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Just think;

What if, there really was a God that has no beginning, no end, and has always been there beyond anything the human mind can comprehend; and this God decided to make other beings just as the Bible discusses. Beings the likes of Angels: Angelic Reapers, living creatures full of eyes in front and behind, Cherub, Cherubim, and the six-winged Seraphim.

And what if this God decided to create something completely different from anything He had already created.  A creation that was so very different that God instructed all of Heaven to bow and serve this new creation. To love this new creation as God Himself Loved it. Something so different that it caused a great division within Heaven itself.

What if, today that creation has become so far from what God had desired that God no longer was glad He had created it? As God has attempted to correct the idiosyncratic characteristics of this unique creation a number of times in the past. In God’s final attempt; what if, He decided to become His creation and walk among it in an attempt to teach it to become what God has always envisioned His special unique creation to be?

What if, we and our children’s children are the last ones with that tremendous opportunity to “get it right”?

What if, all we ever needed to do was simply follow within His exact footprints that He left for us to walk in over two millennia ago?

What if, all we have to do is exactly what He has already done–three years plus of walking on this planet as a human being all the while allowing the Creator complete possession and control of the flesh. So the Creator could show His creation how to love each other, how to treat each other, how to exist side by side with others of God’s creation that do not see things exactly the same. What if we did the same exact thing? That is–we–those who can.

There is so much that we may never know why is it that we act as if we know it all?

What if…


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