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What is wrong with this picture: Countries too numerous to list are all failing miserably due to the USA “loaning” money to countries and leaders that have no basis for pay-back? World Bank, IMF and the like, are tools used by our country to keep other countries doing our bidding, while keeping the citizens of these poor countries in poverty and despair.

The USA must stop helping other countries like this! Most the citizens of the US think they are working for God by helping all these countries that in reality we have raped and reduced to rubble in the name of “Capitalism”.

  • Guatemala 1953-54 & 60 onward
  • Nicaragua 1978-90
  • Panama 1969-91
  • El Salvador 1980-94

This is just the very tip of an enormous iceberg floating directly in our path. Check into each and everyone of these, and you will know what I already do.

People, just think for one moment if these atrocities our true, does God bless or curse them?


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So it seems as though Cepher as become political. Or is it just a matter of societal impression?

Most people today think politics is what one does in a voting booth. Oh to wish it were that simple. I suggest a quick look in the dictionary to confirm what so many today seem to be participating in–politick.

Before I could write another post I needed some quiet time with my Messiah, my Holy Father. I needed to be very certain before I began writing posts that ask all true believers to depend on their Holy Father, their Messiah. To depend on our Lord not just more than weapons, skills, intelligence, but in place of them!

No more waiting for the anti-christ while secluded inside your secure, supplied, bunker; and telling others to do the same. The End of Days have come and gone so many times before that it has become almost impossible to count. Some have involved just certain towns and communities, others have engulfed almost all living things. The last was just two-thousand years ago involving an entire group of people who refused to listen to the very same message that this post is advising, which is the very same message that has been present since the creation of time: Trust in the Creator, not the creation.

That message has been the simplest and at the same time most complex philosophy that has ever been spoken–the Tree of Knowledge vs. the Tree of Life. Do you depend on your own abilities–those very same abilities that your Creator gave you–or do you depend upon your Creator? The two Trees. Both planted by the same Gardner for one reason: the creation of the perfect character.

Angels don’t have it, animals can’t, we are the only creation that can develop this perfect character. It is the exact character of our Creator. It takes a life time to develop this character, and not everyone can develop it. One must first desire to have it, and then one must persevere until the character has completely developed. Not until it has completely manifested does it become functional; and no, I have yet to complete the program, “as it were”. However, I have determined that I will complete it, that being, only by my Holy Father’s Grace.

Before I reached this conclusion I first had to understand that my human nature wants nothing to do with this perfect nature and will never stop trying to keep me from hanging in there long enough to receive this ultimate gift. Apparently, there is only enough room within my soul to hold a single nature, and the more of one nature inside my soul means the less of another–similar to the ancient “Two Wolves Story”.  Ultimately, what this all means is the more one depends on their own nature, the less they will depend upon the Lord; and the opposite is also true.

As everything in life, it begins with just a taste and slowly takes over.

Please, at the risk of using the ultimate cliche, the Truth is out there! Start with the Bible, but read it with the Blessed Holy Spirit! I found it through the Blessed Holy Spirit, and our Lord promises you will also–if you look!

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HERE is some good teaching material for organized descent!

But why do we care? Simple:

If Middle-Class America does not step-up and come together very soon, there will be no more Middle-Class!

Look around you! Every one of us knows someone in dire financial straights, and that is a lot of people! We all feel the weight of the ax hovering just above our own necks, and we are all just a step or two away from the chopping block. It could come from your neighbor next-door, the State next to yours, or it could come from the next country that is already on the verge of collapse! We all know that the economic system that we so desperately depend on to maintain our lifestyles is on life-support, and at any time that last straw could drop and break that camel’s back!

Heck, you could end up like I did decades ago, and simply get sick! Or, as my family–have someone very close to you become very ill, but not die, they just stay alive and cost a fortune in medical bills!

There are so many different ways to lose your place at the table that what you think today is secure can become a nightmare tomorrow, we have only one real Hope. But there is a big catch to receiving and believing in that one Hope:

You see, our only Hope happens to love humankind, so much so that He demanded that all non-humankind subject themselves to humankind! That means that us “humans” must also love and subject ourselves to each other! We are unique only because we are created! It is our Creator that is truly everything–our only Hope–and our Creator requests that we love one another.

One way to accomplish this is by becoming more like a servant and less like the “entitled”. We are on this planet together whether we acknowledge this fact or not, and together we will be–up or down, in or out, for good or for…well you get the idea.

I came across THIS WEBSITE and thought it was appropriate for this post; I hope you will think so too.

Together, one way or another–together.

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Our fourth child just got married and as I sometimes do I spent a little time today “Stumbling” through the Internet within the various categories that have always held an interest with me:  Science, Religion, Spirituality, History, etc. –and from what I hear, most would find it unreasonable that I would not include porn in that web browsing, but I assure you that I grew out of that long ago(too bad most mature adult men haven’t).

In this latest journey I came across THIS and thought some of you might find it as interesting as I have.

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How many news articles telling us of the “NATO” personal being killed by someone in an Afghan uniform completely explain the actual circumstances resulting in the loss of another “Hero”–of which we are beginning to run very low?

