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The love of the Lord can go only so far with regards to citizen’s rights. As a country we have watched the rights of others swallow the rights of others.

All people are created equal, but their actions may not be. Does a women have the rights over her own body? YES! And if she decides to end a pregnancy, for whatever reason, she must face the Lord for the ultimate answer, not me. For every scripture that tends to lean toward the rights of abortion, there is scripture that tends to lean the other way; making it another issue that needs to be settled by the Lord, not people. Either you believe that the Blessed Holy Spirit talks to humanity or not.

For every right given to one, someone else loses a right. One person may feel she/he has a right to carry a deadly weapon in a public place, while at the same time another person may feel he/she has the right to be in a public place free from deadly weapons being carried by the public. Both are right, however, both cannot exercise their right at the same time and in the same place. Therefore, common ground must be sought after!

Are there people today that have a physical condition that confuses their sexuality? Is homosexuality a condition of our human nature or did our Creator design it? Yes to the former, and human nature is the sole cause of the latter. This of course, is strictly my opinion and should be considered accordingly.

Today art has taken a back seat to freedom of the media. Today, art/theater is watching a psychopath on television behead a coed and eat her liver! Can we consider a possible link between the blood and guts gore on TV, computer games, and movie theaters, with THIS?

Where is this all going? On the one hand, a political party that regards the unborn with far more consideration than the already living. A party that considers the stick long before the carrot. A political party that caters to the rich while completely ignoring everyone else.

On the other hand, we have a political party that will tolerate just about everything else including a few of the above activities! So where does that leave those of us who really do care about the living, morals, ethics, and all who are in need. Where do we go if we desire peace, and we do not believe that killing those who disagree with you can accomplish it? What does one do if it seems that everyone has already chosen a side, though neither side appeals to you? What can one do if the only answers seem to be against everything you believe in?

If you haven’t figured it out yet here’s a little hint: JOHN 1:1-5   

In the 5th verse of the above scripture the Blessed Holy Spirit tells us that the battle–whatever battle you chose to fight–has already been victoriously fought! The part about the darkness being completely incapable of beating/overcoming God’s Light; means that the only battle we need take part in is the one for our own souls! That very same battle that we try to ignore by engaging our lives in every and any fight other than that one! You see, its that one that matters the most, and its that one that we are losing so miserably by hoping it just goes away.

Our Lord promised that the price of our salvation was bought and paid for, and all we have to do is stand in line long enough to claim the grand price! That is where we are failing so terribly; we are an impatient lot! We make believe that all these other souls need our attention, when in reality all we need to do for the others is to stay in line and pray.

We cannot force others to believe what we believe, but we can live an honest, wholesome, ethical life without imposing any of it upon anyone else–exactly what our Messiah did!


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