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If you thought my other posts were off, wait ’till you get the gist of this one!

Have you ever tried explaining something complicated to someone simple? If you have then you know exactly what I am feeling right now.

Though this may come off as drunk ramblings of an old man, I assure I am not intoxicated; just rambling and old! And very, very tired of watching so many of you walk into the on-coming bus! Contrary to today’s popular thought, there is no magic bullet, no instant fix, no panacea. There is only effort, sweat, pain, anguish, failure, turmoil, pain and more pain. Did I mention the pain? It is only after all that, when even the possibility of success appears for only a fleeting moment before disappearing into more PAIN (lots and lots of pain). In the end, and only at the end, does the slightest bit of hope pop up and looks at you as if to say “You stupid fool! You actually believed?”

It is only then, and only if you respond in the affirmative, that you finally see the FACE OF GOD.

Why is that!?

Simple, our Creator is so much more than we will ever understand while we walk in these fragile cloaks, that we cannot ever look unto the FACE OF GOD and live (Exodus 33:17-23).

What’s the deal when a physical ailment changes the chemical balance, like depleting your dopamine, which raises an already dangerous aggressive nature from a passed that you had thought the good Lord cleansed you from? Now what? Am I to think that I cannot run from what now appears to be my destiny? Or it this just another of a plethora of little bumps in the road; a road that I have been walking through like a mine field ?

You know what I think?

Before I tell you what I think, you must first try and understand the road I have been on for the past five decades. It has not been what most would call a normal path; whatever normal is. Though it has been an eventful path all the same. Eventful, and terribly damaging; to me physically, mentally, emotionally, and to so many others whom my life crossed (I am so sorry).  At first it was all for God and country, then everything changed, it became personal. My country abandoned me when I needed it most; as did my wife, family and eventually, my own body. That was when I had no other choice, but to ask the only one who had stood by me, patiently waiting for me to turn and ask for help from God.

Please understand that I am only trying to open your eyes as the Lord has opened mine to the truths of what the USA is really all about. THIS will help in that education if you want to know the truth!

I was once under the same illusion that the USA was the worlds protector, only to find out that in fact the world needs to be protected from the USA! If only I could help you to understand; our President does not even want to truly comprehend what our military is doing right now!

If we do not face the reality of what the USA is doing today we will be held completely accountable whether or not we face the truth. We cannot hide the truth from our Creator! And how can we believe in a God of Love while we live in a country that believes only in power? Darwinian power!


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