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How many news articles telling us of the “NATO” personal being killed by someone in an Afghan uniform completely explain the actual circumstances resulting in the loss of another “Hero”–of which we are beginning to run very low?

Why is it that the majority of these articles make it sound as if some crazy Afghan zealot just happened to obtain an Afghan army uniform and on the spur of the moment decided to kill a NATO official?

The truth is “GREEN ON BLUE” fighting, which is a military term for friendly fighting incident that has gone terribly wrong; because the reality is neither side fighting is “friendly” with anyone!

These “encounters” are planned attacks by the very Afghan soldiers that we are teaching to fight like us, using this knowledge to attack and kill their teachers!

That is war! The American way! It began in 1700’s when we beat the British using “ungentlemanly” tactics to beat a much larger, more experienced, and far better equipped military. All’s fair– as they say. A page right out of Clausewitz and Sun Tzu.


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