, how many Mountains we have been at the top of and seen what we have seen only to do what we have done. The Saints did the same as all of us human beings do, they faltered in their vision and their faith right after experiencing paradise. We have been wired for God’s leadership and that wire was clipped when we ate from the Tree of Knowledge. Now we depend entirely on the “wifi” of the Blessed Holy Spirit to keep us on track.

Once we realize that we are no different from Adam and Eve or the Apostles, we can understand that if they faltered we will falter under the same circumstances. Those circumstances are always a matter of being without God–trying to accomplish something outside of the Will of God. We were designed by God to function perfectly under His direction.  But when we (humanity–Adam and Eve) chose to go out on our own that connection was forever broken on earth. Y’shua Messiah is our example of life on earth with God today, and that example was wrought with pain and difficulty on an earthly scale. Y’shua paid the price for our salvation–that is what His name means in Hebrew–however, that price did not include a care free walk in the park life. Not a single follower of Y’shua, written about in the Bible, had such a life, and neither should we expect one.

These preachers that are “selling” their flocks on the belief that God wants them to have a boat in every harbor will have a price to pay in time, and the clock is ticking. Because the Bible tells us that only with God can we even hope to make it through life, not that we should prosper beyond belief with God. There is a ten to one ratio of scriptures telling us to persevere through trial and tribulation, to the scriptures of prosperity! That says a great deal and we are missing it!

As Saint Paul did, we must find contentment with much and with little (Philippians 4:11).

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Diary 6

Found myself watching commercials during the Hall of Fame Bowl to see if mine would come up–find myself focused on this new adventure in life—I amaze myself !!!
I have dedicated my life to GOD, gone to prayer meetings, bible studies, workshops and retreats. Fasted, prayed, cried, sung to GOD. Read the bible 3 times through and over 100 books related to GOD. I have come to the rock solid truth that we can do nothing but surrender and wait for GOD to work HIS way in us.
BUT – you do not pray surrender or think surrender or speak surrender – you become surrendered – you become surrendered – you become surrendered !!!!!
It is a process- yes you come to GOD and pray and believe BUT HE will work in you ( Phil. 2:13 ) – ( 1 Thess. 5:24 ) what you are to become–we are to just believe and trust day by day.
And it is one day at a time—1 day turns to 2 and then 3 and 3 days turns to a week and then 8 months and then I asked ” what the heck is going on ??? !!!!! ” because to me there was nothing but for GOD there was everything. I am reminded that Moses waited on GOD for 40 years and King David was anointed King but waited 15 years to see it come to be.
On thru the bible GOD shows us ( to prepare us ) that His ways are not ours. And as we wait we are not to get sideways or travel into left field  to find our place or cause or calling.
Once you except GOD’S  ways you wait where you are until HE moves you.
But it’s tough, we think that we should do something, to go somewhere, and for us to have to go through the same old ordinary routine is not what we want — it’s not what I want !!!!
Then HE reminds me that it’s not about me.
In many ways it is because GOD so wants for me to be perfect and complete that HE centers HIMSELF around our life 24 / 7. BUT it is still about HIM – HIS GLORY , HIS WAY.
So when I get side ways and start planning my next move, venture, journey – I’m reminded
” TRUST ME ” ” ABIDE in ME ” make ME your focus and not yourself or your family or your job or your life but focus on ME and all these other things will fall into place perfectly.
( Matt. 6:33 )
So if you find yourself like me – pre-occupied with yourself and your world –get on your knees and thank GOD that HE is so loving.

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