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How sad it is that the world’s climate is changing beyond optimal conditions and those of us who believe in a Creator cannot even agree on what we are seeing right in front of our own faces. Time has run out to stop the changes, and no matter how much water and seeds you try to amass for your survival; down deep in your heart you know how trivial that task will be when once you have enough supplies to last you for one year, and your “situation” ends up lasting one month longer than you had planned.

And do not get me started on weapons for the protection of your loved ones! Do you even understand how many weapons  are floating around this nation right now? Not counting the illegal military grade weapons owned and used by hundreds of thousands gang members here and just south of here! And then there is the dreaded government and its armament!

In the end, your survival, as with everyone else, will depend upon our Lord’s Love and Mercy that He expects all of His followers to live by.

Every society in the history of humankind that depended on something other than our Creator ended badly.

If you believe in the Heavenly Father then act like it, please!


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