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What would motivate a high school teacher to show his TENTH GRADE CLASS an unedited video of a psychopathic cannibalistic killer murdering, dismembering, consuming, and having sex with the victim?

Please understand that this question is rhetorical and has no answer! However, do direct your attention to the  comments left by some of the readers of the above linked article. Some seem to believe that there is an educative value in a video of this nature that minors could find beneficial. Those people who believe such things, are of the majority in the world today, and they have little to no true knowledge of human nature, the history of humankind, and/or Spirituality. That makes their beliefs, knowledge and opinions very detrimental to humankind.

Ten year old murderers, Presidents having extramarital sex within the Oval office with young interns, Senators going to jail for bribery, dirty cops, FBI traitors, doctors over-prescribing medication for profit, and rampant child pornography, are just a few of the reasons  some think high school kids can learn something beneficial from “slash videos”.

Society has become lost in reason; we have become too smart for our own good, and now we are paying dearly for it. Though the price we are paying today for our arrogance is extreme, it is only going to get much more costly and it is already beginning to cost us our children! The question that need be asked, is: What will our arrogance cost our grand-kids?


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