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HERE is some good teaching material for organized descent!

But why do we care? Simple:

If Middle-Class America does not step-up and come together very soon, there will be no more Middle-Class!

Look around you! Every one of us knows someone in dire financial straights, and that is a lot of people! We all feel the weight of the ax hovering just above our own necks, and we are all just a step or two away from the chopping block. It could come from your neighbor next-door, the State next to yours, or it could come from the next country that is already on the verge of collapse! We all know that the economic system that we so desperately depend on to maintain our lifestyles is on life-support, and at any time that last straw could drop and break that camel’s back!

Heck, you could end up like I did decades ago, and simply get sick! Or, as my family–have someone very close to you become very ill, but not die, they just stay alive and cost a fortune in medical bills!

There are so many different ways to lose your place at the table that what you think today is secure can become a nightmare tomorrow, we have only one real Hope. But there is a big catch to receiving and believing in that one Hope:

You see, our only Hope happens to love humankind, so much so that He demanded that all non-humankind subject themselves to humankind! That means that us “humans” must also love and subject ourselves to each other! We are unique only because we are created! It is our Creator that is truly everything–our only Hope–and our Creator requests that we love one another.

One way to accomplish this is by becoming more like a servant and less like the “entitled”. We are on this planet together whether we acknowledge this fact or not, and together we will be–up or down, in or out, for good or for…well you get the idea.

I came across THIS WEBSITE and thought it was appropriate for this post; I hope you will think so too.

Together, one way or another–together.


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