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The Golden Dawn party in Greece uses the Nazi salute, has as its symbol a variation of the Nazi swastika and has proposed setting up internment camps for foreigners who refuse to leave the country. It took 21 seats, or 7 percent of the vote, in the May parliamentary elections. France’s far-right National Front, led by Marine Le Pen, pulled 18 percent of the vote in the first round of the presidential election. The right-wing Freedom Party in the Netherlands is the third largest in the parliament and brought down the minority government. The Freedom Party in Austria is now the second most popular in the country and holds 34 seats in the 183-seat lower house of the parliament. The Progress Party in Norway is the largest element of the opposition. The Danish People’s Party is Denmark’s third largest. And the Hungarian fascist party Jobbik, or the Movement for a Better Hungary, captured 17 percent of the vote in the last election. Jobbik is allied with uniformed thugs known as the Hungarian Guard, which has set up patrols in the impoverished countryside to “protect” Hungarians from Gypsies. And that intolerance is almost matched by Israel’s ruling Kadima party, which spews ethnic chauvinism and racism toward Arabs and has mounted a campaign against dissenters within the Jewish state.

Above is an excerpt from the complete article written by Chris Hedges–linked above

I have been following his writing for years now, and I have come to believe that Mr. Hedges wants to see a world in peace that lives in complete harmony.

Is that so bad?

Mr. Hedges also writes that “time is running out”. Very soon, the worst or the very best of humankind will arise; and of course, the million dollar question is which portion of society will it be? Where do you stand?

The ends justifies nothing! It is not what you do or how you believe, but it is WHY that is important.

My title for this post is not a type-o (though I do take some liberties with my syntax). The line in the sand has almost been completely drawn, and you must decide what side will hold your footprints. There is and always has been only two sides, no matter how many lines have been drawn–they all come from the same line creating only two sides. A line that was drawn in the beginning of time itself, a line that separates Light from darkness, Good from evil, Right from wrong, Life from death; The very same line that has separated the Tree of Knowledge from the Tree of Life!

This line is not difficult to find, although, choosing the correct side does hold some challenges. Today more than ever the line has been blurred to the point that makes one feel almost hopeless–key-word here being almost. Almost, because there is one side that is clear; one side that clearly makes a difference between good and bad, right from wrong, life and death.

Life is precious. Therefore, life is always the difference.

Origen was an innovator in an era when innovation, for Christians, was a luxury ill-afforded. He drew upon pagan philosophy in an effort to elucidate the Christian faith in a manner acceptable to intellectuals, and he succeeded in converting many gifted pagan students of philosophy to his faith. He was also a great humanist, who believed that all creatures will eventually achieve salvation, including the devil himself. Origen did not embrace the dualism of Gnosticism, nor that of the more primitive expressions of the Christian faith still extant in his day. Rather, he took Christianity to a higher level, finding in it a key to the perfection of the intellect or mind, which is what all souls are in their pure form. The restoration of all souls to a purely intellectual existence was Origen’s faith, and his philosophy was based upon such a faith. In this, he is an heir to Socrates and Plato, but he also brought a new conception into philosophy – that of the creative aspect of the soul, as realized in history, the culmination of which is salvation, after which follows an eternal delving into the deep mysteries of God.  IEP

Is that so bad?

How ’bout this–2SAMUEL 14:14

People, we must begin to look at things just a little differently, please.


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