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I am going to go way out on a limb today to announce the winner of the 2012 US Presidential Elections. He will be the one with his hands deepest into the pockets of the Corporatocracy that have been running this nation for decades. If President Obama “wins”, it will not be his last four years in office that caused people to vote for him because he has done little to nothing that he promised except the most egregious promises to the far left. If Mr. Romney “wins” his past shows everyone that he is as much a liar who will say whatever it takes to become President that our current President is and has done. Therefore, the only difference between the two will be determined by the corporatocracy that has picked our last nine Presidents.

That difference is based upon what the Corporatocracy is in need of for the next four years.

While I was online today my security software advised me that a file that had just been down-loaded into my computer was “OK” and aloud to bury itself down deep into my software to a point of unknown location. I tried to find it, but ended up down the rabbit hole. This was just one of many “application files” that Microsoft or who knows who slips into all of our online PCs on a daily basis, which few of us can control or even keep track of. Which leads me to THIS.

If there were ever a time when humanity needed to find their Creator, become intimately familiar, and to learn to trust our God completely; this is the time!


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