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So it seems as though Cepher as become political. Or is it just a matter of societal impression?

Most people today think politics is what one does in a voting booth. Oh to wish it were that simple. I suggest a quick look in the dictionary to confirm what so many today seem to be participating in–politick.

Before I could write another post I needed some quiet time with my Messiah, my Holy Father. I needed to be very certain before I began writing posts that ask all true believers to depend on their Holy Father, their Messiah. To depend on our Lord not just more than weapons, skills, intelligence, but in place of them!

No more waiting for the anti-christ while secluded inside your secure, supplied, bunker; and telling others to do the same. The End of Days have come and gone so many times before that it has become almost impossible to count. Some have involved just certain towns and communities, others have engulfed almost all living things. The last was just two-thousand years ago involving an entire group of people who refused to listen to the very same message that this post is advising, which is the very same message that has been present since the creation of time: Trust in the Creator, not the creation.

That message has been the simplest and at the same time most complex philosophy that has ever been spoken–the Tree of Knowledge vs. the Tree of Life. Do you depend on your own abilities–those very same abilities that your Creator gave you–or do you depend upon your Creator? The two Trees. Both planted by the same Gardner for one reason: the creation of the perfect character.

Angels don’t have it, animals can’t, we are the only creation that can develop this perfect character. It is the exact character of our Creator. It takes a life time to develop this character, and not everyone can develop it. One must first desire to have it, and then one must persevere until the character has completely developed. Not until it has completely manifested does it become functional; and no, I have yet to complete the program, “as it were”. However, I have determined that I will complete it, that being, only by my Holy Father’s Grace.

Before I reached this conclusion I first had to understand that my human nature wants nothing to do with this perfect nature and will never stop trying to keep me from hanging in there long enough to receive this ultimate gift. Apparently, there is only enough room within my soul to hold a single nature, and the more of one nature inside my soul means the less of another–similar to the ancient “Two Wolves Story”.  Ultimately, what this all means is the more one depends on their own nature, the less they will depend upon the Lord; and the opposite is also true.

As everything in life, it begins with just a taste and slowly takes over.

Please, at the risk of using the ultimate cliche, the Truth is out there! Start with the Bible, but read it with the Blessed Holy Spirit! I found it through the Blessed Holy Spirit, and our Lord promises you will also–if you look!


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