Why is it that the majority of these articles make it sound as if some crazy Afghan zealot just happened to obtain an Afghan army uniform and on the spur of the moment decided to kill a NATO official?

The truth is “GREEN ON BLUE” fighting, which is a military term for friendly fighting incident that has gone terribly wrong; because the reality is neither side fighting is “friendly” with anyone!

These “encounters” are planned attacks by the very Afghan soldiers that we are teaching to fight like us, using this knowledge to attack and kill their teachers!

That is war! The American way! It began in 1700’s when we beat the British using “ungentlemanly” tactics to beat a much larger, more experienced, and far better equipped military. All’s fair– as they say. A page right out of Clausewitz and Sun Tzu.

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Counter Factual

Just think;

What if, there really was a God that has no beginning, no end, and has always been there beyond anything the human mind can comprehend; and this God decided to make other beings just as the Bible discusses. Beings the likes of Angels: Angelic Reapers, living creatures full of eyes in front and behind, Cherub, Cherubim, and the six-winged Seraphim.

And what if this God decided to create something completely different from anything He had already created.  A creation that was so very different that God instructed all of Heaven to bow and serve this new creation. To love this new creation as God Himself Loved it. Something so different that it caused a great division within Heaven itself.

What if, today that creation has become so far from what God had desired that God no longer was glad He had created it? As God has attempted to correct the idiosyncratic characteristics of this unique creation a number of times in the past. In God’s final attempt; what if, He decided to become His creation and walk among it in an attempt to teach it to become what God has always envisioned His special unique creation to be?

What if, we and our children’s children are the last ones with that tremendous opportunity to “get it right”?

What if, all we ever needed to do was simply follow within His exact footprints that He left for us to walk in over two millennia ago?

What if, all we have to do is exactly what He has already done–three years plus of walking on this planet as a human being all the while allowing the Creator complete possession and control of the flesh. So the Creator could show His creation how to love each other, how to treat each other, how to exist side by side with others of God’s creation that do not see things exactly the same. What if we did the same exact thing? That is–we–those who can.

There is so much that we may never know why is it that we act as if we know it all?

What if…

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How sad it is that the world’s climate is changing beyond optimal conditions and those of us who believe in a Creator cannot even agree on what we are seeing right in front of our own faces. Time has run out to stop the changes, and no matter how much water and seeds you try to amass for your survival; down deep in your heart you know how trivial that task will be when once you have enough supplies to last you for one year, and your “situation” ends up lasting one month longer than you had planned.

And do not get me started on weapons for the protection of your loved ones! Do you even understand how many weapons  are floating around this nation right now? Not counting the illegal military grade weapons owned and used by hundreds of thousands gang members here and just south of here! And then there is the dreaded government and its armament!

In the end, your survival, as with everyone else, will depend upon our Lord’s Love and Mercy that He expects all of His followers to live by.

Every society in the history of humankind that depended on something other than our Creator ended badly.

If you believe in the Heavenly Father then act like it, please!

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The New USA?

For those of us whose hobbies include quizzical interests in political and economic policy, watching the goings on in Greece is very educational. For some, what goes on in GREECE is reflective of the multiple divisions within the politic USA.

Wonder if it may be…?

What a mess.

You see, the one very tricky condition of Faith is one needs to believe first. For Faith to work one of two aspects must be in place:

  • One individual of true righteousness must pray for a specific request. JAMES 5:16
  • A number of  less righteous folk need to come into an agreement to pray for a specific request together. JAMES 5:14

There are no gimmicks, no easy answers, no fast track solutions, just good old fashion Faith. Faith that our Messiah will stand with us as we pray for the health and salvation of the USA. Time will never run out with our Lord, only without Him. Guns, Military, violence, does not security make.

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With these latest posts you may see a slight change in content, but you would be amiss if you thought the original vision of Cepher has changed even just a bit. Today at Cepher we are witnessing a disturbing change in the direction of a large portion of believers. For certain there have always been those on the far right of every faith that have amassed enough power and followers in the past to succeed in instigating the like of The Crusades, The Inquisitions and all the others little harmless witch-hunts that set Christianity in such a fine light.

However, groups like Opus-Dei , which have been leading in the shadows for decades waiting for this exact moment when the belief in the Lord’s number one rule of “Loving God more than everything else” has become so badly twisted that the second rule that the Lord placed equal to the first: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”, no longer means to “turn the other cheek”! Today, if they do not believe as you do, they are not your neighbor! Not only are they not your neighbor, they have become your enemy! This type of belief takes us right back into the “eye for an eye” mentality!

If belief in our Messiah does not mean “Unconditional Love” for ALL humankind, then why believe?

The Words of our Messiah are very explicit, so please read them: MATTHEW 5:38-48

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Hate In His Name

MARK 7:24-29          LUKE 10:30-37        JOHN 4:7-45

If after you read these scriptures you still think that our Messiah desires the so called “holy land” at ANY COST, well then, we most certainly have two completely different Spirits guiding our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. And I am very sorry for you if that is the case.

Because, the Blessed Holy Spirit promotes Love, Harmony, and Peace; and you cannot achieve such things through violence, force, or anger.

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