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THIS is why I check out The Palmer Perspective regularly!

Does this mean that I follow his every word, or believe exactly as he does? NO!

However, he does have great ideas, some that I do agree with, such as the one above.

Let us stop finding fault with others, let’s stop looking for where we are different, what we do not agree on; and maybe we can begin to find avenues where we can walk together to accomplish something good for all humankind.

The Bible has a very clear path set down for all to follow: First our Creator picked a couple (GENESIS 2:7-25), then a family (GENESIS 6:9-22), that grew into tribe (EXODUS 33:1). That tribe evolved into a nation (1KINGS 8:1-8), and that nation was used to convert all mankind (MATTHEW 28:19, MARK 16:15, LUKE 24:47).

It all begins with finding common ground.


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