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What is wrong with this picture: Countries too numerous to list are all failing miserably due to the USA “loaning” money to countries and leaders that have no basis for pay-back? World Bank, IMF and the like, are tools used by our country to keep other countries doing our bidding, while keeping the citizens of these poor countries in poverty and despair.

The USA must stop helping other countries like this! Most the citizens of the US think they are working for God by helping all these countries that in reality we have raped and reduced to rubble in the name of “Capitalism”.

  • Guatemala 1953-54 & 60 onward
  • Nicaragua 1978-90
  • Panama 1969-91
  • El Salvador 1980-94

This is just the very tip of an enormous iceberg floating directly in our path. Check into each and everyone of these, and you will know what I already do.

People, just think for one moment if these atrocities our true, does God bless or curse them?


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