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WAKE the heck UP!!

THIS decision, matching that of the High Court’s original affirmation allowing corporations to act as individual US citizens  when donating Billions$$$$$ into politics, is the biggest slap in the face of our US Constitution–the same one our Faithful Founding Fathers created– that has ever been attempted!

The final nail in our coffin of free belief is being hammered into place as you read this.

Corporations have no soul–they should have no vote!  Money should not determine who we vote for; our conscience should be a major factor in our voting practices, not our pocketbooks or bottom lines. We are becoming completely lead by our consuming nature rather than our Spiritual Nature. Where will that lead us? Consumed, completely consumed!

The creators of our US Constitution believed in the betterment of humankind, and understood that it was only through that better nature of humankind that we could operate within the constraints of this constitution.

A board of directors is not your neighbor!


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